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 on: 10/19/16 at 2:47am 
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SUPR Late Models
Battleground Speedway
July 16, 2016

(1) 6R - Robbie Stuart (DeRidder, La),
(2) 1 - BJ Robinson (Bossier City, La ),
(3) 71a - Allen Tippen (Minden, La),
(4) 6x - Rob Litton (Alexandria, La),
(5) 5 - Jon Mitchell (Texarkana, Tex),
(6) 20 - Kevin Sitton (Baytown, Tex),
(7) 955 - Robert Metz Jr (Lumberton, Tex),
(8) 85 - Curt Lipsey (Albany, La),
(9) 6D - Rick Duke (Ball, La),
(10) 1 - Doug Begnaud (Cypress, Tex),
(11) 7D - Austin Theiss (Hockley, Tex),
(12) 29 - Rusty Harris (Shreveport, La),
(13) 15 - Dennie Gieber (Frankston, Tex),
(14) 5w - John Whittington (Vidor, Tex),
(15) 48 - Jason Taylor (Denham Springs, La),
(16) 23 - Howard Willis (Dayton, Tex),
(17) 157 - Robbie Starnes (Baytown, Tex ),
(18) 11A - Ronny Adams (Diana, Tex).

Hard Charger: Rick Duke (17th-starting position to finish 9th).

Heat 1: John Whittington, Robbie Starnes, Robert Metz Jr, Rob Litton, Jason Taylor, Jon Mitchell, Doug Begnaud, Curt Lipsey, Rick Duke.

Heat 2: Robbie Stuart, Allen Tippen, B.J. Robinson, Kevin Sitton, Dennie Gieber, Rusty Harris, Howard Willis, Ronny Adams, Austin Theiss

2  DLM SANCTIONS / SOUTHERN UNITED PROFESSIONAL RACERS (SUPR) / SUPR at Golden Triangle Raceway Park - 7/15 Results
 on: 10/19/16 at 2:32am 
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SUPR Late Models
Golden Triangle Raceway Park
July 15, 2016

(1) 1 - B.J. Robinson (Bossier City, La),
(2) 6x - Rob Litton (Alexandria, La ),
(3) 5 - Jon Mitchell (Texarkana, Tex),
(4) 6R - Robbie Stuart (DeRidder, La),
(5) 71a - Allen Tippen (Minden, La),
(6) 5w - John Whittington (Vidor, Tex),
(7) 15 - Dennie Gieber (Frankston, Tex),
(8) 11A - Ronny Adams (Diana, Tex),
(9) 955 - Robert Metz Jr (Lumberton, Tex),
(10) 20 - Kevin Sitton (Baytown, Tex),
(11) 85 - Curt Lipsey (Albany, La),
(12) 29 - Rusty Harris (Shreveport, La),
(13) 101 - David LaFleur (Eunice, La),
(14) 48 - Jason Taylor (Denham Springs, La),
(15) 40 - Neil Manchester (Conroe, Tex).

Hard Charger: John Whittington (14th-starting position to finish 6th)

Heat 1: Rob Litton, Jon Mitchell, Robbie Stuart, Dennie Gieber, David LaFleur, Neil Manchester, Ronny Adams (DNF), Jason Taylor (DNS).

Heat 2: B.J. Robinson, Allen Tippen, Robert Metz Jr, Rusty Harris, Kevin Sitton, Curt Lipsey, John Whittington (DNF).

 on: 10/19/16 at 2:27am 
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SUPR Late Models
Lone Star Speedway
July 2, 2016

(1) 1 - B.J. Robinson (Bossier City, La) *by four lengths*,
(2) 5 - Jon Mitchell (Texarkana, Tex),
(3) 6x - Rob Litton (Alexandria, La),
(4) 85 - Curt Lipsey (Albany, La),
(5) 11A - Ronny Adams (Diana, Tex),
(6) 14z - Zach McMillan (Liberty City, Tex),
(7) 71a - Allen Tippen (Minden, La),
(8) 75 - Patrik Daniel (Wills Point, Tex),
(9) 5cents - Chris Buhler (Central, La),
(10) 29 - Rusty Harris (Shreveport, La),
(11) 101 - David LaFleur (Eunice, La),
(12) B52 - Brandon Hightower (Natchitoches, La),
(13) 6R - Robbie Stuart (DeRidder, La),
(14) ZZ - Larry White (Arlington, Tex),
(15) 86z - Danny Zimmerman (Wylie, Tex),
(16) 4 - Jim Bryant (Natchitoches, La),
(17) 31 - Gary Lowe (Plano, Tex),
(18) 15 - Dennie Gieber (Frankston, Tex).

Hard Charger: Chris Buhler (16th-starting position to finish 9th)

Heat 1: Jon Mitchell, Rob Litton, Zach McMillan, Ronny Adams, Robbie Stuart, Danny Zimmerman, Rusty Harris, David LaFleur, Gary Lowe.

Heat 2: Curt Lipsey, B.J. Robinson, Brandon Hightower, Allen Tippen, Patrik Daniel, Dennie Gieber, Larry White, Chris Buhler, Jim Bryant.

4  LATEMODELRACER / NORTH REGION / ULMS at McKean County Raceway - 10/15 Results
 on: 10/18/16 at 3:36am 
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McKean County Raceway
October 15, 2016


MCR Media
EAST SMETHPORT, PA (October 15) - The 11th Annual Fall Classic concluded Saturday night with 161 race cars on hand from three states plus Australia and Canada. Max Blair of Centerville, PA was the big winner of the night. Blair for the second straight year won both the ULMS Late Model Series and Crate Late Model portion of the program. Blair’s ULMS win in the 12th annual Stephanie Eckl Memorial was worth $6000 and his crate late model win was worth $1500. Joel Watson won the Zimmers Service Center UEMS Emod Series event and took the series title, while Brandon Groters won the PennOhio Pro Stock feature, Dennis Asel in pure stocks, Mitch Boylan in a thrilling mini stock event and Les Myers in the Vintage Modifieds.

The Zimmer’s Service Center ULMS Late Models highlighted the weekend with the $6000 to win 12th annual Stephanie Eckl Memorial. Last years winner, Max Blair sat on the pole due to the redraw with Shermandale, Pennsylvania driver, Mike Lupfer. Lupfer and his yellow number 06 machine outdragged the Keystone Kamikaze into turn one to take the lead at the start with Doug Eck sliding into third ahead of Bob Dorman and Rob Marhefka. The first yellow came out on lap three for John Lacki as newly crowned ULMS point leader, Dave Hess Jr came into the fifth positon. On the restart Eck got around Blair for second only to see the yellow come out again as contact between Hess and Dutch Davies would see Davies spinning out of control at the turn three pit exit. Hess would go pitside and would return before the restart. Lap six the yellow came out for Hess. Another quick yellow one lap later for Rich Gardner spinning out of turn four and seeing the Tobber Racing machine towed off the track with mechanical problems and one more yellow would come out for Greg Oakes one lap later. Finally green flag racing resumed and Blair was back around Eck and it was still Lupfer in the lead with Rick Singleton and Bob Dorman rounding out the top five. A lap 15 caution for Bobby Rohrer allowed Singleton to get around Eck on the restart as Blair hounded Lupfer for the lead. At the halfway point it was still Lupfer, Blair and now Singleton all within a few car lengths of each other. Blair would make his move to the top spot five laps later on lap 30 as Singleton followed. As ten to go approached, Blair was several car lengths ahead of Singleton as Lupfer was fending off the challenges of Eck and now Charles Powell, Jim Yoder, Bump Hedman and Greg Oakes coming back from the rear were all battling for fifth. Oakes all of sudden became the fastest car on the track and needed a yellow as he quickly went from eighth to third in a handful of laps. At the finish it was Blair winning his second of the night and for the second year in a row winning the Fall Classic finale and it was his first ever Stephanie Eckl Memorial. Blair joins his father, Rob along with Chub Frank and Boom Briggs as the only two time winners of the Fall Classic finale. Rick Singleton came home second followed by Oakes who was the Hard Charger of the event, Doug Eck and Lupfer rounded out the top five.

ULMS Late Models

Stephanie Eckl Memorial RaceFAN 50:  MAX BLAIR, Rick Singleton, Greg Oakes, Doug Eck, Mike Luper, Jim Yoder, Rod Phillips, Bump Hedman, Charles Powell Jr., Rob Marhefka, Nathan Hill, Dave Hess, Bob Dorman, Breyton Santee, Jason Dupont, John Volpe, Kirk Bradley, Joe Layfield, Tom Shaffer, Jason Dobson, Bobby Rohrer, Rich Gardner, Dutch Davies, John Lacki

5  DLM SANCTIONS / WISSOTA CHALLENGE SERIES (WIS) / WCS at Jamestown Speedway - 10/15 Results
 on: 10/18/16 at 3:06am 
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Wissota Challenge Series
October 15, 2016

1 3 71D Dustin Strand Grand Forks, Nd
2 2 18G Curt Gelling Aberdeen, Sd
3 12 12S Brad Seng Grand Forks, Nd
4 6 44 Cole Schill Fargo, Nd
5 7 10 Mike Balcaen Winnipeg, Mb
6 9 90 Lance Matthees Winona, Mn
7 1 25 Hank Berry Sidney, Mt
8 11 11K Jeremy Keller Mandan, Nd
9 8 Z17 Zach Naastad Northwood, Nd
10 15 12B Chad Becker Aberdeen, Sd
11 13 4C Ryan Corbett East Grand, Mn
12 4 71S Steffen Snare Hallock, Mn
13 10 12 Matt Aukland Glyndon, Mn
14 19 30 Adam Fischer Fargo, Nd
15 18 9A Steve Anderson Grand Forks, Nd
16 16 72 Jon Samuelson Dalton, Mn
17 21 9R Erik Robertson Casselton, Nd
18 20 54R Robby Rosselli Minot, Nd
19 17 11M Paul Mueller Bismarck, Nd
20 22 T3 Rich Thomas Aberdeen, Sd
21 5 11D Pat Doar New Richmond, Wi
22 14 12T Tommy Thompson Brainerd, Mn

Heat #1
1 8 25 Hank Berry
2 2 71S Steffen Snare
3 1 10 Mike Balcaen
4 4 12 Matt Aukland
5 7 4C Ryan Corbett
6 5 72 Jon Samuelson
7 6 30 Adam Fischer
8 3 T3 Rich Thomas

Heat #2
1 1 71D Dustin Strand
2 7 11D Pat Doar
3 2 Z17 Zach Naastad
4 6 11K Jeremy Keller
5 3 12T Tommy Thompson
6 4 11M Paul Mueller
7 5 54R Robby Rosselli

Heat #3
1 3 18G Curt Gelling
2 7 44 Cole Schill
3 4 90 Lance Matthees
4 6 12S Brad Seng
5 5 12B Chad Becker
6 1 9A Steve Anderson
7 2 9R Erik Robertson

6  DLM SANCTIONS / NESMITH DIRT LATE MODEL SERIES (NES) / NES at Golden Isles Speedway - 10/15 Results
 on: 10/18/16 at 2:55am 
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Golden Isles Speedway
October 15, 2016

Edge wire to wire in Showdown on the Coast at Golden Isles Speedway

NeSmith Racing
Waynesville, GA – LaFayette, Alabama racer Chase Edge showed out at the annual “Showdown on the Coast” at Golden Isles Speedway leading wire-to-wire and picking up the $5,000 winner’s check and his first NeSmith Dirt Late Model Touring Series victory of the 2016 regular season. Edge was overall fast qualifier and Heat Race 1 winner from Friday night’s preliminary action which put his Edge’s Gas Company/Penton Raceway/Jeff Dodgen Logging sponsored machine on the pole position for the 60-lap main event.

Edge and fellow front-row starter Russell Brown Jr. led the field to the green flag after a lengthy rain delay had pushed back start times at the south Georgia oval located just a short distance from the Atlantic Ocean. Edge would jump to the lead at the start of the race and set a blistering pace to keep his competition at bay behind him. Throughout the rest of the field, position swapping and hard racing was happening for virtually all positions. The hard racing was slowed for the first time at lap 16 when the #17 of Nevin Gainey caught the inside berm in turn 2 spinning his machine.

The restart saw Edge jump back out to the lead, but as the old adage goes in racing, cautions breed cautions. The yellow flag would wave again on lap 17 when Woodrow Mullis made contact with Marcus Minga. The ensuing restart would put Edge back to work keeping his competitors at bay, but would again be short lived as veteran racer Cecil Eunice slowed with a flat tire before retiring from the event. Green flag would wave again before the red flag would be waved for a multi-car tangle in turn 2 which seen Minga’s #19 B&M Salvage Rocket go for an airborne spinner top type spin before coming to a rest. Matt Henderson, Rodgerick Dykes, and Woodrow Mullis would all be collected in the melee.

A string of restarts would unfold over the next few laps when Henry Carter’s #28 machine would slow with right front damage on lap 24, and Woodrow Mullis would spin collecting Matt Henderson on lap 25. The lap 25 restart allowed for a string of laps with some of the action settling as the field would get back to racing and chasing the dominant Edge. Ryan Carter would loop his new #52 Mark’s Body Shop CVR Race Car in turn two on lap 44 to bring out the yellow once again. The lap 44 restart would go right back under yellow the 2016 NeSmith Panhandle Challenge Series Champion Cody Smith’s #3 machine which slowed at the exit of turn 4.

Ryan Crane would clip the inside berm heading into turn 1 and spin his Panama City Cycles sponsored #10 Rocket to bring the caution out on lap 46. The lap 46 restart saw pandemonium break out as contact in the front of the pack collected a host of cars and inflicted damage. Devon Dixon’s #58 Dave’s Towing Rocket, current point leader Cory Hedgecock, Forest, VA driver Walker Arthur, and second in points Scott Dedwylder were all in a heap on the front straightaway. Arthur would receive the most damage and retire from the event, while Dixon, Dedwylder(with no right side body panel), and Hedgecock would pit for repairs and rejoin the field. Despite the repairs, Hedgecock would retire from the event on the restart. The race’s final caution would come on lap 47 for Robert Diekemper’s spin in turn 4 which collected the 5 of Rodgerick Dykes and 19 of Minga.

During the rash of cautions and restarts, three-time and defending NeSmith Dirt Late Model Series National Champion Ronnie Johnson had made his way to the second position and set his sights on race long leader Edge. The lap 47 restart put Johnson, who was making another start in the Brucebilt Performance house car machine, right up under the back bumper of Edge. Edge would keep the lead on the restart, but Johnson would not go away without a fight. As the white flag was displayed Johnson applied as much pressure as he could drawing closer the rear of Edge’s #18 heading into turn 3 and 4 for the final time, but Edge hit his marks and flashed under the checkered flag 0.434 seconds ahead of the rallying Johnson. Last year’s Showdown on the Coast winner Kyle Bronson was third in his Brandon Ford sponsored ride, followed by Mark Whitener and Jacksonville, FL driver Jason Fitzgerald to round out the top 5.

The NeSmith Dirt Late Model Series has to make a quick turnaround as the series heads to Eastaboga, AL for the NASCAR Weekend Double Header events at “The Hornet’s Nest” Talladega Short Track. Friday Night October 21st will be a $2,000 to win, 40 lap event, followed on Saturday night with a $2,500 to win, 50 lap feature.

For more information about the NeSmith Dirt Late Model Series, please visit the official website at www.nesmithracing.com.

1 18 Chase Edge
2 5 Ronnie Johnson
3 40B Kyle Bronson
4 5 Mark Whitener
5 7 Jason Fitzgerald
6 00 Russell Brown Jr.
7 10 Ryan Crane
8 3 Cody Smith
9 33 Scott Dedwylder
10 48 Robert Diekemper
11 58 Devon Dixon
12 121 Michael Blount
13 23 Cory Hedgecock
14 5D Rodgerick Dykes
15 52 Ryan Carter
16 87 Walker Arthur
17 17G Nevin Gainey
18 19 Marcus Minga
19 21 Ivedent Lloyd Jr.
20 17 Matt Henderson
21 24 Woodrow Mullis
22 28 Henry Carter
23 15 Jason Britton
24 22 Cecil Eunice

PROVISIONALS: Dedwylder and Britton
LAP LEADERS: Chase Edge – 1-60
BEYEA HEADERS HARD CHARGER OF THE RACE:Scott Dedwylder(Started 23rd, finished 9th)
MARGIN OF VICTORY: 0.434 seconds
TIME OF THE RACE: 64 minutes, 10 seconds
NEXT RACE: October 21st and 22nd– Talladega Short Track – $2,000 to win and $2,500 to win

7  DLM SANCTIONS / CAROLINA CLASH SUPER LATE MODELS (CLASH) / Carolina Clash at Carolina Speedway - 10/15 Results
 on: 10/18/16 at 2:40am 
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Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series
October 15, 2016

Jeff Smith Takes Carolina Clash $5,000 Victory At Carolina Speedway

Carolina Clash PR
GASTONIA, North Carolina (October 15) - Sixth starting Jeff Smith of Dallas, North Carolina held off Dennis Franklin to take home the victory in the Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series Saturday at Carolina Speedway worth $5,000. The event was also the annual "Clash Bash" and apart of the "King Of The Carolinas". Dennis Franklin, Joey Coulter, Anthony Sanders, and Doug Sanders rounded out the top five finishers. Zack Mitchell set fast time in qualifying with a time of 15.189 seconds.

Carolina Speedway Race Results

1. Jeff Smith
2. Dennis Franklin
3. Joey Coulter
4. Anthony Sanders
5. Doug Sanders
6. Johnny Pursley
7. Brian Ledbetter
8. Kevin Wilson
9. Kenny Rominger Jr
10. Scott Shirey
11. Mike huey
12. David Yandle
13. JimBo Bray
14. Ross Bailes
15. Steve Phillips
16. Zack Mitchell
17. Josh Langley
18. Ricky Weeks
19. Daulton Wilson
20. Bubba McGee
21. Kelly Guy
22. Jason Womack

8  LATEMODELRACER / SOUTH REGION / UCRA at Fort Payne Motor Speedway - 10/8 Results
 on: 10/18/16 at 1:26am 
Started by LMR | Post by LMR  
Fort Payne Motor Speedway
October 8, 2016

13 year old Sam Seawright Wins UCRA $5,000 Finale @ Fort Payne Motor Speedway

by Steve Hixson
Fyffe, AL (10/8/16) ---  Hometown youngster Sam Seawright of Fort Payne, took the biggest win of his career Saturday night after inheriting the lead from 2015 United Crate Racing Alliance champion Jake Teague just prior to the halfway point of the 60 lap feature at Fort Payne Motor Speedway. Twenty racers took to the weekend for action spread across three night for the season finale event at the 3/8 mile dirt track in Northeast Alabama. Teague took command early and set a torrid pace before suffering from mechanical fuel pump problems while under caution. Ethan Hunter then tracked down Seawright lap after lap, but couldn't get by the race leader/pole sitter. At one point as the laps drew towards the end the top 5 racers were nose to tail as back-marker traffic became involved heavily. Seawright and Teague won their respective $500 heat races Friday night to earn the front row starting positions. A Seawright Sweep conquered FPMS Saturday as Sam's older brother J.T. took the checkered flag in the Super Late Model $1,600  to-Win 30 lap feature. Rusty Ballenger of Seymour, TN will be honored by the UCRA in the coming weeks as the winner of the 2016 UCRA Championship and will pocket the $5,000 winnings for his efforts this season. 

Official Results: 10/8/16
UCRA Crate Finale at Fort Payne Motor Speedway, Alabama
A-Main:  1. Sam Seawright 2. Ethan Hunter 3. Jimmy Elliott 4. Robert Gant 5. Casey Hall 6. Heath Hindman 7. Rusty Ballenger 8. Justin Owens 9. Bill Frey 10. Kenny Kizzar 11. Shane Smith 12. Chris Harris 13. Andy Standridge 14. Tanner Works 15. Dylan Whitlock 16. Jake Teague 17. Chip Brindle 18. Teddy Snow 19. Sean Luke

9  LATEMODELRACER / SOUTH REGION / Duck River Raceway Park - 10/15 Results
 on: 10/18/16 at 12:01am 
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Duck River Raceway Park
October 15, 2016

Moyer's Late Race Pass Nets Deep Fried 75 Victory at Duck River Raceway Park

By Michael Despain, Southern Nationals Bonus Series
Lewisburg, TN (October 14-15, 2016)- The Southern Nationals Bonus Series would conclude its weekend at Duck River Raceway Park in Lewisburg, TN on Saturday evening at the 5th Annual Deep Fried 75 and veteran National Dirt Late Model Hall of Famer Billy Moyer of Batesville, AK would make a late-race pass to claim the $13,000 payday and become the fifth different winner of the event as well.

Moyer's victory was the first with the tour and saw him become the 22nd different driver to score a win in Southern Nationals Bonus Series competition. Moyer's late-race heroics for the win would come behind the wheel of his Mesilla Valley Transportation/Henderson Amusements/Garnant Family Farms/Jack's CarQuest/Car City/Watters Autoland sponsored #21 Moyer Victory Race Car sporting a Karl Performance powerplant beneath the hood.

Brian Shirley would take the lead at the start of the event and fourth place starting Donald McIntosh would immediately go to second and the duo would immediately begin to wage a battle for the lead that saw side-by-side action until McIntosh was able to take the lead on lap 7. Tanner English would outduel Billy Moyer, Jr. for the third position at this point, but the caution flag would wave on lap 15 as David Payne and Brad Skinner would tangle in turn four. The restart would see cars get bottled up off of turn two and the result would be a four-car tangle involving fifth place Chase Junghans, Vic Hill, Allen Murray, and Billy Ogle, Jr., which resulted in all four drivers retiring from the event. The restart would see McIntosh control the lead, but English would motor to the second position and begin to chase McIntosh. Caution waved again on lap 23 when fourth place running Shane Clanton would slow in turn one. This restart would see English glued to McIntosh's rear bumper and English would challenge for the lead. Disaster would strike McIntosh on lap 25 when he looped his machine in turn one battling with English for the race lead.

This turn of events would put English on the point with Shirley, Moyer, Moyer, Jr., and Cody Mahoney giving chase. As English motored away from the field, Payne would slow in turn two with a flat right-rear tire and proceed to the work area and get it replaced and return. English again scooted away on the restart, while sixth place Ricky Weiss would challenge Moyer, Jr. and Mahoney for fourth, with the trio three-wide for the position on laps 35 and 36 before the caution waved for a slowed David Seibers in turn four on lap 38. English again would drive away from the field on the restart and Billy Moyer, Jr. and Billy Moyer would settle into a battle for the third position, however the caution flew again for a spin by Seibers in turn one. Once again, English would pull away on the restart, while Shirley, Moyer, and Moyer, Jr. dueled for second. Moyer would eventually win the battle as Shirley would ease past Moyer, Jr., who would draw the next caution on lap 52 when his mount slowed on the frontchute.

This restart would see problems strike Shirley's mount one circuit later on lap 53 when his machine slowed exiting turn two as a result of a lost driveshaft, ending his night. English would again keep a comfortable lead on Moyer after the restart, while eighteenth starting Caleb Ashby would have charged his way to the third spot by the time lap 60 went up on the scoreboard. The final caution of the event waved on lap 64 when Riley Hickman spun down the backstretch to step up the final run to the finish. The final restart would see Moyer stay right with English and on lap 66 Moyer would dive under English in turn one and slide up in front of him exiting turn two take the race lead. Moyer would proceed to drive away from the field in the remaining laps and cruise to the duel-checkered flags first. English would settle for second position, while Ashby completed the podium finishers with a third place effort. Weiss and 21st starting Payne would complete the top five. The remainder of the top ten would be Moyer, Jr., Hickman, McIntosh, Skinner, and Ryan King.

In preliminary action on Friday evening, Moyer, Jr. was the FK Rod Ends top qualifier among 35 entries at 12.536 seconds, with qualifying heat race wins going to Hickman, Junghans, Shirley, and McIntosh, while McIntosh won the special Battle of the States Dash put on by the track. In Saturday's preliminary action, B-Main victories were captured by Seibers and Ashby, while series provisional starting positions went Payne and Doug Smith, with Skinner earning the track provisional starting position.

The next event for the Southern Nationals Bonus Series will be on Saturday November 5 at Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City, KY as the tour will sanction the track's 26th Annual Fall Classic. The event will pay $10,000 to win and $500 to start.

Southern Nationals Bonus Series Event #10-Duck River Raceway Park (Lewisburg, TN)
Official 5th Annual Deep Fried 75 A-Main Finish:
1. Billy Moyer (Batesville, AK)
2. Tanner English (Benton, KY)
3. Caleb Ashby (Cunningham, TN)
4. Ricky Weiss (Headingly, Manitoba, Canada)
5. David Payne (Murphy, NC)
6. Billy Moyer, Jr. (Batesville, AK)
7. Riley Hickman (Cleveland, TN)
8. Donald McIntosh (Dawsonville, GA)
9. Brad Skinner (Spring Hill, TN)
10. Ryan King (Seymour, TN)
11. Brian Shirley (Chatham, IL)
12. David Seibers (Chapel Hill, TN)
13. Frank Heckenast, Jr. (Frankfort, IL)
14. Cody Mahoney (Hanover, IN)
15. Oakley Johns (Hohenwald, TN)
16. Shane Clanton (Zebulon, GA)
17. Brent Larson (Lake Elmo, MN)
18. Chase Junghans (Manhattan, KS)
19. Allen Murray (San Antonio, TX)
20. Billy Ogle, Jr. (Knoxville, TN)
21. Vic Hill (Mosheim, TN)
22. Eric Hickerson (Linden, TN)
23. Doug Smith (Harriman, TN)

*Race Leaders- 4 (Shirley 1-6, McIntosh 7-25, English 26-65, Moyer 66-75)
*Cautions- 10 (Lap 15-Payne, Skinner; Lap 15 restart-Junghans, Hill, Murray, Ogle, Jr.; Lap 23- Clanton; Lap 25- McIntosh; Lap 32- Payne; Lap 38-Seibers; Lap 44- Seibers; Lap 52- Moyer, Jr.; Lap 53- Shirley; Lap 64 Hickman)
*Red Flags- 1 (Lap 15 restart)
*Time of Race- 71 minutes, 29 seconds
*FK Rod Ends Top Qualifier- Group A- Billy Moyer, Jr. 12.536; Group B- Tanner English 12.635

Heat #1 (top 4 transfer)- Riley Hickman, Billy Moyer, Jr., Vic Hill, Oakley Johns, Brent Larson, David Seibers, Terry English, Jason Markewitz, Mark Fields

Heat #2 (top 4 transfer)- Chase Junghans, Billy Moyer, Allen Murray, Ryan King, Clint Nichols, David Payne, Tony Morris, Donald Johns, Brad Skinner

Heat #3 (top 4 transfer)- Brian Shirley, Tanner English, Ricky Weiss, Billy Ogle, Jr., Caleb Ashby, Erick Hickerson, Tommy Taylor, Jadon Frame (DNS), Josh Putnam (DNS)

Heat #4 (top 4 transfer)- Donald McIntosh, Shane Clanton, Cody Mahoney, Frank Heckenast, Jr., Dylan Ames, Ray McElhiney, Doug Smith, Bubba Vandygriff

Battle of the States (10 laps)- Donald McIntosh (GA) ($1,000), Allen Murray (TX) ($500), Ray McElhiney (TN) ($250), Billy Moyer (AK), Dylan Ames (AL), David Payne (NC), Ricky Weiss (CAN), Brent Larson (MN), Cody Mahoney (IN), Brian Shirley (IL), Tanner English (KY), Chase Junghans (KS)

Group-A Qualifying:
1. 21-Billy Moyer Jr.-12.536 (Batesville, AR)
2. 18-Chase Junghans-12.646 (Manhattan, KS)
3. R1-Riley Hickman-12.706 (Cleveland, TN)
4. 8-David Payne-12.746 (Murphy, NC)
5. 18-David Seibers-12.831 (Chapel Hill, TN)
6. 21-Billy Moyer-12.857 (Batesville, AR)
7. 1-Vic Hill-12.908 (Mosheim, TN)
8. 2-Allen Murray-12.926 (San Antonio, TX)
9. B1-Brent Larson-12.985 (Lake Elmo, MN)
10. 17R-Brad Skinner-12.989 (Springhill, TN)
11. C6-Oakley Johns-13.044 (Summertown, TN)
12. 7-Clint Nichols-13.132 (Shelbyville, TN)
13. 33-Terry English-13.156 (Benton, KY)
14. M31-Tony Morris-13.223 (Murfreesboro, TN)
15. F26-Mark Fields-13.318 (Lawrenceburg, TN)
16. 1G-Ryan King-13.368 (Seymour, TN)
17. 37-Jason Markewitz-13.372 (Killen, AL)
18. c66-Donald Johns-13.526 (Summertown, TN)

Group-B Qualifying:
1. 96-Tanner English-12.635 (Benton, KY)
2. 25-Shane Clanton-12.743 (Zebulon, GA)
3. 3s-Brian Shirley-12.807 (Chatham, IL)
4. 7-Donald McIntosh-12.850 (Dawsonville, GA)
5. 61-Caleb Ashby-12.860 (Cunningham, TN)
6. 99-Frank Heckenast Jr.-12.867 (Frankfort, IL)
7. 7-Ricky Weiss-12.974 (Headingly, Manitoba, Canada)
8. 4-Cody Mahoney-12.997 (Hanover, IN)
9. 201-Billy Ogle Jr.-13.003 (Knoxville, TN)
10. 77-Dylan Ames-13.166 (Harvest, AL)
11. 98-Eric Hickerson-13.223 (Linden, TN)
12. 20-Ray McElhiney (Pulaski, TN)
13. 10-Tommy Taylor-13.449 (Lascassas, TN)
14. 83-Bubba Vandygriff-13.654 (Mount Pleasant, TN)
15. J8-Jadon Frame-13.702 (Winchester, TN)
16. 45-Doug Smith-13.837 (Harriman, TN)
17. 212-Josh Putnam-No Time (Florence, AL)

Current Points (after October 15):
1. Donald McIntosh-1,922
2. David Payne-1,862
3. Ryan King-1,430
4. Doug Smith-1,377
5. Billy Ogle Jr.-1,005
6. Cory Hedgecock-944
7. Mike Marlar-813
8. Kenny Collins-740
9. Jonathan Davenport-592
10. Ricky Weiss-574

10  LATEMODELRACER / NORTH REGION / Hagerstown Speedway - 10/15 Results
 on: 10/17/16 at 11:54pm 
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Hagerstown Speedway
October 15, 2016


HAGERSTOWN, MD (October 15) - As the 2016 racing season comes to an end, the 3rd Annual Ernie D’s Fall Bash did not disappoint.  With two, three, even four wide racing in all divisions, the fans attending witnessed another great event of the 2016 season.  A big thank you goes out to McFarland Custom Painting, KRS Graphics, Wrenches and Wreckers, and Iser’s Towing for adding to the event payout.

D.J Troutman set fast time in Friday’s qualifications for the Late Model division, earning him the pole position for the $4000 to win feature and receiving a $50 Fast Time bonus from Iser Towing.  Outside pole sitter Kenny Pettyjohn set a blistering pace at the start of the 40-lap event as Keith “Action” Jackson started his march forward from his 14th starting spot.  Jackson took the lead late in the event and held on to take the win ahead of a strong running Marvin Winters.   

Outside pole sitter Kyle Lee took the win in the 20-lap Late Model Sportsman feature.  After a mechanical failure sidelined pole sitter Ryan Walls, the field was paced to the green by Cam Zeigler and Lee.  Lee would rocket to the lead and was never seriously challenged to take the win ahead of 11th starting Ralph Morgan.

In the Crate division, Allen Brannon jumped to the early lead passing front row starters Ralph Morgan and Steve Lowery.  Brannon and Tyler Bare battled back and forth for most of the event until Bare moved into the lead and held on for the win.  Brannon settled for second.

Ryan Sager and Rob Nichols led the field to the green in the 15-lap Pure Stock event.  Sager took the lead at the start and held on for the win.  Sager was pressured by Keith Koontz and Sean Dawson for the entire event.  Koontz held on for the runner up spot while Dawson ended the event in the 3rd position.

Jamie Mills and Marshall McMullen led the field in the 15-lap Hobby Stocks.  Dylan Rutherford started in the 5th position but moved to the front of the 22 car field holding off a strong running Dustin Proctor from the 14th starting position.

The team cars of Rick Hulson and Jimmy Jessmer Jr. paced the 15-lap E-mod Feature with Hulson taking the lead and holding on to the top spot.  A strong running Jim Bernheisel moved into second from his 4th starting spot and held off Jessmer.

Front row starting Chris Anderson and Ryan Peer showed the way to the green in the 10 lap Rookie Car Feature.  The pair battled early with Anderson winning the event ahead of Josh Ringer.  Steve Martin rounded out the top three.

3rd Annual Ernie D’s Fall Bash

Late Model 40 Lap Feature: 1.Keith Jackson, 2.Marvin Winters, 3.Chad Hollenbeck, 4.Dylan Yoder, 5.Brian Tavenner, 6.Jason Miller, 7.Kyle Hardy, 8.Kenny Pettyjohn, 9.Bryan Bernheisel, 10.Scott Palmer, 11.Brad Omps, 12.Dan Stone, 13.Matt Cosner, 14.Glenn Elliott, 15.Dan Angelicchio, 16.Jamie Lathroum, 17.Randy Burkholder, 18.D.J. Troutman, 19.Jeremy Miller, 20.Gary Stuhler, 21.Rodney Walls, 22.Reese Masiello, 23.Tim Wilson, 24.Jonathan DeHaven, 25.Michael Steck, 26.Tom Decker III, 27.Tom Decker Jr, 28.Andy Fries

Late Model Sportsman 20-Lap Feature: 1.Kyle Lee, 2.Ralph Morgan Jr., 3.Rodney Walls, 4.Justin Weaver, 5.Mike Walls, 6.James Lichliter, 7.Alan Sagi, 8.Chad Myers, 9.Cam Zeigler, 10.Bob Dunn, 11.Todd Snook, 12.Nathan Lasalle, 13.Tommy Slanker, 14.Buddy Wilson, 15.Ronnie Bottenfield, 16.John Rowland, 17.Gino Comi, 18.Jonathan DeHaven, 19.Ryan Walls, 20.Brayden Anderson, 21.Kerry King

Crate Late Models 20-Lap Feature: 1.Tyler Bare, 2.Allen Brannon, 3.Kyle Lee, 4.Tanner Kerr, 5.Kris Eaton, 6.Ralph Morgan, 7.Devin Brannon, 8.Steve Lowery, 9.Davis Lipscombe, 10.Gunner Kerr, 11.Scott Sweeney, 12.Jennae Piper, 13.Dave Friedrich, 14.Bud Durboraw, 15.Darrel Dow, 16.Carl Vaughn, 17.Levi Crowl, 18.Garret Paugh, 19.Mike Franklin, 20.Logan Roberson, 21.Lindsay Barton

Pure Stock 15-Lap Feature: 1.Ryan Sager, 2.Keith Koontz, 3.Sean Dawson, 4.Jamie Zentmyer, 5.Brandon Churchey, 6.Craig Parrill, 7.Rob Nichols, 8.Jesse Snyder, 9.Nick Dibella, 10.Chris Heller, 11.Frank Dibella, 12.Shane Wilt, 13.R.T. Troutman, 14.Brian Swiger, 15.Zane Weicht, 16.Khi Swanger, 17.Dwayne Snyder, 18.B.J. Jenkins, 19.Jason Sarver

Hobby Stock 15-Lap Feature: 1.Dylan Rutherford, 2.Dustin Proctor, 3.David Gross, 4.Shawn Shoemaker, 5.James Speelman, 6.Tyler Ritchey, 7.Amber Mills, 8.Willie Ling, 9.John Catlett, 10.Joey Harrison, 11.Marshall McMullen, 12.Shyann Bard, 13.Danny Holmes, 14.Rodney Miner, 15.Justin Rosenberger, 16.Kyle Deneen, 17.Jamie Mills, 18.Matt Wampler, 19.Ralph Hansberger, 20.Brandon Inglish, 21.Michael Duck, 22.Bryan Neff

E-Mod 15-Lap Feature: 1.Rick Hulson, 2.Jim Bernheisel, 3.Jimmy Jesmer Jr. 4.Mike Corbin, 5.Alyssa Rowe, 6.James Sparks, 7.Ryne Pennington, 8.Ray Kable, 9.Beau Aikey, 10.Kevin Boyer, 11.Haley Kaiser, 12.Ernie Shirley, 13.Rusty Pennington.

Rookie Cars 10-Lap Feature: 1.Chris Anderson, 2.Josh Ringer, 3.Steve Martin, 4.Steven Martin, 5.Anthony Varner, 6.Paige Mumma, 7.Ryan Peer

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