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1  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Bakersfield Speedway 7/22 results
 on: 07/22/17 at 8:42pm 
Started by AStewart37 | Post by AStewart37  
Hobby Stocks (16 cars)

A Main
1. #59 Tyler Johnson
2. #91 Marcus Wankum
3. #1 Rob Gallaher
4. #4 Jayden Schweitzer
5. #55 Karl Noland
6. #15 Marc McCaslin
7. #4P Chris Settlemire
8. #19 Bob Ellis
9. #52 Perry Alderman
10. #44 Rick Childress Sr
11. #L787 Ronald Lookadoo
12. #3 Jacky Roberts
13. #91x Michael Scruggs
14. #10 Trevor Baker
15. #1G Joe Gallaher
16. #33 Robert Swearengin

Late Models (5 cars)

A Main
1. #12 Nick Bartels
2. #5L Cody Laney
3. #10n Rob Sanders
4. #17 Ricky Childress Jr
5. #15m Cory McDonald

SoCal Enduro (14 cars)

A Main
1. #25 Brady Mertz
2. #169 Ken Lukaszonas
3. #s15 Shawn Schwartzenberger
4. #149 Chandler Donovan
5. #58 Randy Hannah
6. #6 Andy Boydstun
7. #1 Braiden Roark
8. #43 Mike Conway
9. #3 Clint Massey
10. #P111 Tony Gondola
11. #00 Kit Murphy
12. #9 Gene Glover
13. #52 Robert Kleisner
14. #57x Steven Lawler

Hard Tops (12 cars)

A Main
1. #68 Justin Yadon
2. #7 Rich Souza
3. #5 Marc McCaslin
4. #97 Bobby Courtney
5. #14 Jason Stanphill
6. #84 Bronson Chavez
7. #3 James Bradburn
8. #99a Sean Shea
9. #102 Tom Dugan
10. #26 Brandon Stanphill
11. #4 Josh Yadon
DNS #63 Steven Settlemire

NMRA Midgets (8 cars)

A Main
1. #36 West Evans
2. #38 Chuck West
3. #59 Scott Niven
4. #2 Jason Arnolde
5. #07 Kevin Kale
6. #70 Don Brasher
7. #77 Ace Kale
8. #11 Don Mosley

Sr Mini Dwarfs (11 cars)

A Main
1. #6 Kennedy Cotton
2. #2 Jakob Carey
3. #17 Tyler Blankenship
4. #25 Broedy Graham
5. #3 Mason Ratcliff
6. #24 Trenton Eurto
7. #60 Tailer Morrison
8. #12 Austin Murch
9. #86 Madison Meyers
10. #86m Mallory Meyers
11. #123z Zoie Warren

Jr Mini Dwarfs (14 cars)

A Main
1. #1 Jett Yantis
2. #22 Trenton Rickel
3. #76 Stryker Conley
4. #18B Bryson Martin
5. #5 Khloe Cotton
6. #12N Adam Nohl
7. #7 Tucker Carey
8. #25cc Carson Conway
9. #21H Seth Hanson
10. #33T Tommy Swearengin
11. #09 Bransyn Speer
12. #111 Cole Forster
13. #81 DG George
14. #84 Wyatt Webb

2  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Garner, Sorensen Score Thrilling Victories At Antioch Speedway
 on: 07/18/17 at 10:26pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Garner, Sorensen Score Thrilling Victories At Antioch Speedway

Antioch, CA...July 15...Mark Garner won the 20 lap All Star Series B Modified Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway.  It was Garner's first victory in this division as he remains in the championship hunt in both B Modifieds and Limited Late Models.  Marysville ace Jerry Bartlett shared the front row with Garner for the Main Event, and Bartlett raced into the early lead.  Bartlett's lead was shirt lived as he pushed wide in Turn 2 and hit the wall for a caution flag on lap two.  Garner found himself leading the restart, and the race would not see another yellow flag.  With reigning champion Trevor Clymens and Doff Cooksey right on his bumper, Garner drove a flawless race and earned the victory ahead of Clymens, Cooksey, incoming point leader K.C. Keller and Marysville point leader Phillip Shelby.

Chris Sorensen won the 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event.  Sorensen was rebounding from another broken transmission for what would be his third win of the season.  The 2010 champion had a bit of luck on his side.  Billy Garner paced the early laps ahead of Ricky Foster.  Foster went by Garner on the back stretch to lead lap seven, but it was Cameron Swank motoring past Foster for the lead a lap later as Garner got a bit out of shape exiting Turn 2.  Sorensen took over second on lap nine, but Swank held a straightaway advantage over the slightly smoking Sorensen.  Swank held nearly a half lap lead as he took the white flag, but he had a right rear flat tire.  Sorensen raced by in the final turn for the unlikely win.  Swank was a disappointed second as heat winner Brent Curran, Garner and Chris Bennett made up the remainder of the Top 5.

Jeff Decker won the 20 lap DIRTCar Late Model Main Event.  The win was the third of the year for Decker, and he increased his point lead by quite a bit after heat winner Richard Papenhausen scratched from the Main Event with motor problems.  Decker charged very quickly from the back of the pack in a race that was filled with heavy attrition.  Decker brought it home to victory with Joey Olschowka a season best second ahead of heat winner Shawn DeForest, Dennis Souza and Kimo Oreta.

Bob Newberry won the 20 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event.  This was the second win of the season for Newberry, who is a past division champion and also a past Top 5 point competitor in both A Modifieds and Street Stocks at the speedway.  Newberry started back in the third row as James East set the early pace.  Alan Miranda was an early second ahead of Brian Grier, but Grier had second by lap six.  Newberry was third when a lap 11 caution flag flew.  Newberry began to make his move in the last five laps as he took second from Grier on lap 15.  Newberry pressured East pretty hard until making his winning pass on lap 17.  Newberry sped to the satisfying victory from there, followed by East, Grier, Miranda and Shannon Newton.

Mike Corsaro won the 20 lap Dwarf Car Main Event.  The incoming point leader needed a good night following his heat race rollover last week that put an early end to his evening.  Corsaro shared the from row with surprise visitor Buddy Olschowka, who is usually racing up at Placerville and Marysville.  Olschowka gave it his usual great effort, but Corsaro was not to be denied his second win of the season.  Olschowka settled for second ahead of Jenna Frazier, David Rosa and Devan Kammermann.

Racing resumes next weekend with Wingless Spec Sprints, DIRTcar Late Models, B Modifieds, Hobby Stocks and Dwarf Cars all on the schedule.  For further information, go to www.antiochspeedway.com.

Unofficial Race Results
DIRTcar Late Models
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Richard Papenhausen, Shawn DeForest.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Jeff Decker, Joey Olschowka, Shawn DeForest, Dennis Souza, Kimo Oreta.

B Modifieds
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Megan Ponciano, Chuck Golden.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Mark Garner, Trevor Clymens, Doff Cooksey, K.C. Keller, Phillip Shelby.

Hobby Stocks
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Brent Curran, Michael Cooper.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Chris Sorensen, Cameron Swank, Brent Curran, Billy Garner, Chris Bennett.

Wingless Spec Sprints
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Shannon Newton, Bob Newberry.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Bob Newberry, James East, Bryan Grier, Alan Miranda, Shannon Newton.

Dwarf Cars
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Chuck Conover, Kevin Miraglio.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Mike Corsaro, Buddy Olschowka, Jenna Frazier, David Rosa, Devan Kammermann.

3  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Point Leaders Diaz, Dean Win Merced Speedway Features
 on: 07/18/17 at 10:24pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  

Point Leaders Diaz, Dean Win Merced Speedway Features

Merced, CA...July 15...Rick Diaz impressed with his fifth IMCA Sport Modified Main Event win Saturday night at Merced Speedway.  The reigning champion started back in 11th with point leader and the night's B Main winner Fred Ryland lined up 13th in the 18 car field.  Second generation racer Andrew Odgers had the pole for the feature and raced into the early lead ahead of heat race winner Tim Ragsdale.  Jack Aguiar took second from Ragsdale on lap three, and the flying Diaz was already up to fifth behind Danny Roe on lap eight.  Roe slipped past Ragsdale for third on lap ten with Diaz grabbing fourth two laps later.  Roe raced by Aguiar for second on lap 13 just before the only yellow flag of the race.  Odgers led the restart, but Roe grabbed the lead on lap 15 as Diaz took over third.  Diaz sped past Odgers for second on lap 16.  Ryland moved into third on lap 17 as Diaz was pressuring Roe for the lead.  Diaz finally made his move past Roe on lap 18 with Ryland grabbing second on the white flag lap.  Diaz brought it home to an impressive victory ahead of Ryland, Roe, A. Odgers, Ragsdale, Aguiar, Jeremy Hoff, Chuck Weir, Jarred Tickel and heat race winner Anthony Giuliani.  Diaz and Jordan Hagar were the other heat race winners.  Ryland won the 12 lap B Main ahead of Tanner Thomas, 2015 champion Josh Hensley and Mark Odgers.

Point leader Kodie Dean won his fourth 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event.  Dean had a front row start following his eight lap heat race victory, but he had fellow heat winner and reigning champion Michael Shearer starting next to him.  Dean raced into the early lead ahead of Shearer and heat winners Rob Gallaher and James Stockton.  Stockton spun from fourth in Turn 2 for a lap two caution flag.  Dean continued to lead, but he had his hands full with Shearer as Brett Barstow settled into third in a good battle with Gallaher and Garrett Corn.  Unfortunately, Barstow's impressive run in third ended on a lap 12 caution flag.  Corn raced past Gallaher for third on the restart as Dean continued to lead Shearer.  The lead four cars ran closely the rest of the way with Dean winning ahead of M. Shearer, Corn, R. Gallaher, J. Stockton, Kristie Shearer, Nick Lawrence, Joe Gallaher, John Hensley and Shannon Nelson.

Tim Vaught returned to the winner's circle with his 15 lap California Sharp Mini Late Model Main Event win.  Tim Crews set the early Main Event pace ahead of heat race winner Bruce "Bubba" Nelson and Vaught.  Vaught and Nelson shuffled Crews back to third on lap five, and a lap six caution flag flew.  Nelson raced past Vaught for the lead, but a final caution flag flew on lap eight.  Vaught regained the lead on the restart, and he led the rest of the way for the win.  Nelson fell back late as Crews finished second ahead of Riley Jeppesen, Ian Shearer, Nelson and Raul Rodriguez Jr.

The Valley Sportsman field was down to two cars, and Watsonville Speedway Hall Of Famer Jerry Cecil won the eight lap Main Event after Jeff Bristow won the six lap heat race.

For further information, go to www.racemerced.com.

4  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Cheffey, Lenz Continue To Roll At Siskiyou Speedway
 on: 07/18/17 at 10:22pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Cheffey, Lenz Continue To Roll At Siskiyou Speedway

Yreka, CA...July 15...Colton Cheffey won his third straight IMCA Sport Modified 20 lap Main Event Saturday night at Siskiyou Motor Speedway.  The win will move Cheffey up into second in the standings, but he still has much ground to make up on D.J. Bottoms after missing a race earlier this season.  As it turned out, Bottoms was battling with Cheffey for what could have been his third victory.  However, Cheffey was just a little bit quicker and took the checkered flag just ahead of Bottoms.  Jack Waldon III was a season best third, followed by Colter Boswell, Matt Sanders, Doug Franklin, reigning champion Jimmy Lipke and Donovan Rodgers.  Ryder Boswell won the four lap Trophy Dash, but his Main Event ended on the fourth lap in disappointment.  Lipke and Cheffey won their eight lap heat races.

Scott Lenz pocketed the $500 paycheck for his sixth win at Yreka and seventh on the Outlaw Pro Stock Association circuit.  Dr. Lenz has yet to lose a point paying Main Event this year.  Lenz had to come from the fifth row for the victory, but he grabbed the lead from Jeffrey Hudson on lap 18.  Once Lenz took the lead, he sped home to the victory.  Hudson settled for second, and James Flowers came back from a spin to finish third.  Early leader Scott Flowers and Jeff Haudenshild completed the Top 5 and lead lap finishers.  Lenz won the four lap Trophy Dash, but Johnny Cobb beat Lenz in a photo finish in their eight lap heat race to prevent a clean sweep.  J. Flowers won the other heat race.

Chris Jorgensen won the 20 lap McDonald's Mini Stock Main Event.  Chris was piloting the Aaron Jorgensen #85 car, and his win made him the sixth different winner of the season.  After a bout with the front wall ended his race last time before a lap was scored, 15 year old Ethan Killingsworth was back and looking for redemption.  Killingsworth won his fifth four lap Trophy Dash and battled C. Jorgensen fiercely for the Main Event lead.  However, C. Jorgensen won a close race with Killingsworth to the line for the win.  Mike Whitaker was a strong third, followed by point leader Marilyn Yawnick, Dennis Jorgensen and final lead lap finisher Terry Kendrick.  Kendrick and D. Jorgensen won eight lap heat races.

Camden Robustelli returned and won the 20 lap SODCA Dwarf Car Main Event.  He became the third different winner in the club's three visits to Yreka, and he's won at three different tracks this season.  Robustelli had his hands full with two time champion Josh King.  King won the season opener at Yreka and was racing hard to do it again.  However, Robustelli prevailed at the checkered flag.  King settled for second, and Ryan Smith won a close battle with reigning champion Brock Peters for third.  Chad Cardoza finished fifth as Fred Hay, Rob Gergel and Randy Slater completed the lead lap finishing order.  Cardoza won the four lap A Dash, while Hay scored a popular victory in the four lap B Dash after a close battle with Gergel.  Eight lap heat wins went to Smith and Cardoza.

The IMCA Sport Modifieds and McDonald's Mini Stocks are back next week with Late Model Lites and IMCA Modifieds also on the schedule.  For further information, go to www.siskiyoumotorspeedway.com.

5  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Durant Wins Mini Stock Feature At Lemoore Raceway
 on: 07/18/17 at 10:21pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Durant Wins Mini Stock Feature At Lemoore Raceway

Lemoore, CA...July 16...Jeff Durant had a little luck on his side in scoring his first 30 lap Central Valley Mini Stock Main Event Sunday afternoon at Lemoore Raceway.  Durant's win came with a season high 17 car field in action.  Durant charged into the lead at the start ahead of Clint Smothers and Rod Baronian.  A high move in Turn 3 of the second lap gained Baronian second, but Smothers made a pass in Turn 4 a lap later to regain the position.  In their close battle for second, Baronian got together with Smothers in Turn 4 with Smothers hitting the wall for a yellow flag.  Smothers was able to restart, and Baronian was charged with the yellow flag as Smothers was restored to second.  Durant maintained the lead on the restart ahead of Smothers and Dan Myrick.  Danny Myrick settled into fourth on lap nine.  Danny Myrick passed Dan Myrick for third in Turn 2 on lap 11 and took second from Smothers a lap later.  Danny Myrick closed in on Durant as they caught slower traffic on lap 14.  Contact saw Durant get sideways exiting Turn 4 as Danny Myrick raced by for the lead, but Durant moved by in traffic in Turn 3 a lap later.  Danny Myrick passed Durant for the lead on the back stretch on lap 18, and a caution flag flew a lap later as the Top 5 runs for Dan Myrick and Logan Doglione ended.  Danny Myrick led Durant and Smothers on the restart.  A low pass in Turn 3 of the 21st lap gained Randy Brown third from Smothers.  Danny Myrick started to pull away and seemed headed for victory.  As Danny Mryick crossbred the line on lap 25, he began to slow noticeably.  An inside pass in Turn 2 of the 26th lap gained Durant the lead.  Brown took second a lap later, and Smothers and Chris Goldsmith followed into third and fourth.  Durant brought it home to victory ahead of Brown, Smothers and Goldsmith.  Danny Myrick limped across the line in fifth.

The Mini Stocks ran two sets of ten lap heat races.  Ryan Doglione won his first heat race just ahead of Baronian.  Logan Doglione and Durant were the other Round 1 heat winners.  Baronian, Ben Davis and Dan Myrick were the Round 2 heat winners.  The next Central Valley Mini Stocks race at Lemoore Raceway will be on August 13th.  For further information, go to http://www.centralvalleyministocks.com/.

6  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Petaluma Speedway Race Results July 15, 2017
 on: 07/18/17 at 10:20pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Petaluma Speedway Race Results July 15, 2017
PitStopUSA.com Winged 360 Sprint Cars

Ronnie Gardner
Geoff Ensign
Klint Simpson
Jake Haulot
Bret Barney
Cory Elliott
Peter Paulson
Billy Butler
Britton Bock
David Lindt II
Bill Cornwell

Michael Faccinto
Frankie Guerrini
Alex Schutte
Shannon McQueen
Danny Carroll
Ronnie Gardner
Cory Elliott
Maria Cofer
Randi Pankratz
Floyd Alvis
CJ Sarna
JR Williams
Courtney Crone
Terry Nichols
Robert Dalby
Tyler Dolacki
David Prickett
Britton Bock
Kyle Beilman
Sparky Howard
Geoff Ensign
Mason Daniel

General Hydroponics Dwarf Cars
Adam Teves
Dave Mosier
Chad Matthias
Travis Dutra
Zack Albers
Carroll Mendenhall
John Peters
Barry Waddell
Matt Hagemann
Mark Hanson
Mike Affonso
Trevor Mendenhall
Mark Mendenhall
Adam Freitas
David Teves
Scooter Gomes

Jake's Performance Hobbies Mini Stock
Austin Ohlinger
Dave Spindell
Sean Hale
Tom Brown
Squirrely Curley
Tom Deering
Manny Avila
Randy Miramontez
Antonio Miramontez

7  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Placerville Speedway Race Results July 15, 2015
 on: 07/18/17 at 10:18pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Placerville Speedway Race Results July 15, 2015
360 Sprint Cars
A Main

Steven Tiner
Kalib Henry
Sean Becker
D.J. Freitas
Greg DeCaires
Tony Gualda
Cody Lamar
Chase Majdic
Mike Benson
Justin Johnson
Kirt Organ
Jake Morgan
Cole Macedo
Jimmy Trulli
Cody Fendley
Shawn Conde
C.J. Humphreys
Michael Cunningham
Colby Wiesz
Billy Wallace

B Main
Justin Johnson
Cole Macedo
Kirt Organ
Cody Fendley
Michael Cunningham
Bobby Butler
Mike Cook

NCDCA Dwarf Cars

Shawn Jones
Danny Wagner
Matt Sargent
Mike Grenert
Ryan Winter
Ben Wiesz
Kevin Bender
Mike Reeder
Scott Dahlgren
Dan Geil
Josh Wiesz
Aaron Rupley
Glenn Sciaran
Justin Winter
Robert Johnson
Sam Wren
Danny Zuger
Carl Droivold
Brian Quilty
Colby Wiesz
Jeff Fitch

Limited Late Models
Matt Michelli
Mike Lightfoot
Wayne Trimble
Matt Davis
Tyler Lightfoot
Ray Trimble
Ken Michelli
Dennis Ahart
Eddie Gardner
Rod Oliver

Pure Stocks
Orville Owens
Jason Palmer
Nick Baldwin
Scott Grunert
Dan Jinkerson
Jeff Sly
Russ Murphy
Chris Van Roenkel
Dan Farrington
Lonnie Leonard
Rick Grunert
Ken Bernstein
Mike Stoeckle

Mini Trucks
Ted Ahart
Austin Struthers
John Littlejohn
Robby Northam
Corey Eaton

8  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Ocean Speedway Watsonville, CA  Race Results July 14-15
 on: 07/18/17 at 10:15pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Ocean Speedway Watsonville, CA  Race Results July 14, 2015
California Sprint Car Civil War Series/Ocean Sprints presented by Taco Bravo

A Feature 1 (30 Laps)
Kyle Hirst
Michael Kofoid
D.J. Netto
Justin Sanders
Cory Eliason
Shane Golobic
Bud Kaeding
Jonathan Allard
Cole Macedo
Jerry Bonnema
Marcus Dumesny
Geoff Ensign
Jeremy Chisum
Eric Rossi
Jason Chisum
Jarrett Soares
Josh Chisum
Burt Foland Jr
Cory Elliott
Brad Furr
Koen Shaw
Willie Croft

B Feature 1 (12 Laps)
Marcus Dumesny
Brad Furr
Jerry Bonnema
Jason Chisum
Geoff Ensign
Burt Foland Jr
Josh Chisum
Bryan Grier
Anthony Simone
Richard Fajardo
Andy Forsberg
Kurt Nelson

IMCA Sport Mods
A Feature 1 (20 Laps)

Geoff Ensign
Matthew Hagio
Andrew Peckham
Justin McPherson
Jim DiGiovanni
Andrew Odgers
Charlie Hunter
Vaughn Vondera
Dale Kunz
Duane Bieser
Mike Kofnovec SR
Billy Robertson
Mark Hartman
Shane DeVolder DNS

American Stocks
A Feature 1 (20 Laps)

Tony Oliveira
John Farrell
Joe Gallaher
Jerry Skelton
Katie Briggs
JC Elrod
Kyle Reeder
Rob Gallaher
Wally Kennedy
DJ Keldsen
Larry Roberson
Bobby Huckaby SR
Austin Williams
Quintin Harris
Devon Sanders
Vernon Silva

A Feature 1 (20 Laps)

Matt Sargent
Camron Diatte
Shawn Jones
Kyle Jones
Marty Weisler
Mark Biscardi
Punky Pires
Bill Belfield
Trafton Chandler
Dan Zuger
Brady Beck
Ryan Amlen

Ocean Speedway Watsonville, CA Race Results July 15, 2017
IMCA Modified All Star Tour
A Feature 1 (25 Laps)

Duane Cleveland
Ryan McDaniel
Robby Sawyer
Troy Foulger
Cody Burke
Kellen Chadwick
Tim Balding
Jim Pettit II
Austin Burke
Alex Wilson
Nick Decarlo
Joe Antonetti
Chester Kniss
Todd Hermosillo
Freddie Ploudre
Raymond Keldsen Jr
Kyle Bryan
Ryan Porter
Carl Berendsen II
Randy McDaniel
Jeff Faulkner
Robert Montalvo
Michael Dalton

IMCA Sport Modifieds
A Feature 1 (20 Laps)

Matthew Hagio
Justin McPherson
Guy Ahlwardt
Matt Sotomayor
TJ Etchison
Mark Hartman
Duane Bieser
Charlie Hunter
Billy Robertson DNS

King of the West Sprints
A Feature 1 (30 Laps)

Buddy Kofoid
Justin Sanders
Shane Golobic
Kyle Hirst
D.J. Netto
Giovanni Scelzi
Andy Forsberg
Jonathan Allard
Craig Stidham
Chase Johnson
Bobby McMahan
Bud Kaeding
Willie Croft
Dustin Golobic
Sean Watts
Kurt Nelson
Jarrett Soares
Brent Bjork
Eric Rossi
Cory Eliason
Bill Foland
Brent Kaeding

B Feature 1 (12 Laps)
Sean Watts
Dustin Golobic
Chase Johnson
Andy Forsberg
Eric Rossi
Bill Foland
Marcus Dumesny
Jeremy Chisum
Nathan Rolfe
Jason Chisum
Josh Chisum

9  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / Ventura Raceway Race Results July 15, 2017
 on: 07/18/17 at 10:12pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
Ventura Raceway Race Results July 15, 2017
VRA Sprint Cars

1 55 Kyle Smith
2 0K Kenny Perkins
3 24 Guy Woodward
4 96 Charlie Butcher
5 39 Kyle Edwards
6 15 Rick Hendrix
7 98 Jeremy Ellertson
8 2k Max Guilford
9 93 Redd Broschart
10 9 Johnny Shelton Jr.
11 3g Greg Andrews DNS

VRA Dwarf Cars
1 69 Johnny Conley
2 8 Tim Conley
3 14 Tommy Velasquez III
4 16 Tom Stephens Jr
5 22s Gage Cheek
6 48 Trent Morley
7 91 Kody Cowan
8 41 Nick Velasquez
9 4 Tommy Velasquez II
10 44x Zach Curnel
11 6 David Conley
12 18 Tom Morley
13 45 Korey Cowan
14 12 Chase Lippert
15 0 Brad Curnel
16 64 Trevor Fitzgibbon
17 93 Jason Horton

IMCA Modifieds
1 14j Justin Dunn
2 09 Luis Espinoza
3 22 Dave Phipps
4 27 Loren DeAmond
5 48 Chuc Costabile
6 55jr Jack Parker
7 20 Aaron Rodarte
8 21 Austin Rodarte
9 34 Scott Olsen

Focus Midgets
1 28 Daniel Anderson
2 44 Jess Love IV
3 41 Adam Lemke
4 98 Max Guilford
5 9 Tom Patterson
6 33 Mike Leach
7 15 Annie Breidinger
8 5 Ashley Hazelton
9 40 Cody Gerhardt
10 37 Jessica Valentine
11 20w Tyler Slay
12 59 Jet Davison
13 6 Jackson Dukes

VRA Hobby Stocks
1 28 Gary Curtis
2 7 Mike Stanford
3 44 Gary Garvin
4 45 Christina Garvin
5 43 Sam Garvin

VRA Senior Sprints
1 2 Wally Pankratz
2 66 Chris Meredith
3 47 Ed Schwarz
4 27 Steve Brown
5 3g Greg Andrews
6 4k Tyler Hatzikian
7 3k Eddy Williams

10  Saturday Night Racer / SATURDAY NIGHT RACER / KCRP Bakersfield, CA Race Results July 14
 on: 07/18/17 at 10:10pm 
Started by C.W. | Post by C.W.  
KCRP Bakersfield, CA Race Results July 14
A Mod Main 30 Laps

Ethan Dotson
Ricky Childress Jr
Roger Holder
Steve Noland
Ryan Daves
Scott Pounds
Jerry Flippo
Michael Scruggs

Mod Lite Main 20 Laps
JD Brown
Roy Maynard
Jake Pike
Jesse Burks
Nicholas Johnson
Cheyenne Flippo
Candie Varney
Kollin Hibdon
Tim Varney
Kaden Cochrun
Cayden McCaslin
Jeff Thompson
Anthony Balcazar
Josh Thompson
Kenny Cochrun
Seth Poncetta
Marc McCaslin DNS

Hobby Stock Main 25 Laps
Bryan Terry
Kyle Wood
Charles Paul
Markus Fraizer
Raymond Noland Jr.
Nick Spainhoward
Carson Puryear
Corey Brough
Mike Hill Jr
Tyler Blanchard
Wade Eurto
Gene Glover

USAC Speed2 Midgets Main 20 Laps
Jesse Love
Max Guilford

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