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Title: Susquehanna Speedway Park - 4/26 Results
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Susquehanna Speedway Park
April 26, 2014

Steve Billet Wins One for his Father at SSP on Saturday
SSP Outback Track Rained Out on Friday Night

Newberrytown, PA (April 26, 2014) – Mt. Wolf’s Steve Billet picked up his second career SSP victory by winning the 25-lap Late Model feature at the Susquehanna Speedway Park on Saturday Night for the Auto Racing Club of Hagerstown Night. Billet took an emotional post-race victory lap with the checkered flag in memory of his late-father Carl Billet, a seven-time SSP Late Model track champion. Lebanon’s Jasen Geesaman took the checkers for the third straight week in the Street Stock 20 lap feature. Millerstown’s Zach Newlin won his first career SSP victory in the near non-stop PA Sprint Series 20 lap feature. York’s Patrick McClane won the Xtreme Stock Car 20 lapper. The 15-lap Road Warrior feature was won by York’s Ricky Weaver Jr. Zakari Kitner of York Haven claimed his third 12-lap Mini Van feature this season.

Polesitter Randy Chrisitne Jr. brought the field to the green of the 25-lap Late Model feature but it was Steve Billet, the outside front row starter that took the lead on the first circuit. Christine Jr. fell in behind Billet and waited for Billet to falter. That never happened in the 25 lapper and Billet took the checkers at the end that conclude with a one-lap shoot-out for the win. Christine Jr. settled for second, followed by Billy Wampler, the 2013 SSP Late Model track champion. Paul Cursey Jr. came from a tenth place starting spot to finish fourth. Ben Whitaker finished strong as well in fifth. Kyle Martin, Matt Murphy and Kyle Lear were the heat race winners.

Dalton Frye, the outside front row starter, grabbed the early lead of the 20-lap Street Stock feature. From a sixth place starting spot, Scott Thunberg took the top spot on the second circuit. Thunberg led until lap6 when Jasen Geesaman made the pass for the lead. A wild battle continued to ensue behind Geesaman between Thunberg, 14th place Starter Danny Beard and Michelle Walls. Midway through the race Walls moved into the runner-up spot and set her sights on the leader. With three laps to go, Walls retired from the race with mechanical failure. At the finish, Gessaman took the win over Danny Beard. Scott Thunberg collected another podium finish in third place. Jim Palm Jr finished fourth, followed by Aaron Beard rounding out the top five. Jimmy Combs and Geesaman were heat race victors.

In the 20-lap PA Sprint Series feature race, polesitter Donnie Hendershot took the lead at the start. A three car battle for the lead began with Hendershot, Zac Newlin and Mike Wagner II. On lap 12, Newlin wrestled the lead away from Hendershot as the trio entered lapped traffic. The sole caution flag fell on lap 18 setting up a 2-lap race for the win. At the finish, Newlin took the checkers over Wagner. Colby Dice got by Hendershot on the restart to finish third. Hendershot took fourth with Eric Parker finishing fifth, all the way from a 16th place starting spot. Heat race winners were Scott Ellerman, Ken Duke and John Braim. Randy Kaylor was the consolation race winner.

The 20-lap Xtreme Stock Car feature event had the polesitter Matt Wampler lead the first four circuits until Patrick McClane took the top spot away on lap five. Jim Jacobs and Davey Nester pursued McClane midway through the race and closed in with two laps to go. At the finish, McClane claimed his third consecutive feature win at the end with Davey Nester finishing close behind in second. Jim Jacobs finished third with Eric Flinchbaugh finishing fourth and claimed the Madison House Recovery Homes Hard Charger award. Matt Wampler rounded out the top five. Heat race winners were Todd Knaub and Wampler.

Jeff Foster took the lead on the start of the Road Warrior 15 lapper. Midway through the race, Ricky Weaver Jr. and Daryl Sipe were on the leader’s rear bumper. With five laps to go, Weaver moved into the lead and went on to take the victory over Sipe and Foster. Curt McDade and Terry Hartlaub completed the top five. Weaver and McDade were heat race winners.

John Kitner led the first two circuits of the 12-lap Mini Van race. Zakari Kitner took the lead on the third lap and went on to take the win over Roy Denike. Early leader John Kitner finished in third. Darryl Kump II finished fourth, followed by Richard Wolfe in fifth.

Friday Night, May 2, the third round of the Spring Shoot-Out Series will take place at the Outback Track featuring Quarter Midgets, Karts and Adult Speedcars in a special “Double Features Night.”

There will be no racing at the Big Track on Saturday night, May 3 as Sunday, May 4 will be a Sunday Night Sprint Car Special featuring the 410 Super Sprint Cars, Late Models and the Sidewinder Sprints. Racing begins at 7:00 p.m.

The Susquehanna Speedway Park is located off I-83 to exit 32, then 1.4 miles NW on SR382 to York Road, then 1.3 miles south. For more information, contact the speedway offices at (717) 292-1696 or visit online at On raceday, use the track phone at (717) 938-9170 for up-to-date information at the “Big Track” and the “Outback Track.”

Susquehanna Speedway Park Race Results from Saturday, April 26, 2014

Late Models Feature (25 laps): 1. Steve Billet; 2. Randy Christine Jr.; 3. Billy Wampler; 4. Paul Cursey Jr.; 5. Ben Whitaker; 6. John Moser Jr.; 7. Kyle Martin; 8. Larry Baer; 9. Jeffrey King Jr.; 10. Kyle Lear; 11. Cameron Benyou; 12. Devin Frey; 13. Ray Ciccarelli; 14. Jake Moser; 15. Kris Eaton; 16. Sean Frey; 17. Drew Weisser; 18. Rick Hulson; 19. Dominic Defino; 20. J.R. Rodriguez; 21. Jed Latshaw; 22. Garrett Walls; 23. Tim Murphy; 24. Matt Murphy; DNS – Larry Neiderer.
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Martin; Lear and M. Murphy.

Street Stocks Feature (20 laps): 1. Jasen Geesaman; 2. Danny Beard; 3. Scott Thunberg; 4. Jim Palm Jr.; 5. Aaron Beard; 6. Jimmy Combs; 7. Dalton Frye; 8. Wayne Dutterer; 9. Eric McClane; 10. Mike Sweitzer; 11. Bobby Kupp; 12. Cory Phillips; 13. Jaynee Zeigler; 14. Michelle Walls; 15. Mark Hutchison; 16. Matt Wampler; 17. Chris Derr.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Frye (1); D. Beard (2-5); Geesaman (6-20).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Geesaman and Combs.

PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps): 1. Zach Newlin; 2. Mike Wagner II; 3. Colby Dice; 4. Donnie Hendershot; 5. Eric Parker; 6. Clair Wintermyer; 7. Scott Ellerman; 8. Ian Detweiler; 9. John Braim; 10. Ken Duke; 11. Kody Lehman; 12. Lance Newlin; 13. Russell Hammaker; 14. Mark Watkins; 15. Ian Warrick; 16. Stephanie Stevens; 17. Erin Statler; 18. Cole Griffin; 19. Jimmy Strausbaugh; 20. Jonathan Wanchalk; 21. Randy Kaylor; 22. Cory Thornton; 23. Wayne Dadetto; 24. Dalton Dietrich; DNQ – Sean Kirkpatrick; J.T. Brotosky; Brandt Cook; James Pryde; John Bordlemay.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Hendershot (1-11); Z. Newlin (12-20).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Ellerman; Duke and Braim.

Xtreme Stock Cars Feature (20 laps): 1. Patrick McClane; 2. Davey Nester; 3. Jim Jacobs; 4. Eric Flinchbaugh; 5. Matt Wampler; 6. Dan Snyder; 7. Donnie Broderick; 8. Todd Knaub; 9. Jeffrey Waltz; 10. Denny Nester; 11. Steve Anthony; 12. Chad Stine; 13. Kelly Seal; 14. Chad Gracey; 15. Johnny Palm.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Wampler (1-4); McClane (5-20).
MADISON HOUSE HARD CHARGER: Eric Flinchbaugh (+5 positions: 9th start / 4th finish)
HEAT RACE WINNER: Knaub and Wampler.

Road Warriors Feature (15 laps): 1. Ricky Weaver Jr.; 2. Daryl Sipe; 3. Jeff Foster; 4. Curt McDade; 5. Terry Hartlaub; 6. Coty Marsh; 7. Tim Osheehan; 8. Thomas Thompson; 9. Wes Kellison; 10. Dennis Dorosz; 11. Roy Denike; 12. Brandon Hedstrom; 13. Justin Cardasso; 14. Donald Fortini; 15. Brian Lefebvre; 16. Robert Wellman; DNS – Mike Hedstrom; Richard Wolfe; Sam Lake; Travis Brown.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Foster (1-9); Weaver Jr. (10-15).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Weaver Jr. and McDade.

Mini Vans Feature (12 laps): 1. Zakari Kitner; 2. Roy Denike; 3. John Kitner; 4. Darryl Kump II; 5. Richard Wolfe.
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