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CCSDS at I-30 Speedway - 8/6 Results (Read 3865 times)
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CCSDS at I-30 Speedway - 8/6 Results
08/06/11 at 10:52pm
Comp Cams Super Dirt Series
I-30 Speedway
August 6, 2011

Wendell Wallace Scores Third COMP Cams Super Dirt Series Win of 2011

by Ben Shelton
Little Rock, Arkansas (August 6) – Wendell Wallace claimed his third COMP Cams Super Dirt Series (CCSDS) victory on Saturday night as he wired the field in the $2,000-to-win event at I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, Arkansas).

After rocketing from his fifth starting spot to claim the win in his heat race, Wendell Wallace was the JFR Graphics Pole Qualifier for the 35 lap event and was joined on the front row by Gary Christian.

As soon as the green flag dropped it was Wallace, who established control at the front of the pack with Christian, Curtis Cook, Jon Kirby, and Jon Mitchell in tow. It would quickly become evident that Wallace would have the car to beat in the feature as Kirby worked his way up to the second spot.

Wallace would go on to lead all 35 laps to claim the feature win over Kirby, Christian, Brandon Smith, and Billy Moyer Jr.

With the win Wallace garnered his ninth career triumph to become the winningest driver in the history of the series.

The event also served as the final round of the Ricetec Summer Series, and it was 2010 Kuntz & Co. Rookie of the Year, Brandon Smith, who claimed the top prize. Billy Moyer Jr. finished second in the final standings and won a rebuild on a set of shocks from Integra Shocks and Springs, while Jon Kirby finished third and will receive a free drive shaft compliments of Fast Shafts. For more information on Ricetec, please visit www.Ricetec.com .

The Rocket Chassis First Heat was won by Wendell Wallace with Gary Christian winning the RacingJunk.com Second Heat Race, while Curtis Cook won the Woodco, Inc. Third Heat Race, and Jon Mitchell scored the win in the Racing Head Service Fourth Heat Race.

The Boston’s Sports Bars & Restaurants B-Mains were topped by Robert Lovette and Shane Harris.

Billy Moyer Jr. was the recipient of the Larry Shaw Race Cars Hard Charger Award after advancing from his 12th starting spot to finish 5th.

The Quarter Master Hard Luck Award went to Jeff Sloan.

COMP Cams Super Dirt Series – August 6th, 2011
I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, Arkansas)

1 1 88 Wendell Wallace
2 4 11K Jon Kirby
3 2 58X Gary Christian
4 10 115 Brandon Smith
5 12 21JR Billy Moyer Jr.
6 9 1X Jack Sullivan
7 3 601 Curtis Cook
8 11 115B Trey Beene
9 5 5 Jon Mitchell
10 16 0H Shane Harris
11 6 99F Clay Fisher
12 15 8L Robert Lovette
13 7 86 Kyle Beard
14 17 30C Lane Cullum
15 14 37L Joseph Long
16 19 1V Johnny Virden
17 8 65 Dewaine Hottinger
18 13 2 Allen Murray
19 18 85 Ian Samuals
20 20 60L Keith Lawson

B-Main #1
1 8L Robert Lovette
2 30C Lane Cullum
3 15 Jamie Dacus
4 15JR Thomas Dacus
5 37 Wesley Crutchfield
6 15M Jimmy Miller
7 60L Keith Lawson

B-Main #2
1 0H Shane Harris
2 85 Ian Samuals
3 U2 Terry Henson
4 1V Johnny Virden
5 16 Geoff Aitken
6 247 Danny Webber
7 7S Jeff Sloan

Heat #1
1 88 Wendell Wallace
2 115 Brandon Smith
3 115B Trey Beene
4 21JR Billy Moyer Jr.
5 8L Robert Lovette
6 37 Wesley Crutchfield
7 15M Jimmy Miller

Heat #2
1 58X Gary Christian
2 99F Clay Fisher
3 86 Kyle Beard
4 0H Shane Harris
5 85 Ian Samuals
6 U2 Terry Henson
7 16 Geoff Aitken

Heat #3
1 601 Curtis Cook
2 11K Jon Kirby
3 1X Jack Sullivan
4 2 Allen Murray
5 15 Jamie Dacus
6 60L Keith Lawson
7 7S Jeff Sloan

Heat #4
1 5 Jon Mitchell
2 65 Dewaine Hottinger
3 30C Lane Cullum
4 37L Joseph Long
5 247 Danny Webber
6 1V Johnny Virden
7 15JR Thomas Dacus

The COMP Cams Super Dirt Series continue their 2011 season next weekend, August 12th-13th with a doubleheader that starts on Friday night at Beebe Speedway (Beebe, Arkansas) before moving north to West Plains Motor Speedway (West Plains, Missouri) on Saturday night. More information on the events can be found at www.BeebeSpeedway.com and www.WestPlainsDirt.com .

For the latest information on the COMP Cams Super Dirt Series, please visit www.COMPDirt.com .
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Posts: 14880
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Re: CCSDS at I-30 Speedway - 8/6 Results
Reply #1 - 08/07/11 at 3:39pm
Comp Cams Super Dirt Series
I-30 Speedway
August 6, 2011

Photos courtesy of Woody Hampton

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