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All American Speedway Points Race #11 (Read 343 times)
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All American Speedway Points Race #11
09/12/17 at 12:01am
Ray, Halen, Lyons and Peeler Emerge Victorious at Points Race #11

Points race #11 at All American Speedway had 1 major storyline coming in, being the 1 point separating Chris Paulson and Erick Ray atop the bomber points standings, which promised plenty of action in itself. Add in the ever exciting Limited Mods, Street Stocks, and the visiting Legends of the Pacific, and you have a recipe for a great night of racing action.

The night started off great for the trailing Ray, as he came within 2 one hundredths of a second (.02) from setting the track record in bomber qualifying, easily setting quick time. Nick Lyons (Limited Mods), Jill Schmidt (Street Stocks) and Nick Halen (Legends) would also pick up quick times in their respective classes. After a quick break, heat races would roll onto the track, with the Limited Mods being the first to run their set of heats. Erick Ray, who was pulling double duty, and Josh Blackwood would lead us to green as Heat Race #1 got underway. Ray would take the early advantage, leading as we came around to complete lap number 1. Behind Ray, plenty of action was unfolding, as 5th place starter Nick Lyons had made his way up to 2nd. Aaron Coonfield would make his move on Blackwood on lap 3, getting underneath him to take the position away. Up front Lyons continued to stay on the bumper of Ray, but could not find a way around him. Coonfield would make a bold move on lap 6, moving up to the top side to pass both Lyons and Ray, to take the top spot. Josh Blackwood then noticed the success Coonfield had up top, so he would make the same move on Lyons and Ray to move up to the 2nd position. Lyons would make a last corner pass on Ray 3rd, with Dale Didoha bringing up the rear in the 5th position. Matt Manolis aboard the Joe Rhodes Jr #86 and Mike Gorham would bring the field to the green in the 2nd and final Limited Mod heat race. The field would remain 2 by 2 into turn 1 and would stay that way for the first lap, with Gorham getting the slight advantage at the line. Gorham would eventually clear Manolis for the lead, and 4th place starter Rick Andersen would make his move high to take away the 2nd spot. On lap 3, Andersen would make contact with the rear of Gorham’s car in turn 1, causing the 33 of Gorham to go around, Gorham would keep it going, avoiding a caution. The very same lap Andersen and Manolis would tangle in turn 4, bringing out the yellow. The 05 of Cory Englehardt would inheirit the lead as he was the only one who wasn’t involved in either of the incidents. Englehardt and Gorham would take the green with 4 to go, and the field would stay 2 by 2 again for a lap or so, before Englehardt would have a big bobble down low, surrendering the lead to Gorham as Andersen also sped by. Gorham would come tohe white flag side by side, with Andersen taking the lead on the last lap for the heat race win, ahead of Gorham, Englehardt and Manolis.

The field of 10 Legends would be split into 2 5 car heats, with David Tooker and John Bowman, who took over the 73 for tonight’s race, making up the front row for Heat 1. Bowman would take the lead into turn 1, as Keith Clement would attempt to make his way around up top as well, taking the second position from Tooker. Tooker would unfortunately continue to fall back, as Jose Hernandez would make his way by for 3rd. Rj Kahler would also get by Tooker for 4th. Up front it was all John Bowman. Clement wouldn’t be able to get close enough to make a move, as Bowman would pick up the relatively easy win over Clement, Hernandez, Kahler, and Tooker. Michael Ray and Rob “Nasty” Nascimento would lead Heat 2 to the green. Rob Nascimento would take the advantage heading into turn 1, as Chad Nascimento would get along side Ray for 2nd as well on the first lap, with the 2 continuing to battle side by side until Chad Nascimento would finally clear Ray for 2nd. Ray would get loose on lap 5, allowing PCS Late Model rookie Jack Wood to close in and try to take the position. Back up front Rob Nascimento was in a league of his own, as he would win Heat Race #2 ahead of Chad Nascimento, Michael Ray, Jack Wood, and Nick Halen.

Bombers would be the last division to run heats, With Travis Henry and Rookie Bradly Gordon bringing the field to green. Henry would take the lead into turn 1, as Tim Walters would follow through on the low side to take 2nd. Erick Ray would make his way past Gordon the next lap for 3rd, with his eyes set on the lead, as he would make the pass on Walters for 2nd on lap 3, and then proceeding to get by Henry for the lead on lap 4, making it look easy. Walters would then make a pass high on lap 6 to take 2nd from Henry, with 6th place starter Chris Paulson getting by Henry as well for 3rd. Ray would go on to pick up the win handily, followed by Walters and Paulson, Darrell Fitzgerald would make a last lap pass on Henry for 4th, and Bradly Gordon would round out the running order. Troy Walz and Luke Caper, driving Wayne Hickok’s #69, would lead the final heat race of the evening to the green. Caper would take an advantage into 1, as Blake Dissoma was making a very quick charge to the front from his 4th place starting position, getting under Caper in turn 4 on lap 1 to take the lead. The field would spread out a little, with Timm Williams and Bill Clark’s battle for 5th being the only side by side battle on track. Unfortunately mechanical issues would cause Dissoma to pull off track from the lead on lap 6, as did the 89 of Eric Martinez. Luke Caper would inheirit the lead from Dissoma’s misfortune, and Nate Hickok was ready to pounce. Pulling to the bumper of the 69 and making a bold move under Caper going into turn 1 on the final lap, sliding in front of the 69, Caper would get back under Hickok going into turn 3 and would make the pass to win the heat ahead of Hickok, Walz, Clark, Williams, Dissoma and Martinez.

After another short break, the trophy dashes would be ran. The Limited Mod Fast Dash would be the first up, with Josh Blackwood and Mike Gorham bringing the 4 car field to the green. The field would stay side by side for the first 2 laps, before Blackwood would finally clear Gorham. Rick Andersen would see his opportunity and get under Gorham on lap 3, setting his sights on Blackwood. Andersen would make a last lap run at Blackwood, but couldn’t make the pass as Josh Blackwood would pick up the Fast Dash win ahead of Andersen, Gorham, and Aaron Coonfield. The Limited Mod Dash 4 Ca$h would run next, with Erick Ray and Matt Manolis bringing the second dash to the start. The field would stay 2 by 2 into turn 1 and for the first lap, with Manolis holding the advantage as the field crossed the line to complete lap 1. Manolis and Ray would stay before Manolis would finally clear Ray on lap 3, and would go to pick up the victory. Ray, Dale Didoha and Cory Englehardt would complete the finishing order.

The Legends would run their 1 dash next, as Rob Nascimento and Jack Wood would bring the field to the line. Rob Nascimento would take the lead into 1 and 2, as a 3 wide battle would ensue behind him between Chad Nascimento, Jack Wood and Nick Halen, with Halen winning that battle, and Chad Nascimento taking third. Halen would attempt to make a run at Rob Nascimento, but couldn’t make it work as Rob Nascimento would win the Legends dash ahead of Halen, Chad Nascimento and Wood. The Bomber Fast Dash would then come on track, with Rookie Luke Caper and Tim Walters leading us to green. The field would remain side by side by side for the first 2 laps, with Walters leading lap 1 and a dead heat at the line lap 2. Walters would slip up up high on lap 3, allowing Caper to clear for the lead and hold on for the Dash win, with Walters, Nathan Hickok and Chris Paulson rounding out the field. Travis Henry and Darrell Fitzgerald would then lead the Bomber Dash 4 Ca$h to green, as the last dash begun. The 2 would stay side by side for the first lap, with Fitzgerald leading lap 1. They would remain side by side almost the entire race, until Henry ran Fitzgerald a little high in turn 4 coming to the white flag. Fitzgerald would then make a bold move on the inside in turn 3 coming to the checkered, and that move would get him the Dash win in front of Henry, Troy Walz, and Bradly Gordon.

It then became Main Event time, with the Street Stocks running their 20 lap Feature first, as Dan Farrington and Andrew Peeler led the 3 car field to green. Peeler would use a good start to take the lead into turn 1 and begin to pull away. Quick time qualifier Jill Schmidt would make multiple runs at Farrington in the opening laps, but was not able to get by the 27. As Peeler continued to lead by a few car lengths, he really wasn’t able to get much further ahead, while at the same time Farrington wasn’t making any ground up. Farrington would bobble coming out of turn 4 on lap 11, giving Schmidt the opening she needed to get under Farrington. She would make the pass and try her best to get to Peeler, but the 59 was just too quick to catch, as Andrew Peeler picked up another feature victory, ahead of Jill Schmidt and Dan Farrington.

The Limited Mods were up next with their 35 lap feature. Dash winners Matt Manolis and Josh Blackwood would make up the front row and lead the field to the line to start the race with Manolis taking the advantage into turn 1. Blackwood would settle into 2nd as 6th place starter Aaron Coonfield would make a pass on Mike Gorham for 3rd early. A little further back, Rick Andersen would make a move to get by Cory Englehardt for 5th. Nick Lyons then began his march, passing Englehardt and Andersen in succession, then making an inside pass on Mike Gorham for 4th on lap 8. Manolis would continue to lead, while Lyons would make a lap 13 pass of Coonfield for 3rd. As the field really began to spread out, Nick Lyons was all over the back bumper of Josh Blackwood, giving him all he could handle. Lyons would finally get to the inside of Blackwood on lap 21 to take 2nd away and set his sights on the leader. As the laps ticked down, Lyons began to close in on the 86 of Manolis. Lyons would get to Manolis’ bumper on lap 27 but couldn’t quite get around him, until he found an opening low on lap 30, and he would get by Manolis for the lead. Manolis would stay close, but couldn’t mount enough of a charge to get back by, as Nick Lyons would pick up the Limited Mod A Main win, as Matt Manolis, Josh Blackwood, Aaron Coonfield, and Mike Gorham would complete the Top 5.

The traveling Legends of the Pacific would be the next to last Main to run, with Keith Clement and Michael Ray leading the field to green. Clement would take the early lead heading into turn 1. Nick Halen would begin his march to the front, passing Chad Nascimento and Jack Wood to move up to 4th on lap 1. Rob Nascimento would make a move inside Ray for 2nd on lap 2, and would make the pass to get by Clement for the lead the next lap. Halen would follow through and would move to 2nd on lap 3. Michael Ray would then make a move inside on lap 5 to take 3rd from Clement, while up front Halen would make the move to the inside to take the lead from Rob Nascimento and would start to run away with it, as it became quickly clear Halen was the class of the field. Chad Nascimento would make his way into the 3rd spot on lap 6, passing Michael Ray. A little further back John Bowman would try to get under Jack Wood for 6th but Jack would keep the spot. RJ Kahler then made a lap 12 pass on Jose Hernandez for 8th, while a little further ahead Jack Wood got under Keith Clement for 5th. Nick Halen would begin to really distance himself from the field as the field really began to spread out, hitting lap traffic on lap 24. Jack Wood would make a late run at Michael Ray, making multiple attempts to pass for 4th before finally doing it on the last lap. Nick Halen would win the Legends main quite easily, ahead of Rob Nascimento, Chad Nascimento, Jack Wood and Michael Ray.

The Bomber Main would be the last to run, with Dash winners Luke Caper and Darrell Fitzgerald leading the field to green. Bill Clark also graciously allowed Blake Dissoma to run in his car for the main so Blake could stay in the points hunt. The field would stay side by side for the first lap, with Fitzgerald holding a narrow advantage at the end of lap 1. Fitzgerald would get clear of Caper for the lead on lap 3, as the title contenders began to work their way to the front. Mechanical problems would unfortunately beset Will Harmon as he pulled off the track on lap 4. Tim Walters would make his way to 2nd on lap 5, as Chris Paulson followed close behind to move into 3rd. Erick Ray would use the high line to move past Caper for 4th on the next lap, keeping pace with Paulson. Bad luck would again strike Darrell Fitzgerald as he had to pull to the infield from the lead on lap 7, ending his night early. Tim Walters would assume the lead, but was under heavy pressure from Paulson. Paulson would make his way around Walters on lap 9, with Ray also passing Walters to move into 2nd. Rookie Bradly Gordon’s night would also end early as he pulled off track on lap 10. The lone caution of the race would come out on lap 11 after Tim Walters spun from 3rd. Walters, Travis Henry and Nathan Hickok would all go to the pits under caution but only Hickok would return before Chris Paulson and Erick Ray lead us back to green on lap 12. The 2 would remain side by side for a few laps, while Nathan Hickok started making moves to get back towards the front, passing Troy Walz for 6th on lap 13. Ray would finally clear Paulson on lap 14, but Paulson kept close. Meanwhile, Hickok would pass Timm Williams for 5th on lap 15, and get inside Blake Dissoma for 4th on lap 20. Travis Henry would return late in the race to make up any points that he could, but up front Erick Ray was able to hold on for the victory, despite noticeable slowing out of he and Paulson the last few laps, as Caper actually almost got to Paulson at the line. Your final Top 5 would be Erick Ray, Chris Paulson, Luke Caper, Nathan Hickok, and Blake Dissoma.

The All American Speedway returns next week with the PCS Late Model Series, Bombers, Limited Mods, F4’s and NCMA Sprints. All American Speedway is located at 800 All America City Boulevard, Roseville CA. You can also find them at www.allamericanspeedway.com

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