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Message started by over4t on 05/29/16 at 4:07pm

Title: Indy 500
Post by over4t on 05/29/16 at 4:07pm

   One of the local boys, Alexander Rossi, won it today as a rookie with only a few oval starts in an Indy car.  Rossi has been racing in Formula cars overseas since he was 16 and ran well in Formula 2 finally getting a few starts in F1 last year with the relatively low buck Marrusia Manor cars.  They went with a different driver this year and he moved to the Indy cars. First start at Indianapolis and he wins it...been many, many years since a rookie won it.
 I already know what the headline in the sports section of the Union, our Grass Valley newspaper will be tomorrow.  Big congrats to Alexander.      
 Now we'll see how our 2 entrants in the 600 at Charlotte,  Matt DiBenedetto and Kyle Larson (by sort-of-brother in law relationship to WOO points leader Brad Sweet), do this afternoon.  Grass Valley-Nevada City is looking like the new Keokuk, Iowa in producing winners...must be the mountain air. :)

Title: Re: Indy 500
Post by johnny515 on 02/19/17 at 7:07pm

Indys!  :) any other updates about this?

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