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All American Speedway Points Race #13 (Read 2333 times)
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All American Speedway Points Race #13
09/25/17 at 2:54pm
Ray and Peeler Both Cap Off Championship Seasons With Wins, Czub and Yendes Victorious as well.
As All American Speedway’s regular season came to a close Saturday night, all eyes were on the exciting Bomber points battle, as 3 Time Champ Chris Paulson came into the Points Finale with a miniscule 8 point lead over 2 Time Champ Erick Ray. With a points battle that close, you were to see some fireworks on the track. The night started off with Jill Schmidt (Street Stocks), Don McMullen (F4’s), Robby Czub (Legends), and Erick Ray all qualifying quick time in their respective divisions. Erick Ray’s lap was especially impressive, as he set the new Bomber track record with a time of 15.47 seconds. Ray knew he had to be quick tonight, and this was a great way to start the evening.
The F4’s would kick off Heat Race action for the final points race of the season, as they ran a single 9 car heat race for the class. John Haines and Jess Yendes would lead the final heat race of the year for the division to green, with Jess Yendes taking an advantage into turn 1. For the 2nd straight week, Matthew Fuhs would have issues with his car in the heat, as he pulled into the infield on the backstretch of the 1st lap. Brian Bishop would follow Yendes past Haines for 2nd, and 5th place starter Ray Molina would make his way past Haines as well to move into the 3rd position on lap 1. 7th place starter Don McMullen would be the next to pass Haines, moving under him for 4th, as Justin McGehee followed through for 5th on lap 3. Lap 6 would see Geoff Sargent move to the inside of Haines for 6th position. Up front it continued to be all Jess Yendes, with Bishop and Molina not too far behind. Molina would make a last lap run at Brian Bishop for 2nd, but couldn’t complete the pass, as Jess Yendes would pick up the heat race victory, ahead of Bishop, Ray Molina, Don McMullen, and Justin McGehee.
Legends of the Pacific would be the 2nd of 3 divisions to run heat races, with the nice 15 car turnout being separated into 2 heats. Nevada’s Bob Kuebler and RJ Kahler would lead Heat 1 to green, with the veteran Kuebler taking the early lead. Kahler would attempt to get back under Kuebler down the backstretch but Kuebler would clear going into turn 3. 6th place starter Pete Pierce was quickly making his way through the field early, getting up to 3rd on lap 3 and getting by Kuebler for the lead on lap 4, as 8th place starter Robby Czub also passed Kuebler for 2nd. Chad Nascimento would make his move on Kuebler for 3rd on lap 5, while up front Robby Czub made his way under Pierce for the lead. Once Czub got to the lead, it was over, as he stretched his lead out for the final 3 laps, picking up an easy heat race win. Pete Pierce, Chad Nascimento, Bob Kuebler, and RJ Kahler would round out the Top 5. Onto Heat #2, as Wayne Olheiser and David Tooker would lead the 7 car field to the green flag. The 2 would remain remain side by side into 1, but down the back, Rob Nascimento made a daring move to get past both drivers and take the lead for himself. 7th place starter Cody Winchel made his way through the field extremely quickly, getting under John Bowman for 2nd on lap 2 and setting his sights on Rob Nascimento. 6th place starter Keith Clement also had made his way to 4th on lap 2. Cody Winchel would make his move on Rob Nascimento for the led on lap 4, diving low to take the lead away. Keith Clement would then try to get by John Bowman for 3rd on lap 5, but the 2 would make contact and Clement would go around to bring out the yellow. Winchel and Rob Nascimento would lead the field back to green on lap 5, with Winchel taking the lead into turn 1. Michael Ray would make his way under John Bowman for 3rd, and the 2 would battle side by side for the next 2 laps until Ray cleared Bowman. All alone up front was Cody Winchel, as he would win heat race #2, followed by Rob Nascimento, Michael Ray, John Bowman, and Keith Clement.
The Bombers would be the last division to run heat races, as Wayne Hickok and Troy Walz would lead Bomber Heat #1 to the start. Wayne Hickok would take the early lead into 1, with Tim Walters following through on the low side for 2nd under Walz. Erick Ray would also get under Walz on lap 1 to move into 3rd. Chris Paulson would get under Walz for 4th the next lap. The next lap, lap 3, the fireworks would begin, as Ray would go to the outside of Walters for 2nd, but Paulson also dove under Walters heading into turn 3, as both title contenders squeezed by for 2nd and 3rd. The next lap they would do the same to the leader Wayne Hickok, as Paulson and Ray would remain side by side for the lead. Walters would then get alongside Wayne Hickok for 3rd and make the pass. Up front Ray and Paulson continued to put on a show, as the 2 remained side by side the final 4 laps, with Ray winning by mere inches ahead of Paulson, Walters, Wayne Hickok, and James Shelton. The Bombers would then run their second and final heat of the night next with Travis Henry and Bill Clark leading the field to green. Henry would take the lead into 1, but would unfortunately have big mechanical issues on lap 1 causing him to retire on lap 1. Bill Clark and Nathan Hickok would lead us back to green, as Nathan Hickok would take the advantage. It would take a lap before Hickok finally cleared Clark, and once he did, Blake Dissoma would make his move on Clark for 2nd. From there Dissoma would set his sights on Hickok for the lead, getting under him on lap 5, and never looking back, as Dissoma would win handily over Nathan Hickok, Bill Clark, Darrell Fitzgerald (Who had an impressive save after getting loose on lap 3) and Will Harmon.
Trophy Dashes and Dash 4 Cashes would be run after a quick intermission, with the F4’s running their Trophy Dash 1st. Jess Yendes and Ray Molina would lead the 4 car field to green. Yendes and Molina would remain side by side through turns 1 and 2, before Yendes would clear for the lead. Don McMullen would also clear Brian Bishop for 3rd on the first lap. From there it remained single file the rest of the way, and despite his bobble on the last lap, Jess Yendes would lead every lap and win the F4 Trophy Dash ahead of Ray Molina, Don McMullen, and Brain Bishop. The F4 Dash 4 Ca$h would run next, with John Haines and Matthew Fuhs making up the front row. Fuhs would use a strong start to take the lead heading into the 1st turn. Justin McGehee would get by Haines for 2nd on lap 2. McGehee would momentarily stall on the last lap, allowing Haines to get by as Matthew Fuhs would pick up the victory ahead of John Haines and Justin McGehee. The Legends would run their only dash after, with Rob Nascimento and Pete Pierce leading the field to the start. The 2 would remain side by side through the first 2 turns, with Nascimento clearing for the lead down the backstretch. Cody Winchel would make his way by Pierce for 2nd on lap 1, and was quickly all over Nascimento. Winchel would get under Nascimento for the lead on lap 3, but contact was made and Nascimento spun to a stop to bring out the yellow. Winchel was also put in the back for the restart as Pete Pierce and Robby Czub would lead back to green with 2 to go. Czub would take the lead on the restart and not look back. Winchel would make a last ditch run at Pierce but couldn’t complete the pass, as Robby Czub would continue in his quest for the clean sweep, winning the dash ahead of Pete Pierce, Cody Winchel, and Rob Nascimento. The Bomber Trophy Dash would be the next to last Dash to run. Wayne Hickok and Nathan Hickok would start on the front row, with Wayne taking the advantage after they stayed side by side for the first half lap. Tim Walters would attempt to get under Nathan Hickok for 2nd on lap 2, but Nathan Hickok would keep his position. Blake Dissoma would then use a strong run to the high side on lap 3 to take 3rd.Nathan Hickok would make a late run at his brother Wayne for the win, but Wayne Hickok would hang on for the victory ahead of Nathan Hickok, Blake Dissoma, and Tim Walters. The Bomber Dash 4 Ca$h would be the last dash to run, with Troy Walz and Bill Clark leading Travis Henry to the green. Clark would take the lead in turn 2, clearing Walz for the spot. Henry then quickly made a move to get under Walz to take away 2nd. Henry would try to catch Clark the best that he could for the rest of the race, but it wasn’t enough, as Bill Clark picked up the popular win ahead of Travis Henry and Troy Walz.
It was then time to run our 4 Main Events, with the Street Stocks running their 20 lap race first. Andrew Peeler and Jill Schmidt would lead the 4 car field to green. Peeler would use a strong start to clear Schmidt for the lead in 1 and 2. Schmidt would stay all over Peeler’s bumper for the lead though, meanwhile Earl Lee started to close in on his son Kenny Jastrumske for 3rd. Lee would make the pass on Jastrumske for 3rd on lap 5. Up front Peeler continued to lead. Schmidt would tap his bumper a couple of times, even getting Peeler slightly loose on lap 10, but Peeler just would not let her by. Things would remain the same until lap 17, where Kenny Jastrumske would spin to bring out the only yellow of the race. Peeler and Schmidt would once again start side by side, and on their second restart attempt, Peeler would again take the lead. Peeler would hold off a strong run from Schmidt in the closing laps to win the race and track championship. Jill Schmidt would run second ahead of Earl Lee and Kenny Jastrumske.
The F4 main would be the 2nd to run, with Jess Yendes and John Haines setting the pace as we came to green. Yendes would quickly take the lead going into turn 1, with Brian Bishop also getting by Haines for 2nd. Lap 2 would see Ray Molina and Don McMullen pass Haines for 3rd and 4th respectively. McMullen would get loose and slide into the infield coming to complete lap 3, but would keep it going and not even lose a spot. The first caution would come out on lap 4 as Justin McGehee would spin to a stop to bring out the yellow. Jess Yendes and Brian Bishop would lead the field back to green, with Bishop taking the lead on the restart as Yendes struggled to get going. Matthew Fuhs would spin through the infield on lap 5 to bring out the second caution. Fuhs would take his car to the pits and not return. Bishop and Yendes would lead the field back to green again but this time Yendes would hit his marks on the restart and take the lead back. A really good battle began between the Top 4 of Yendes, Bishop, Molina and McMullen. Ray Molina would make a move high on Brian Bishop for 2nd on lap 7 and would take his turn at trying to pass Yendes. McMullen saw the success Molina had going high on Bishop and decided to try it for himself on lap 9, as he would take the 3rd position from Bishop. Barret Sudgen’s night would unfortunately come to an end on lap 11, after not racing in the heat his car had looked pretty good in the main, but something unfortunately caused him to pull off for the night. Molina continued to stay all over the bumper of Yendes, but Yendes just would not be passed. Don McMullen would make a last lap pass on Ray Molina for 2nd, as Jess Yendes would pick up the F4 Main win ahead of McMullen, Molina, Brian Bishop, and Anthony Vino.
The Legends of the Pacific would be up next, With John Bowman and Jim Mrozinski leading the 15 car field to the green flag. Bowman would quickly clear Mrozinski for the lead heading into 1, as things stayed relatively calm early. Michael Ray and Jose Hernandez would have a good side by side battle for 3rd laps 2-5, with neither giving an inch. Bob Kuebler would spin in turn 3 on lap 3 but no caution was thrown. Lap 6 would see a big crash, as Rob Nascimento, Jose Hernandez, and RJ Kahler were all involved in a big wreck on the backstretch. Hernandez’s car would have a small fire under it but it was put out pretty quickly. Rob Nascimento pulled off under red and didn’t return, and RJ Kahler pulled his car into the infield during the wreck. He was done for the night. After a lengthy red flag, the track would need to be cleaned for a few laps because of all the oil that was dropped during the wreck. Once it was finally cleared up, it was John Bowman and Jim Mrozinski who would lead the field back to green once again. Bowman would take the lead once again, but would be passed for the lead on lap 7 by Chad Nascimento. Robby Czub would then make his move on Bowman for 2nd on lap 8 after passing Mrozinski the lap before. Czub would make a charge low on Chad Nascimento for the lead. It would take him a lap to get clear, but there was no stopping Robby Czub on this night. A little further back, Cody Winchel, who was extremely fast earlier in the night, was struggling to make his way forward. Michael Ray would make a move on Bowman for 4th on lap 13. Winchel would attempt to pass Pete Pierce for 6th on lap 14 but Pierce would retain the spot. Pierce would then make his way past John Bowman for 5th on lap 16. Bowman would then be passed by Cody Winchel on lap 18 for 6th. A bit further in the back, Wayne Olheiser and Heather Hadley would have a pretty good battle for 10th laps 21-23. Pete Pierce would continue his march to the front, passing Michael Ray for 4th on lap 24, with Cody Winchel following through 5th. Pierce would then pass Keith Clement for 3rd on lap 31. Up front, nobody had anything for Robby Czub, as he would pick up the dominating win ahead of Chad Nascimento, Pete Pierce, Keith Clement, and Cody Winchel.
The final Main Event of the night was certainly the most anticipated, as the Bomber track championship was on the line. Bill Clark and Wayne Hickok would make up the front row, but with Chris Paulson and Erick Ray starting towards the rear, you knew they’d put on a great show. Bill Clark would take the early lead into turn 1. Travis Henry would then make a move under Wayne Hickok for 2nd on lap 2. Nathan Hickok and Darrell Fitzgerald would then pass Wayne Hickok for 3rd and 4th respectively on lap 3. Chris Paulson would then make his move on Wayne Hickok on lap 4 for 5th place, as he started moving up. On lap 5, Bill Clark and Travis Henry would make contact on the front stretch, bunching up the field and allowing Darrell Fitzgerald to move into 2nd. Fitzgerald would then try to get by Clark the next lap with the 2 side by side at the line for the lead on lap 6. Fitzgerald would complete the pass and Paulson would move into 2nd on lap 7. A bit further back, it seemed the Erick Ray was struggling to move forward early. Bill Clark would spin into the infield on lap 9, but no caution would be waved. Paulson would try to get under Fitzgerald for the lead on laps 12 and 13 but was unsuccessful both times, meanwhile, Ray began his march forward, moving up to 4th on lap 12. Paulson would finally get by Fitzgerald for the lead on lap 15, after Fitzgerald did all he could to hold onto the lead. Erick Ray would also pass Travis Henry for 3rd on the same lap. Fitzgerald would stay close to Paulson, not letting him get too far away, as Ray began to close in on the top 2. Tim Walters’ night would unfortunately end early when he pulled off track on lap 19. By lap 23, Ray had gotten to the bumper of Fitzgerald, but Fitzgerald wasn’t willing to give up the spot easily, continuing to fend off Ray for multiple laps. Blake Dissoma would then get past Henry for 4th, but there was too much ground to catch the top 3. Erick Ray would finally get by Fitzgerald for 2nd on lap 27, with only 8 laps to catch Paulson. Ray continually gained on Paulson until lap 33, when he would get side by side with him for the lead and pass Paulson for the spot on the same lap, as Erick Ray would pull away the last 2 laps to win the Bomber feature ahead of Chris Paulson, Darrell Fitzgerald, Blake Dissoma, and Travis Henry. After the race, it was announced that the points were tied. Erick Ray holds the tiebreaker with 6 feature wins to Paulson’s 3 and that would earn Ray the championship. After the race, Ray said: I don't want people to say this is just “my” championship, it belongs to my brother Gene Vanzandt mainly and Christina Darrington his woman that supports him. We're all a team at Ray Motorsports and this was a team win including Richard Perez, Dave Thompson and all our friends family and fans. I had a very difficult task this weekend and was fortunate to go over and Beyond what needed to be done but the victory was for all of us, not just me.”
What a season it was at All American Speedway, with the classic Bomber points battle, the emergence of the Limited Mods as a fan favorite division, and just overall great racing. Here’s to an even better 2018 season.
Daren Ricks
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