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ULMS at Mercer Raceway Park - 4/6 Results (Read 811 times)
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ULMS at Mercer Raceway Park - 4/6 Results
04/07/13 at 3:30pm
ULMS Late Models
Mercer Raceway Park
April 6, 2013

Rob Blair Blasts to $3,000 Victory at the NDRL's ULMS Opener at Mercer 

NDRL Media
Mercer, PA (April 6) A new era for the NDRL's ULMS Racing Series with a familiar face in victory lane as Titusville, PA's Rob Blair paced the field for all 30 circuits to win his tenth career series event and become the all-time wins leader with the NDRL's ULMS series.
Blair and John Garvin Jr. led the talented field to the green flag as Blair shot out to the early lead.  Garvin settled into the second spot with 2010 'Chiller Thriller' winner Mike Knight and 2012 'Chiller Thriller' winner Keith Barbara in tow.
Just four laps in, the events first caution was displayed as two-time NDRL's ULMS Champion Boom Briggs lost the handle of his new yellow 99B Rocket Chassis collecting the always  hard charging Jared Miley and John Mollick.  Miley was unable to continue while Briggs and Mollick rejoined the field.
When action picked up again, Blair again led the field as Knight worked his way under Garvin for second. Dave Hess Jr. also made his way around Garvin to slide into the third spot. With Garvin now in fourth and Barbara following in fifth, the two battled back and forth until the two came together as they exited turn two sending Garvin into a spin. While the field paced under caution, Garvin's frustration became apparent as he made contact with Barbara locking the two cars together.  Garvin was disqualified from the event while Barbara continued to finish fourth.
Blair continued to lead as the race resumed with Knight staying close in second. As the laps ticked away, Blair would stretch his lead at times while Knight would close the gap. The leaders methodically worked their way through traffic while Knight looked for an opening. Knight made a last ditched effort as the two approached the checkered flag but fell .153 seconds short at the line giving Blair the $3,000 win.
Knight came home second as Hess Jr., Barbara, and Ron Davies rounded out the top-five. Chad Valone finished sixth while Sammy Stile, Matt Lux, Brent Rhebergen, and Russ King topped off the top-ten finishers.
Kevin Morehouse claimed the NDRL's UEMS portion of the 'Chiller Thriller' at Mercer Raceway Park after leading the entire distance.  Rich Michael followed in second while Joel Watson, Brent Rhebergen, and Ron Davies completed the top-five. Sixth place was Randy Hall as Carl McKinney, Dave Hess Jr., Vic Vienna, and Nathan Hill rounded out the top-ten.
Event Recap:
The NDRL's ULMS at Mercer Raceway Park  - April 6, 2013
Event title: 'Chiller Thriller'
Finish / Car # / Driver Name
1. W11 - Rob Blair
2. 9K - Mike Knight
3. 44H - Dave Hess Jr.
4. 17 - Keith Barbara
5. 71D - Ron Davies
6. 2V - Chad Valone
7. 2S - Sam Stile
8. 21 - Matt Lux
9. 07R - Brent Rhebergen
10. 56 - Russ King
11. 1U - Matt Urban
12. 18G - Andrew Gordon
13. 03 - Doug Eck
14. 32 - Jim Rasey
15. 11H - Steve Everhart
16. 29K - Garrett Krummert
17. 22 - Greg Oakes
18. 4J - John Mollick
19. B8 - Tom Bateman
20. 99B - Rick 'Boom' Briggs
21. H1 - Jared Miley
DNQ - John Garvin Jr.
DNS - Ken Schaltenbrand, Clate Copeman
Car Count:  24
Time of the Event: 27 minutes, 12 seconds.
Caution Laps: 4, 10
Lead Changes: None
Lap Leaders: Blair 1-30
Red Flags: None
NDRL's ULMS Heat Race #1: W11 Rob Blair, 71D Ron Davies, 4J John Mollick, 44H Dave Hess Jr., 1U Matt Urban, 18G Andrew Gordon, 21 Matt Lux, 29K Garrett Krummert   

NDRL's ULMS Heat Race #2: 17 Keith Barbara, 99B Boom Briggs, H1 Jared Miley, 03 Doug Eck, 07R Brent Rhebergen, 11H Steve Everhart, B8 Tom Bateman
NDRL's ULMS Heat Race #3: 9K Mike Knight, J4 John Garvin, 2V Chad Valone, 32 Jim Rasey, 56 Russ King, 28C Clate Copeman
The NDRL's UEMS at Mercer Raceway Park  - April 6, 2013
Event title: 'Chiller Thriller'
Finish / Car # / Driver Name
1. 88R - Kevin Morehouse
2. 17X - Rich Michael Jr.
3. 92 - Joel Watson
4. RD1 - Brent Rherbergen
5. 220 - Ron Davies
6. 10 - Randy Hall
7. 6M - Carl McKinney
8. 44 - Kyle Bedell
9. 01 - Vic Vienna
10. 38H - Nathan Hill
11. 67 - Jack Young
12. 44H - Dave Hess Jr.
13. 62 - Ken Zimmer
14. 11M - Mike Meyer
15. 00 - Larry Kugel
16. M20 - Mike Potosky
17. 965 - Andy Buckley
18. 5 - Jon Taylor
19. 6 - Rusty Wheeler
20. 17 - Jackson Humanic
21. 4M - Kevin Miller
22. 35 - Bruce Powell
23. 68 - Steve Dixon
NDRL's UEMS Heat Race #1: 88R Kevin Morehouse, 68 Steve Dixon, 44H Dave Hess Jr., 10 Randy Hall, 11M Mike Meyer, 965 Andy Buckley, 5 Jon Taylor, 6 Rusty Wheeler
NDRL's UEMS Heat Race #2: 92 Joel Watson, 6M Carl McKinney, 44 Kyle Bedell, 01 Vic Vienna, 38H Nathan Hill, 35 Bruce Powell, 17 Jackson Humanic
NDRL's UEMS Heat Race #3: 17X Rich Michael Jr., RD1 Brent Rhebergen, 220 Ron Davies, M20 Mike Potosky, 00 Larry Kugel, 4M Kevin Miller, 67 Jack Young
For more information on the National Dirt Racing League, the NDRL's ULMS and the NDRL's UEMS please visit www.thendrl.com or www.unitedlatemodelseries.com. 
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