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Title: Southern All Stars Move Shamrock To Boyd’s Speedway
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Southern All Star Dirt Racing Series
March 6, 2014

Southern All Stars Move Shamrock To Boyd’s Speedway

SAS Media
FAYETTEVILLE, TN (March 6) - The Southern All Star Dirt Racing Series, has traditionally opened up their season at the Cleveland Speedway in Cleveland, TN., with the annual running of the Shamrock, but with the uncertainty of the east Tennessee track and the March 22nd date fast approaching, the series had to look elsewhere to see if anybody would be interested in hosting the season opening event.

In steps in 1994 Southern All Star Dirt Racing Series champion Dale McDowell, who along with Dave Duplissy have stepped up and will continue a Southern All Star tradition as the Shamrock will now be at Boyd’s Speedway in Ringgold, GA., on Saturday night March 22.  The race will be a 50 lap event that will pay $5,000 to win.

“We really wanted to see this east Tennessee racing tradition continue and with my long history of supporting and racing the Southern All Stars and myself being a position to help out I got together with the series and we worked out the best plan we could do to help what we both thought would be good for the track, the drivers and the fans in and around the area.” said McDowell.  “I know this race usually pays $10,000 to win, but the facility  at Boyd’s can’t handle a crowd needed for that kind of purse so we did the next best thing and are going to pay a $5,000 to win event.”

More details will be coming out in the following concerning this event in the following days.

Southern All Star Racing Series Boyd’s Speedway—Shamrock 50 A-Main Payout for Saturday March 22nd:  1st- $5,000, 2nd- $2,500, 3rd- $1,500, 4th- $1,000, 5th- $800, 6th- $700, 7th- $600, 8th- $550, 9th- $525, 10th- $500, 11th- $450, 12th- $425, 13th- $420, 14th- $415, 15th- $410, 16th- $405, 17th- $400, 18th- $400, 19th- $400, 20th- $400, 21st- $400, 22nd- $400, 23rd- $400, 24th- $400.

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