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1  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Burd, Keller, Sorensen, Teves Win County Fair Races
 on: 05/22/17 at 7:07pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Burd, Keller, Sorensen, Teves Win County Fair Races At Antioch Speedway

Antioch, CA...May 19-20...Brandon Burd made a big gain in points with his first 25 lap All Star Series Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event win Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.  The division ran a special Saturday night show with B Modifieds as part of the Contra Costa County Fair, and the past Chowchilla champion Burd had a front row start for the feature.  Trophy Dash winner Alan Miranda ended up on the front row with Burd after rookies Robert Floyd and William Fatu moved to the back for the start.  Burd led Miranda at the start, and the race saw an early yellow flag after contact in Turn 2 sent Fatu crashing to end his race.  Burd continued to lead as Miranda ran strong in search of his first win.  Heat winner Shannon Newton and Roy Fisher battled for third.  Burd drove a brilliant race for the victory.  Miranda settled for another second place finish.  Newton had a season best third as Fisher and Floyd rounded out the Top 5.

K.C. Keller had a great night with wins in his heat race and the 25 lap B Modified Main Event.  Mark Garner set the early pace, but a yellow flag flew for a tangle between heat winner Kevin Brown and Randy Brown.  Two time Limited Late Model champion Ron Brown made his first start of the year to make it three Brown brothers on the track.  Garner spun in Turn 4, moving Keller into the lead over Chuck Golden.  Keller took a step into the point lead with a hard earned feature victory.  Chuck Golden ran second for most of the race for a season best effort.  Trophy Dash winner Trevor Clymens made a last lap pass on Megan Ponciano for a third place finish.  Ron Brown finished fifth.

Chris Sorensen won the 25 lap Hobby Stock Main Event, which was part of the Friday night portion of the County Fair race along with the Dwarf Cars.  2010 champion Sorensen had a front row starting spot and set the pace from the start as Cameron Swank settled into second.  Heat race winner Chris Long quickly worked his way into third.  As Sorensen set a fast pace up front, Long battled Swank for second before making the pass.  Despite some mechanical issues, heat race winner Brent Curran steadily worked his way from 12th starting and into the Top 5.  Back up front, Sorensen maintained command and brought it home to a satisfying victory.  Long maintained his championship effort in second, followed by Swank, Curran and Billy Garner's best effort yet in fifth.  Joey Ridgeway won a special four lap Trophy Dash.

2015 Dwarf Car champion David Teves returned to the driver's seat of "The Unicorn" and sped to the 25 lap feature victory.  A week earlier, it was David's son Adam Teves getting the win.  This time, David had his hands full battling Mike Corsaro and reigning champion Kevin Miraglio as all three had to charge from further back in the pack.  Teves got there first and showed why he is still one of the top Dwarf Car pilots in the Bay Area with his impressive victory.  Corsaro rebounded from his DNF of a week earlier in second as Miraglio settled for third.  Travis Hensley and Jenna Frazier completed the Top 5.  Miraglio denied Teves a clean sweep by beating him in their eight lap heat race.  David Michael Rosa won his heat, while Teves held off rookie Devan Kammermann to win the four lap Trophy Dash.

After a week off for Memorial Day Weekend, Antioch Speedway is offering up a big King Of The West/NARC Winged 410 Sprint Car race on June 3rd.  All Star Series Hobby Stocks will run in support.  For further information, go to www.antiochspeedway.com.

Race Results

Wingless Spec Sprints

Heat 1-Shannon Newton, Alan Miranda, William Fatu.  Heat 2-Rick Panfili, Brian Grosenheider, Roy Fisher.  Trophy Dash-Alan Miranda, Shannon Newton, Brian Grosenheider.  Main Event-Brandon Burd, Alan Miranda, Shannon Newton, Roy Fisher, Robert Floyd, William Fatu, Rick Panfili, Brian Grosenheider, Peter Carlotto, Abigail Gonderman.

B Modifieds

Heat 1-K.C. Keller, Trevor Clymens, Ron Brown.  Heat 2-Randy Brown, Mark Garner, Chuck Golden.  Trophy Dash-Trevor Clymens, K.C. Keller, Randy Brown.  Main Event-K.C. Keller, Chuck Golden, Trevor Clymens, Megan Ponciano, Ron Brown, Paul Mulder, Kevin Brown, Mark Garner, Randy Brown, Mike Mates.

Dwarf Cars

Heat 1-Kevin Miaglio, David Teves, Travis Hensley.  Heat 2-David Michael Rosa, Devan Kammermann, Brandon Anderson.  Trophy Dash-David Teves, Devan Kammermann, David Michael Rosa.  Main Event-David Teves, Mike Corsaro, Kevin Miraglio, Travis Hensley, Jenna Frazier, Charlie Correia, David Rosa, David Corsaro, Chris Becker, Mario Marquez.

Hobby Stocks

Heat 1-Brent Curran, Joey Ridgeway, Cameron Swank.  Heat 2-Chris Long, Billy Garner, Michael Cooper.  Trophy Dash-Joey Ridgeway, Chris Long, Brent Curran.  Main Event-Chris Sorensen, Chris Long, Cameron Swank, Brent Curran, Billy Garner, Russell Shearer, Chris Bennett, Gene Haney, Anthony Vigna, Rick Foster.

2  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Stone, Ryland, Corder Share   Merced Speedway Winner's Circle
 on: 05/22/17 at 7:05pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Stone, Ryland, Corder Share Merced Speedway Winner's Circle

Merced, CA...May 20...Paul Stone won his second straight 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Merced Speedway.  The three time Merced Speedway track champion made a charge from the fifth row to get the lead during the final ten laps.  Stone was joined deep in the pack at the start by point leader Randy Brown as fourth generation racer Ryan Porter held command early on.  A lap 16 caution flag changed the complexion of the race.  Stone made his move when green flag racing resumed and brought it home to a well earned victory.  Brown also made a move past Porter for second.  Porter settled for third as Darrell Hughes II, Bill Egleston, Derek Nance, Mike Vallanueva, Bruce "Bubba" Nelson, Joel Myers and Jarod Fast rounded out the Top 10.  Nance, Myers and Stone were eight lap heat race winners.

Fred Ryland finally recorded his first 25 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event win of the season.  The current point leader, Ryland raced from the fifth row with reigning champion Rick Diaz joining him on the move to the front.  It was a little over 20 years ago when Mark Odgers and Darren Thomas were battling for track championships.  Odgers was racing Darren's son Tanner Thomas at the start of the race in a good battle up front.  Ryland and Diaz steadily worked their way to the front before both got past Thomas and Odgers.  Ryland held off Diaz for a hard fought victory.  T. Thomas beat Odgers back to the line for a career best third place finish.  Anthony Giuliani was a solid fifth ahead of Paul Espino, Tim Elias, Jarred Tickel, Patti Ryland and Jack Aguiar.  T. Thomas, Ryland and Diaz won eight lap heat races.

Chris Corder won the 15 lap Mini Stock Main Event.  The current point leader, C. Corder has seemingly hit his stride after a bumpy start.  Corder and Lucy Falkenberg were once again six lap heat race winners, and Falkenberg raced into the lead at Doug Laidlaw's green flag.  A lap two yellow flag bunched the field, and C. Corder raced past Falkenberg on the outside to take the lead.  Jennifer Corder took second from Falkenberg on lap six.  A lap nine restart provided L. Falkenberg her opportunity to race past J. Corder for second as last starter Kyle Reeder also got by for third.  Reeder made an inside pass in Turn 4 of the 13th lap to take second from Falkenberg, but he had problems down the back stretch a lap later, allowing Falkenberg and J. Corder back into second and third.  C. Corder had a half straightaway advantage in scoring his fourth victory.  Falkenberg was a career best second once again as J. Corder, Reeder, Shawn DePriest, Jeremy Perry, Destiny Carter, Tyler Jackson, Jason Womack and 2015 champion Darren Miguel completed the Top 10.

Tim Vaught returned to the winner's circle with his 15 lap California Sharp Mini Late Model feature victory.  Vaught also won the six lap heat race for a clean sweep.  Tim Crews was a solid second ahead of Riley Jeppesen and Ian Shearer.

Chris Birdsong won both the 12 Main Event and six lap heat race for the Valley Sportsman division.  Jeff Bristow was second in both races.

After the Memorial Day Weekend break, racing resumes during the Merced County Fair on June 7th.  The Wednesday race will feature IMCA Sport Modifieds and Hobby Stocks.  For further information, go to www.racemerced.com.

Race Results

A Modifieds

Heat 1-Derek Nance, Mike Villanueva, Harley Turner.  Heat 2-Paul Stone, Ryan Porter, Darrell Hughes II.  Heat 3-Joel Myers, Randy Brown, Troy Stone.  Main Event-Paul Stone, Randy Brown, Ryan Porter, Darrell Hughes II, Bill Egleston, Derek Nance, Mike Villanueva, Bruce Nelson, Joel Myers, Jarod Fast, Robert Marsh, Troy Stone, Buddy Thatcher, Justin Villaneuva, Harley Turner, Ricky Thatcher (DNS), Will Fryckman (DNS), Ramie Stone (DNS), Steve Streeter (DNS).

B Modifieds

Heat 1-Tanner Thomas, Patti Ryland, Chase Thomas.  Heat 2-Fred Ryland, Josh Hensley, Chuck Weir.  Heat 3-Rick Diaz, Mark Odgers, Anthony Giuliani.  Main Event-Fred Ryland, Rick Diaz, Tanner Thomas, Mark Odgers, Anthony Giuliani, Paul Espino, Tim Elias, Jarred Tickel, Patti Ryland, Jack Aguiar, Josh Hensley, Chase Thomas, Chuck Weir, Mark Condell, Cody Parker, Jason Pugh, Dale Grissom, Dave Smart (DNS), Tony Hornyack (DNS).

Mini Stock

Heat 1-Chris Corder, Shawn DePriest, Tyler Jackson.  Heat 2-Lucy Falkenberg, Jennifer Corder, Jason Womack.  Main Event-Chris Corder, Lucy Falkenberg, Jennifer Corder, Kyle Reeder, Shawn DePriest, Jeremy Perry, Destiny Carter, Tyler Jackson, Jason Womack, Darren Miguel.

Mini Late Models

Heat-Tim Vaught, Tim Crews, Riley Jeppesen.  Main Event-Tim Vaught, Tim Crews, Riley Jeppesen, Ian Shearer.

Valley Sportsman

Heat-Chris Birdsong, Jeff Bristow.  Main Event-Chris Birdsong, Jeff Bristow.

3  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Waddell, Schott, Robustelli, Steele, Westcott Win At Southern Oregon
 on: 05/22/17 at 6:56pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Waddell Opens Kendall Oil Sprint Car Season With Victory

White City, Oregon...May 20...Jake Waddell opened the season for the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars with an impressive victory in the 25 lap Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. Waddell led all the way from his front row starting spot for the $1,000 payday. The win didn't come easy with two time Southern Oregon Sprint Car Tour champion Kyler Barraza chasing him all the way in second.

The car count for the season opener nearly tripled from where it was in the 2016 opener as track management has committed to establishing the division. The group ran two heat races, and the Top 3 finishers in each eight lapper would qualify for the six lap scramble to set the first three rows of the Main Event. 2014 Cottage Grove champion David Hibbard beat 2013 Cottage Grove champ Raquel Ivie to win the first heat as Barraza settled for third. Waddell started his impressive night with a win in the second heat. Bailey Hibbard finished second ahead of rookie Merissa Henson and Enrique Jaime, but a post Main Event disqualification would cost Hibbard this finish too. With a front row start in the scramble, Barraza grabbed the victory in that race ahead of Waddell. 2016 "Rookie Of The Year" Jeffrey Hudson blew a motor in his heat race to end his night early.

Barraza and Waddell shared the front row for the Main Event, and Waddell set the pace from the waving of Tom Hood's green flag. Barraza settled into second over B. Hibbard and Bailey's father David Hibbard. David's father, Calvin Hibbard, made it the first time all three of them ran a Sprint Car race together. Calvin is also a rookie at 61 years old, and he was happy to be out there making his first laps. D. Hibbard noticed a miss in his motor and headed pitside on lap eight, moving Ivie into fourth. Outlaw Kart graduate Enrique Jaime spun off of Turn 2 for a lap 17 caution flag. The restart saw fifth place Kinzer Cox lose a wheel on the front stretch for a yellow flag. Waddell continued to lead Barraza and B. Hibbard on the restart. Waddell set a good pace, and though Barraza wasn't too far behind him, he was unable to make a move for the lead. Waddell was the happy winner ahead of Barraza and B. Hibbard. Unfortunately, B Hibbard lost third in tech for failing to report to the scales. This moved Ivie into third ahead of Robustelli, Henson, Jamie, C. Hibbard, Cox and D. Hibbard.

The Kendall Oil Sprint Cars return this Saturday night as part of the Open Wheel Showcase. The Northwest Focus Midgets, OTRO Hardtops and Pro 4 Modifieds will make it an exciting program as the Sprint Cars again race for $1,000 to win and $200 minimum to start. For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
Kendall Oil Sprint Cars

Heat 1-David Hibbard, Raquel Ivie, Kyler Barraza. Heat 2-Jake Waddell, Merissa Henson, Enrique Jamie. Scramble-Kyler Barraza, Jake Waddell. Main Event-Jake Waddell, Kyler Barraza, Raquel Ivie, Camden Robustelli, Merissa Henson, Enrique Jaime, Calvin Hibbard, Kinzer Cox, David Hibbard, Bailey Hibbard (DQ), Jeffrey Hudson (DNS).

Robustelli Wins Non Stop Dwarf Car Feature At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20...Taking the lead from Cody Peters on lap 15, Camden Robustelli won the 25 lap SODCA Dwarf Car Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. Robustelli is a two time point runnerup with the group, and he's aiming for the championship. His win came ahead of reigning champion Brock Peters as Brock's son, C. Peters, settled for third.

B. Peters had a strong preliminary effort as he opened the evening with an eight lap heat race victory ahead of Mason Lewman and followed that up with a six lap A Dash win ahead of two time champion Josh King. King won his heat race in front of Randy Slater. Cody Peters won the B Dash ahead of soon to be high school graduate Robustelli.

C. Peters led the 14 car Dwarf Car field to the Main Event green flag with King in second. B. Peters made a back stretch pass on King for second on lap three. B. Peters is in a new M&M Chassis as son Cody is wheeling his 2016 championship car this year. Robustelli put the moves on King for third on lap six. The lead three cars ran closely by lap ten, and Robustelli made an inside pass on B. Peters for second on lap 14. An outside pass in Turn 2 on lap 15 gained Robustelli the lead. B. Peters used a Turn 2 pass on lap 17 to gain second. The rear end of the C. Peters car appeared to be damaged, but he had a pretty good lead on fourth. Robustelli had a straightaway advantage as he scored an impressive victory ahead of B. Peters. C. Peters held on for third as Chad Cardoza, Ryan Smith, Lewman and Slater were all lead lap finishers. Kaycee Sheeler, Paul Haslow and King rounded out the Top 10.

Race Results
SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Brock Peters, Mason Lewman, Cody Peters. Heat 2-Josh King, Randy Slater, Camden Robustelli. A Dash-Brock Peters, Josh King, Randy Slater. B Dash-Cody Peters, Camden Robustelli, Ryan Smith. Main Event-Camden Robustelli, Brock Peters, Cody Peters, Chad Cardoza, Ryan Smith, Mason Lewman, Randy Slater, Kaycee Sheeler, Paul Haslow, Josh King, Rob Gergel, Fred Hay, Joe Sanders, Mark Nielson.

Schott Holds Off Yeack For Street Stock Victory At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20....Donald Schott held off the late threat of Kyle Yeack to win the special 50 lap Radiator Supply House Road To The Iron Giant Street Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. The win paid Schott $1,000 and was the first race of a special eight track, eight race series. Yeack made his move into second in the final ten laps, but he couldn't make the move on Schott and was forced to settle for second.

Yeack won an exciting six lap heat race ahead of Jack Parshall. Mechanical issues sidelined Chris Sine and Don Jenner after hot laps. Erik Jarnport led the opening lap of the Main Event before Schott raced by for first. Roger Hubbard settled into third on lap three and grabbed second from Jarnport a lap later as a yellow flag flew for Jarnport. Schott continued to lead Hubbard on the restart with Washington long tow Parshall running third. A back stretch pass on lap 14 gained Hubbard the lead from Schott. Yeack was now in fourth as he seemed to be hooked up on the bottom groove. No sooner had the race hit the halfway mark than Hubbard's strong run up front came to an end. Schott led Parshall and Yeack on the restart. Yeack was racing hard trying to find the momentum to pass Parshall, and he finally made a low pass in Turn 4 of the 44th lap for second. Yeack went to work on Schott for the lead, but a bobble on lap 48 wiped out his momentum. Schott was the happy winner ahead of Yeack, Parshall, Jordan McDonald, Roger Hubbard, James Whitehouse and Jarnport.

Race Results
Street Stock
Heat-Kyle Yeack, Jack Parshall, Donald Schott. Main Event-Donald Schott, Kyle Yeack, Jack Parshall, Jordan McDonald, Roger Hubbard, James Whitehouse, Erik Jarnport, Chris Sine (DNS), Don Jenner (DNS).

Westcott Out-runs Doty For Late Model Lites Win At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20...Bob Westcott won the 20 lap Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. Westcott got the lead from early leader and reigning champion Lee Doty and held him off for the victory.

This was a rare night in which Doty was shut out of the winner's column. Bob Burkett has had much success with Trophy Dash wins in recent years, and he beat Doty to win his first four lap dash in this division. Westcott gave a preview of things to come with his win in the six lap heat race. Bill Spencer was a Main Event scratch. Doty raced into the early Main Event lead as Westcott piloted the Randy Hansen car into second. By lap eight, the lead duo had come up on three slower cars, and Westcott used a high pass in Turn 2 to grab the lead from Doty on lap nine. Even a scary moment for Westcott in traffic on lap 18 would not stop him from scoring the win ahead of Doty. Charlie Eaton was the final lead lap finisher in third. Burkett was a lap down in fourth as Dan Prewitt, Eric Aos and past Super Truck champion Greg Arnold rounded out the finish.

Race Results
Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites
Heat-Bob Westcott, Lee Doty, Charlie Eaton. Trophy Dash-Bob Burkett, Lee Doty, Charlie Eaton. Main Event-Bob Westcott, Lee Doty, Charlie Easton, Bob Burkett, Dan Prewitt, Eric Aos, Greg Arnold, Bill Spencer (DNS).

Steele Scores Clean Sweep At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20...Leading all the way from his front row start, David Steele scored the victory in the 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event at Southern Oregon Speedway. Steele increased his point lead as his second straight feature win also included wins in his heat race and the Trophy Dash. Dillen Lausen scored a career best second place finish ahead of Andrew Hall.

Lausen won his eight lap heat race ahead of 2013 champion Steve Goetz. Steele's heat race triumph once again came ahead of the Pinto Wagon of Hall. Steele won the four lap Trophy Dash in front of Patrick Stringer-Stine. Steele and Lausen shared the front row of the Main Event and charged into the 1-2 positions at the start. A low move in Turn 2 of the fourth lap gained Hall second from Lausen, and Stringer-Stine was eliminated in a Turn 4 crash for a lap six caution flag. Steele maintained command on the restart as Lausen charged past Hall for second. Michael Johnson was having a good run in fourth. Steele drove a great race for the victory with Lausen equally impressive in second. Hall rebounded from his opening week disappointment in third as Johnson, Kristopher Mix, Goetz, Gary Anderson, Garrett Fredrickson and Stringer-Stine followed/.

Race Results
Mini Stocks
Heat 1-Dillen Lausen, Steve Goetz, Michael Johnson. Heat 2-David Steele, Andrew Hall, Patrick Stringer-Stine. Trophy Dash-David Steele, Patrick Stringer-Stine, Dillen Lausen. Main Event-David Steele, Dillen Lausen, Andrew Hall, Michael Johnson, Kristopher Mix, Goetz, Gary Anderson, Garrett Fredrickson, Patrick Stringer-Stine.

Coggins Wins Wild Hornets Main Event At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20...Taking the lead from Joby Shields on lap ten, rookie David Coggins won the 15 lap JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. Jenna Hedges finished second ahead of son Ashton Hedges.

Reigning champion Tim Hedges debuted a new car with a six lap heat race win ahead of Jason Stoutenburg. Joby Shields won the four lap Trophy Dash in front of Stoutenburg. T. Hedges set the early Main Event pace ahead of Stoutenburg and Shields, and Dillen Irving spun on the front stretch for a lap two caution flag. Shields moved by T. Hedges for the lead on the restart. Shields led through two more yellow flag periods with Coggins taking second from T. Hedges on lap eight. A low move in Turn 4 of the tenth lap gained Coggins the lead from Shields, and a lap 13 caution flag slowed the pace one more time. Coggins led the restart and brought it home to victory. J. Hedges found herself finishing second when Shields had problems on the last lap. Ashton Hedges finished third ahead of Stoutenburg and T. Hedges. Zack Nelson's car caught fire after the checkered flag.

Race Results
JOAT Labs Hornets
Heat-Tim Hedges, Jason Stoutenburg, Joby Shields. Trophy Dash-Joby Shields, Jason Stoutenburg, Jenna Hedges. Main Event-David Coggins, Jenna Hedges, Ashton Hedges, Jason Stoutenburg, Tim Hedges, Dillen Irving, Zack Nelson, Joby Shields, Mikah Walker, Ryan Nelson.

Nelson Wins Unusual Pro Stock Race At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20...Derrel Nelson Jr. won the 10 lap Pro Stock Main Event at Southern Oregon Speedway. Despite the low turnout, management paid the full purse, meaning Nelson pocketed $300 for his win. Nelson led the first few laps before being passed by Josh Kralicek for the lead. Kralicek was moving right along in front until getting a flat right rear tire and pitting on lap 10. Moments after getting the lead, Nelson smacked the turn 4 wall and limped off the track as the unlikely winner.

Race Results
Pro Stocks
Heat-Derrel Nelson Jr., Josh Kralicek. Main Event-Derrel Nelson Jr., Josh Kralicek.

4  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Foux, Lenz And Killingsworth Win At Siskiyou Speedway
 on: 05/22/17 at 6:47pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Foux, Lenz And Killingsworth Win At Siskiyou Speedway

Yreka, CA...May 20...Justin Foux won his second 25 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event for a $500 victory Saturday night at Siskiyou Motor Speedway. With a win and two seconds now, Foux is the early point leader. As Foux raced past the checkered flag for the victory, Randy Wright won a drag race with Garrett Hamilton back to the line for a season best second place finish. Title contender Colton Cheffey had another solid effort in fourth. Jack Waldon III finished fifth as Doug Franklin, D.J. Bottoms, Kalvin Morton, Ryder Boswell and Cory Biggs rounded out the Top 10. Justin McCreadie outran Boswell for an eight lap heat race win, while Bottoms won the other heat ahead of Braxton Possinger. Possinger just beat McCreadie back to the line to win the four lap Trophy Dash.

Scott Lenz made it three wins in four starts with his 20 lap Outlaw Pro Stock feature victory. The current point leader started last in a Main Event that was red flagged on the opening lap. Leader Matt Harlow hit the Turn 4 wall and rolled his car. He was not injured, but his race was over. Lenz wasted little time working his way to the front. Once he got there, he stretched his winning advantage to over half a lap ahead of Scott Flowers. Johnny Cobb, Bryan Hammond, James Flowers, Roy Bain and Harlow completed the finishing order. Lenz won the four lap Trophy Dash ahead of S. Flowers and beat J. Flowers to win the eight lap heat race.

Teen leadfoot Ethan Killingsworth won his first McDonald's Mini Stock 20 lap Main Event of the season. Killingsworth battled with reigning champion Marilyn Yawnick all night. After holding off Yawnick to win the four lap Trophy Dash, Killingsworth won a rapidly paced Main Event with Yawnick not far behind for a season best second. Previous winner Terry Kendrick enjoyed a good night with an eight lap heat race win over Dennis Jorgensen. Kendrick battled Dennis's son Aaron Jorgensen for a third place feature finish. D. Jorgensen settled for fifth, followed by Mike Frost and hard luck racer Mike Whitaker.

The annual John Arnberg/Bo Hittson/Mike Caveye Memorial is scheduled for this weekend. IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds and McDonald's Mini Stocks are all scheduled to compete at the Saturday and Sunday event. For further information, go to www.siskiyoumotorspeedway.com.

5  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Point Leaders Score Victories At Coos Bay Speedway
 on: 05/22/17 at 6:44pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Point Leaders Score Victories At Coos Bay Speedway

Coos Bay, Oregon...May 20...K&N Engineering Fan Appreciation Night at Coos Bay Speedway gave the fans a good example of why several of their point leaders are leading their respective divisions. Winged Sprint Car point leader Lawrence Van Hoof won his first Main Event of the season. NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Model point leader Mike George won his Main Event, while Wayne Butler (Sportsman Late Model) and Ryan Siewell (Hornets) were other point leaders gabbing victories. Other feature wins were earned by Samuel Talon (Mini Outlaws) and Steve Dubisar (Street Stocks).

Lawrence Van Hoof had second and third place finishes in his first two Sprint Car starts, but the point leader took it up a notch with his win in the 25 lap feature. Brett Hulsey provided Van Hoof the only blemish on his evening as he denied him an eight lap heat race win. Van Hoof won the five lap Trophy Dash by a straightaway ahead of Ryan Kingrey. Despite reigning champion Dave May in the field to provide a challenge, Van Hoof also won the feature by a straightaway ahead of May. Casey Sabin was the final lead lap finisher as Hulsey, Kingrey and Justin Koffman rounded out the finishing order.

Point leader Mike George capped a clean sweep with his 25 lap Super Late Model feature victory. George battled Jared Bemetz to win both the eight lap heat race and the five lap Trophy Dash. For the Main Event, it was George's closest point rival and 2015 champion Toby McIntyre giving him a good run to the end. However, George took the checkered flag just ahead of McIntyre as Bemetz was the final lead lap finisher. 2014 champion Trina Post returned and finished fourth, followed by 2016 point runnerup Thor Kristensen and Chris Ray.

Two time reigning Sportsman Late Model champion Wayne Butler won another 25 lap Main Event. Butler's closest point rival, Brody Montgomery, kept the point battle close by winning the eight lap heat race by a wide margin and then finishing second to Butler in the five lap Trophy Dash. Butler stayed smooth and picked up the impressive feature victory, just ahead of Montgomery, Steve Dubisar, Dyllan Siewell and Jeff Krossman, all on the lead lap. Tony Chamberlain was a lap down in sixth as Charlie Withers rounded out the order.

Ryan Siewell continues to run impressively, as evidenced by his latest 20 lap Hornets feature victory. However, "Hurricane" Hannah Robison is not letting him out of her sights in the championship battle. Robison won her eight lap heat race ahead of Siewell. Siwell scratched from the Trophy Dash, which was again won impressively by Robison ahead of Matt Butler. Reigning champion Jeremiah Reiber was back running strong, but not strong enough in the feature. Siewell won the race by a half lap ahead of Reiber. Robison continued her string of all Top 3's with a close third, followed by Tom Williams and final lead lap finisher Sam Taylor. April Warmack, Patrick Nagel, Jeremy Beard, Lori Dionne and Butler made up the remainder of the Top 10. Taylor won the other heat race ahead of David Pellum.

Samuel Talon won the 20 lap Mini Outlaw Main Event. 2015 champion Talon played "Chase The Beetle" once again in preliminaries as he finished second to Rob Lauver in both the five lap Trophy Dash and eight lap heat race. Lauver's Main Event ended four laps from the finish, but Ken Fox made it a good battle to the checkered flag. Talon won a photo finish ahead of Fox as Medford racer Eric Hanson was a lead lap third. Michael Greenway, Jamie Daniels and Lauver rounded out the order as incoming point leader Dan Daniels was a feature scratch.

Steve Dubisar returned and capped a Street Stock sweep with his 20 lap feature victory. Dubisar beat incoming point leader Justin Krossman to win the eight lap heat race. Dubisar beat Jeff Thurman to win the five lap Trophy Dash and then held him off to win the Main Event by a half lap. Ken Fox and Krossman rounded out the finishing order.

Racing continues next week with Kid's Penny Gold Rush Night. The NASCAR Whelen All American Series event will feature Sportsman Late Models, Street Stocks, Mini Outlaws, Hornets, Dwarf Cars and Humboldt Motorsports Side By Sides. For further information, go to www.coosbayspeedway.us.

6  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Petaluma Speedway Race Results May 20, 2017
 on: 05/22/17 at 6:39pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Petaluma Speedway Race Results May 20, 2017

PitStopUSA.com Winged 360 Sprint Cars

1      #63 Geoff Ensign            
2      #7h Jake Haulot
3      #101 Klint Simpson
4      #5v Zack Lynskey
5      #52 David Lindt II
6      #29r Riley Matson
7      #12j John Clark                  
8      #32 Norm Johns                  
9      #9 Bret Barney      

McLea's Tire Service IMCA Modifieds
1      #16m Michael Paul
2      #23 Oreste Gonnella
3      #01 Terry Kaiser
4      #23m Michelle Paul
5      #2y Justin Yaeger            
6      #4x Anthony Slaney                  
7      #18j Jeff Faulkner            
8      #b4 Bobby Montalvo            

Lumberjack's Restaurant Super Stocks
1      #22m Mitch Machado                  
2      #46 Steve Studebaker
3      #25k Jeff Kendrick        
4      #06 Robert Sharp
5      #60 Shawn McCoy  
6      #93 Roger Miller        
7      #00 Gary Adams
8      #17 Terry Decarlo        
9      #11c Sean Cook            
10      #22 Paul Hanley
11      #07 Manny Avila
12      #04 Dan Smith            
13      #0a Sid Hess                    
14      #3 Matt While              
DNS      #49 Woody Woodward        

General Hydroponics Dwarf Cars
1      #75b Cameron Diatte            
2      #23 Dave Mosier      
3      #9xxx Chad Matthias
4      #21x Marcus Hardina
5      #22 Travis Dutra
6      #22z Zack Albers
7      #91 Zack Atcheson
8      #46b Marty Weisler      
9      #66 Scooter Gomes      
10      #81 Miranda Chappa      
11      #12 Brandon Gentry
12      #38d Ryan Klein
13      #79 Mark Hanson      
14      #27 Danny Marsh      
15      #10 Barry Waddell
16      #13a Mike Affonso      
17      #88n Adam Freitas                  
18      #44b Bill Delfield            
19      #34 Brian Cook

7  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Ventura Raceway Unoffoicial Race Results May 20, 2017
 on: 05/22/17 at 6:38pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Ventura Raceway Unofficial Race Results May 20, 2017

VRA Sprint Cars

1 39 Kyle Edwards
2 55 Kyle Smith
3 0k Kenny Perkins
4 15 Rick Hendrix
5 71 Brent Owens
6 3k Trenton Sparks
7 u47 Ed Schwarz
8 96 Charlie Butcher
9 93 Reed Broschart
10 3g Greg Andrews NS

VRA Pro Dwarf Cars

1 56v LJ Billings
2 93 Jason Horton
3 41 Nick Velasquez
4 69 Johnny Conley
5 6 Dave Conley
6 18 Tom Morley
7 64 Trevor Fitzgibbon
8 12 Chase Lippert
9 0 Brad Curnel
10 48 Trent Morley
11 4 Tommy Velasquez II
12 91 Kody Cowan
13 16 Tom Stephens. Jr
14 88 Jeff Brink
15 14 Tommy Velasquez III
16 8 Tim Conley

1 88 Jeff Brink
2 0 Brad Curnel
3 4 Tommy Velasquez II
4 91 Kody Cowan
5 57 Jeff Hinz
6 44x Zach Curnel
7 45 Korey Cowan
8 38 April Banuelos

IMCA Modifieds
1 08 Dave Phipps
2 09 Luis Espinoza
3 7 Chris Crompe
4 55jr Jack Parker
5 14T Blake Thornell
6 14J Justin Dunn
7 8t Anthony Merritt
8 11 Andrew Greiman
9 70 Terry Hershberger
10 67 Brandon Becker
11 21 Austin Rodarte
12 29 Chuck Becker

VRA Senior Sprints
1 27 Steve Brown
2 2 Wally Pankratz
3 47 Ed Schwarz
4 66 Chris Meredith
5 3g Greg Edwards
6 4k Danny Parrish
7 85 Bill Holmes
8 67 Russell Martin

8  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Placerville Speedway Race Results May 20, 2017
 on: 05/22/17 at 6:37pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Placerville Speedway Race Results May 20, 2017

Winged 360 Sprint Cars
Main Event

Greg DeCaires
Mason Moore
Andy Forsberg
Jimmy Trulli
Andy Gregg
Ryan Robinson
Justyn Cox
Kalib Henry
D.J. Freitas
Steven Tiner
Lucas Ashe
Cody Fendley
Mike Cook
Matt Peterson
Kaleb Montgomery
Chris Masters
Colby Wiesz
Jake Morgan
Sean Becker
Mike Benson

B Main
Mike Benson
Chris Masters
Kaleb Montgomery
Cody Fendley
Dustin Freitas
Justin Johnson
Adam Brenton

Limited Late Models
Ryan McDaniel
Matt Michelli
Tyler Lightfoot
Tom Tilford
Ray Trimble
Eddie Gardner
Mike Lightfoot
Rod Oliver

Pure Stocks
Dan Jinkerson
Scott Grunert
Nick Baldwin
Rick Grunert
Jason Palmer
Orville Owens
Ryan Peter
Chris Van Roenkel
John Ewing
Jay Bryant
Jesse Van Roenkel
Jeff Sly
Ken Bernstein
Travis Emery
Mike Stoeckle

NCDCA Dwarf Cars
Shawn Jones
Ryan Winter
Danny Wagner
Mike Grenert
Scott Dahlgren
Mike Reeder
Johnny Reeves
Buddy Olschowka
Doug Martin
Ben Wiesz
Josh Wiesz
Colby Wiesz
Jeff Fitch
Glenn Sciarani
Dan Brown Jr.
Danny Zuger
Chris Mello
Justin Winter
Toby Brown
Chris Fizer
Aaron Rupley
Dan Geil
Robert Johnson

9  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Marysville Race Raceway Race Results May 20, 2017
 on: 05/22/17 at 6:36pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Marysville Race Raceway Race Results May 20, 2017

360 Sprints
Bradley Terrell
Billy Wallace
Peter Paulson
Jeremy Hawes
Korey Lovell
Tyler Seavey
Jimmy Steward
Mike Monahan
Pat Harvey Jr.
Heath Hall
Alec Justeson
Kyle Standley
Raquel Hall

IMCA Sport Mods
Shane Devolder
Phillip Shelby
Damian Merritt
Mike Merritt
Mike Smith
Thomas Reynolds
John Johnson
David Derr
Raymond Benkowski

Hobby Stocks
Brian Compton
Mel Byers
Kyle Cheney
Matt Magenheimer
Anthony Doubledee
Eddie Creevon
Cy Cooper

Economy Sprints
Adam Ermolenko
Cameron Haney Jr.
Britton Bock
Jaylon Deas
Cameron Haney
Kevin Dozier

10  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Ocean Speedway Watsonville, CA Race Results May 19, 2017
 on: 05/22/17 at 6:34pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Ocean Speedway Watsonville, CA Race Results May 19, 2017

Ocean Sprints presented by Taco Bravo
A Feature 1 (30 Laps)

Cory Eliason
Tommy Tarlton Jr.
D.J. Netto
Kurt Nelson
Justin Sanders
Brad Furr
Geoff Ensign
Michael Kofoid
Jerry Bonnema
Mathew Moles
Kyler Shaw
Jason Chisum
Koen Shaw
Josh Chisum
Ryan Robinson
Richard Fajardo
Brent Kaeding
Collin Markle
Ryan Bernal
Jeremy Chisum
Kyle Offill
Bryan Grier DNS

IMCA Modified
A Feature 1 (20 Laps)

Cody Burke
Kyle Wilson
Alex Wilson
Nick DeCarlo
Jeff Decker
Andy Obertello
Danny Wagner
Todd Hermosillo

IMCA Sport Modified
A Feature 1 (20 Laps)

Matthew Hagio
Tim Elias
Shane DeVolder
Adriane Frost
Keith Brown Jr.
Charlie Hunter
Duane Bieser
John Ferro
Mike Kofnovec
Billy Robertson
Mark Hartman
Mike Kofnovec Sr. DNS

American Stocks
A Feature 1 (20 Laps)

Tony Oliveira
Rob Gallaher
J.C. Elrod
Katie Briggs
Jake SIlva
Dexter Long
Austin Williams
Terry Traub
Tony Peffer
Devon Sanders

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