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NDRL at Paducah Int'l Raceway - 4/ 12 Results (Read 5349 times)
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NDRL at Paducah Int'l Raceway - 4/ 12 Results
04/13/13 at 2:11am
National Dirt Racing League
Paducah International Raceway
April 12, 2013

'Rocket Man' Josh Richards Wins $20,000 in NDRL Debut at Paducah 

NDRL Media
PADUCAH, Kentucky (April 12) - On a cool April evening the National Dirt Racing League came to fruition as the series hosted their inaugural event at Paducah International Raceway (Paducah, Kentucky). A near capacity crowd and a pit area that saw the overflow parking overflowing with drivers from approximately twenty states set the tone for the night.
The night began with Shannon Babb claiming the Keyser Manufacturing Fast Qualifier honor by registering a lap of 14.531 seconds around the 3/8 mile oval over the fifty-five car field. Heat race action was topped by Eric Wells, Josh Richards, Don O'Neal, Steve Francis, Jared Landers, and Scott Bloomquist, and the redraw for the feature positioned Landers and Richards on the front row for the 75 lap finale.
Landers blazed to the lead at the drop of the green flag and held down the top spot until turn one on the fourth lap, when Richards used a slide job to take over the lead. Once out front Richards motored away from the field as Landers, Don O'Neal, and Scott Bloomquist mixed it up in the top five. By lap 10 O'Neal and Landers were side by side for second, while Richards maintained a comfortable lead until caution flew on lap 12 for a slowing Craig Smith. The race returned to green flag conditions briefly until lap 15 when Smith slowed again with mechanical issues.
A few laps later the race's complexion took another dramatic change when fourth running John Blankenship (started seventeenth) retired abruptly from the race on lap 29, and two laps later Don O'Neal saw his night come to a sudden end with his own issues as he drew the yellow flag.
At the time of the caution the top five running order consisted of Richards, Babb, Owens, Moyer, and Bloomquist. On the ensuing restart Owens shot to second on the restart, and over the next several laps began to pressure Richards for the lead. The battle for the lead would continue to rage for the next several laps before Richards began to stretch his advantage over the final twenty laps.
Despite a handful of cautions in the final laps Richards pulled away to a straightaway win over Jimmy Owens, Jimmy Mars, Billy Moyer, and Scott Bloomquist.
In victory lane Richards commented on the hard work of the track staff. "This race was really fun tonight, and while the track was a little rough in some areas, the track crew did a great job after the monsoons that fell here yesterday."
He was quick to note how fun the racing was with his competitors. "O'Neal and Owens really drove me clean tonight, and I've got to thank them for that." He concluded by noting, "This car was awesome tonight, and I have to give so much credit to my crew. They really made my job easier tonight."
In the UMP Open Wheel Modifieds a talented field of thirty-seven competitors were on hand, and Mike Harrison charged from his third starting spot to take the lead on lap five from Josh Harris.  Once out front he checked out from the field in the caution-free event to claim the win over Ken Schrader, Chad Kinder, Jason Krohn, and Matt Mevert.   

The NDRL's Let's Get Dirty 75 at Paducah International Raceway
Friday, April 12, 2013

1 1R Josh Richards 75
2 20 Jimmy Owens 75
3 28M Jimmy Mars 75
4 21 Billy Moyer 75
5 0 Scott Bloomquist 75
6 15 Steve Francis 75
7 18 Shannon Babb 75
8 15B Brian Birkhofer 75
9 32S Chris Simpson 75
10 28 Eddie Carrier Jr. 75
11 28E Dennis Erb  Jr 72
12 14T Tim Brown 65
13 18W Eric Wells 60
14 32P Bobby Pierce 48
15 57J Bub McCool 45
16 25C Shane Clanton 45
17 25 Jason Feger 35
18 1D Don ONeal 31
19 23 John Blankenship 29
20 3S Brian Shirley 22
21 5 Jared Landers 15
22 116 Randy Weaver 15
23 8 Craig Smith 14
24 32H Austin Hubbard 0

Heat Race #1: 18W-Eric Wells, 18-Shannon Babb, 15B-Brian Birkhofer, 32H-Austin Hubbard, 32P-Bobby Pierce, 87-Walker Arthur, 1J-Davey Johnson, 21JR-Billy Moyer Jr., 1-Austin Rettig

Heat Race #2: 1R-Josh Richards, 21-Billy Moyer, 32S-Chris Simpson, 25-Jason Feger, 3X-Randy Sellars, 14T-Tim Brown, 1-Vic Hill, 54D-Dane Dacus

Heat Race # 3: 1D-Don O'Neal, 116-Randy Weaver, 28-Eddie Carrier Jr., 99-Donnie Moran, 19F-Tim Fuller, 96E-Tanner English, 360-Michael Asberry, 27-Kevn Cole, 99M-Devin Moran

Heat Race #4: 15-Steve Francis, 20-Jimmy Owens, 25C-Shane Clanton, 28E-Dennis Erb, 7L-Jerry Lierly, 16S-Chris Shelton, 33M-Wendall Wallace, 49-Jonathan Davenport, 96-Terry English

Heat Race #5: 5-Jared Landers, 57J-Bub McCool, 23-John Blankenship, 3S-Brian Shirley, 81K-Randy Korte, 7K-Rodney Sanders, 99T-Todd Hall, 2J-Mike Johnson, 77M-Jason McBride

Heat Race #6: 0-Scott Bloomquist, 28M-Jimmy Mars, 8-Craig Smith, 32C-Vic Coffey, B5-Brandon Sheppard, 81JR-Jason Riggs, 1S-Jack Sullivan, 41J-Jarryd Jolshouser, 14JR-Shawn Knuckles

B-Main # 1: 32P-Bobby Pierce, 32H-Austin Hubbard, 3X-Randy Sellars, 19F-Tim Fuller, 1-Vic Hill, 1-Austin Rettig, 21JR-Billy Moyer, 14T-Tim Brown, 360-Michael Asberry, 87-Walker Auther, 27-Kevin Cole, 25-Jason Feger, 96E-Tanner English

B-Main #2: 28E-Dennis Erb Jr., 3S-Brian Shirley, 32C-Vic Coffey, 81K-Randy Korte, 7K-Rodney Sanders, 77M-Jason McBride, 99T-Todd Hall, 28P-Jeff Provinzino, 14JR-Shawn Knuckles, 1S-Jack Sullivan, 5B-Brandon Sheppard, 16S-Chris Shelton, 41J - Jarryd Holshouser, 7L-Jerry Lierly, 96-Terry English

Qualifying Results
1 18 Shannon Babb 14.531
2 1R Josh Richards 14.682
3 116 Randy Weaver 14.805
4 18W Eric Wells 14.853
5 21 Billy Moyer 14.854
6 15 Steve Francis 14.923
7 5 Jared Landers 14.942
8 0 Scott Bloomquist 14.951
9 1D Don ONeal 14.977
10 15B Brian Birkhofer 14.991
11 25C Shane Clanton 15.004
12 25 Jason Feger 15.016
13 57J Bub McCool 15.027
14 28M Jimmy Mars 15.03
15 28 Eddie Carrier Jr. 15.062
16 32H Austin Hubbard 15.065
17 28E Dennis Erb  Jr 15.078
18 23 John Blankenship 15.084
19 32C Vic Coffey 15.092
20 20 Jimmy Owens 15.093
21 3S Brian Shirley 15.13
22 32S Chris Simpson 15.189
23 8 Craig Smith 15.191
24 96E Tanner English 15.202
25 33M Wendell Wallace 15.222
26 81K Randy Korte 15.232
27 B5 Brandon Sheppard 15.237
28 32P Bobby Pierce 15.243
29 14T Tim Brown 15.244
30 99 Donnie Moran 15.25
31 87 Walker Auther 15.292
32 3X Randy Sellars 15.303
33 19F Tim Fuller 15.303
34 21JR Billy Moyer Jr 15.334
35 96 Terry English 15.34
36 77M Jason McBride 15.362
37 1S Jack Sullivan 15.372
38 7L Jerry Lierly 15.423
39 99T Todd Hall 15.428
40 1 Vic Hill 15.52
41 27 Kevin Cole 15.573
42 1J Davey Johnson 15.58
43 81JR Jason Riggs 15.636
44 28P Jeff Provinzino 15.688
45 7K Rodney Sanders 15.744
46 41J Jarryd Holshouser 15.776
47 54D Dane Dacus 15.822
48 360 Michael Asberry 15.852
49 1 Austin Rettig 15.88
50 16S Chris Shelton 16.084
51 2J Mike Johnson 16.332
52 14t Shawn Knuckles 17.446
53 49 Jonathan Davenport ---
54 6K Michael Kloos ---
55 99M Devon Moran ---
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NDRL at I-55 Raceway - 4/13 Results
Reply #1 - 04/14/13 at 2:03pm
National Dirt Racing League
I-55 Raceway
April 13, 2013

Jimmy Owens Gets Dirty with $20,000 Triumph in NDRL Slugfest at I-55 

NDRL Media
PEVELY, Missouri (April 13) While his night might have not started with the best of scenarios, when the final checkered flag dropped on the finale Jimmy Owens was all smiles after claiming the $20,000 triumph with the National Dirt Racing League (NDRL) at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 in Pevely, Missouri.
A beautiful afternoon graced the Let's Get Dirty 75 at the Missouri oval as fifty of the nation's best Super Late Models rolled into Pevely, Missouri for the huge event.  Friday night's winner at Paducah International Raceway, Josh Richards, began the night by registering the Keyser Manufacturing Fast Time Award with a 13.457 second lap around the 1/3 mile oval.  He would go on to win the first heat race and was joined by fellow heat winners, Eddie Carrier Jr., Jimmy Mars, Dennis Erb Jr., Jason Feger, and Billy Moyer, in the evening's redraw for the 75 lap finale. 
The redraw found Eddie Carrier Jr. receiving the pole position for the feature with Billy Moyer joining him on the front.  When the green flag dropped, Moyer, who has enjoyed considerable success at the facility, jumped to the lead with Mars, Carrier Jr., and Richards in tow.  Moyer paced the early laps as Mars fended advances from Richards for the second position.
The event was slowed for the first time on lap 8 when Scott Bloomquist slowed with rear end issues, and at the time of the caution the top five running order consisted of Moyer, Mars, Richards, Carrier Jr., and Feger.  On the restart Moyer raced away from the pack, and three laps later Richards found his way into second.  By lap 20 the field was approaching lap traffic, and Richards narrowed the gap between himself and Moyer.  Three laps later the Shinnston, West Virginia piloted bolted to the lead.
With Richards out front the race endured a long, green flag run, and onlookers began to note that 23rd starting Tim Fuller found his way into the top ten by lap 24.  The next several laps saw great racing throughout not only the top ten but also the field.  Brian Birkhofer worked his way into the third spot by lap 32 and set his sights on Moyer and leader, Richards.  Behind the front four Brandon Sheppard quickly made his presence known as he and Tim Fuller diced for position in the top five.
Another driver on the move was twelfth starting, Jimmy Owens, who overcame struggles in qualifying to race from the sixth starting spot in his heat to a second place finish.  Owens found his way into the top five on lap 34 as he glued his mount to the low side of the track.  Seven laps later he advanced to the third spot, and two laps later Owens passed Jimmy Mars for second.  As Owens began to get faster Richards began to slow, and the Newport, Tennessee racer jumped to the lead on lap 46.  Three laps later Richards slowed with a flat tire as he headed pit side for a fresh right-rear tire. 
The ensuing restart saw Owens come under fire from Jimmy Mars and Brian Birkhofer, but as the race again went through another long green flag run Jimmy Owens motored away to the feature win.  Brian Birkhofer secured the second position in the closing laps and was followed across the finish line by Jimmy Mars, Billy Moyer, and Brandon Sheppard.
"I really let my crew down in time trials because I didn't do my job, but I think this win makes up for it," Jimmy Owens said with a smile in victory lane.  "This place was really racy tonight, and I caught myself racking my brain trying to decide where I needed to be.  I hope the fans really enjoyed the show because it was a lot of fun."
In the UMP Open Wheel Modified feature, former Super Late Model national standout Mark Miner, raced from his pole starting spot to claim the feature win over Jason Krohn, Matt Mevert, Kenny Rumble, and Michael Long.  A talent-laden of forty-two competitors entered the program.   

The NDRL's Let's Get Dirty 75 at I-55 Raceway
Saturday, April 13, 2013
Full Results

1 20 Jimmy Owens 75
2 15B Brian Birkhofer 75
3 28M Jimmy Mars 75
4 21 Billy Moyer 75
5 B5 Brandon Sheppard 75
6 28E Dennis Erb  Jr 75
7 32P Bobby Pierce 75
8 19F Tim Fuller 75
9 25C Shane Clanton 75
10 1D Don O’Neal 75
11 33M Tim Manville 75
12 18 Shannon Babb 75
13 1R Josh Richards 75
14 28 Eddie Carrier Jr. 75
15 23 John Blankenship 74
16 7K Rodney Sanders 74
17 18W Eric Wells 73
18 15 Steve Francis 73
19 32H Austin Hubbard 72
20 25 Jason Feger 49
21 5 Jared Landers 48
22 81K Randy Korte 37
23 3S Brian Shirley 35
24 0 Scott Bloomquist 7

Heat Race #1: 1R-Josh Richards, B5-Brandon Sheppard, 25C-Shane Clanton, 23-John Blankenship, 81K-Randy Korte, 11-Jeff Herzog, 54D-Dane Dacus, 16S-Chris Shelton, 50-Ed Dixon
Heat Race #2: 28-Eddie Carrier Jr., 32H-Austin Hubbard, 0-Scott Bloomquist, 5-Jared Landers, 1s-Jack Sullivan, 57J-Bub McCool, 77M-Jason McBride, 7Z-Matt Zimmerly
Heat Race # 3: 28-Jimmy Mars, 33M-Tim Manville, 15-Steve Francis, 19F-Tim Fuller, 1J-Davey Johnson, 87-Walker Arthur, 61-Caleb Ashby, 7P-Chris Parmer
Heat Race #4: 25-Jason Feger, 15B-Brian Birkhofer, 18-Shannon Babb, 1D-Don O'Neal, 32S-Chris Simpson, 0K-Dewayne Kiefer, 116-Randy Weaver, 92W-Scott Weber
Heat Race #5: 28E-Dennis Erb Jr., 32P-Bobby Pierce, 3S-Brian Shirley, 18W-Eric Wells, 30V-Mark Voight, 21JR Billy Moyer Jr., 7L-Jerry Lierly, 1HR-Ron McQuerry
Heat Race #6: 21-Billy Moyer, 20-Jimmy Owens, 7K-Rodney Sanders, 32C-Vic Coffey, 99-Donnie Moran, 8-Craig Smith, 2J-Mike Johnson, 28P-Jeff Provinzino
B-Main # 1: 5-Jared Landers, 23-John Blankenship, 19F-Tim Fuller, 1S-Jack Sullivan, 87-Walker Arthur, 54D-Dane Dacus, 81K-Randy Korte, 77M-Jason McBride, 57J-Bub McCool, 61-Caleb Ashby, 11-Jeff Herzog, 7P-Chris Palmer, 1J-Davey Johnson, 7Z-Matt Zimmerly
B-Main #2: 1D-Don O'Neal, 18W-Eric Wells, 32S-Chris Simpson, 32-Vic Coffey, 0K-Dewayne Keifer, 28P-Jeff Provinzino, 99-Donnie Moran, 21JR-Billy Moyer Jr., 116-Randy Weaver, 92W-Scott Weber, 8-Craig Smith, 7L-Jerry Liery, 1HR-Ron McQuerry, 2J-Mike Johnson, 30V-Mark Voight

1 1R Josh Richards 13.457
2 32H Austin Hubbard 13.559
3 28M Jimmy Mars 13.606
4 23 John Blankenship 13.652
5 0 Scott Bloomquist 13.702
6 33M Tim Manville 13.759
7 25C Shane Clanton 13.770
8 28 Eddie Carrier Jr. 13.799
9 19F Tim Fuller 13.810
10 B5 Brandon Sheppard 13.856
11 18 Shannon Babb 13.904
12 1S Jack Sullivan 13.978
13 15 Steve Francis 14.008
14 81K Randy Korte 14.117
15 28E Dennis Erb  Jr 14.118
16 5 Jared Landers 14.134
17 61 Caleb Ashby 14.147
18 21 Billy Moyer 14.158
19 25 Jason Feger 14.176
20 3S Brian Shirley 14.200
21 54D Dane Dacus 14.209
22 7K Rodney Sanders 14.212
23 77M Jason McBride 14.225
24 OK Dewayne Kiefer 14.226
25 21JR Billy Moyer Jr 14.237
26 32C Vic Coffey 14.245
27 15B Brian Birkhofer 14.267
28 1J Davey Johnson 14.274
29 18W Eric Wells 14.283
30 99 Donnie Moran 14.288
31 32S Chris Simpson 14.290
32 32P Bobby Pierce 14.298
33 11 Jeff Herzog 14.320
34 57J Bub McCool 14.351
35 87 Walker Auther 14.404
36 8 Craig Smith 14.410
37 16S Chris Shelton 14.414
38 1D Don ONeal 14.435
39 30V Mark Voigt 14.459
40 20 Jimmy Owens 14.485
41 116 Randy Weaver 14.550
42 7L Jerry Lierly 14.740
43 28P Jeff Provinzino 14.743
44 92W Scott Weber 14.831
45 1HR Ron McQuerry 14.943
46 7Z Matt Zimmerly 14.953
47 2J Mike Johnson 15.100
48 7P Chris Parmer 15.775
49 50 Ed Dixon 15.821
2013 NDRL Let's Get Dirty Tour Point Standings (as of April 13, 2013)
1. 20 - Jimmy Owens 396
2. 28 - Jimmy Mars 388
3. 21 - Billy Moyer 384
4. 15B - Brian Birkhofer 380
5. 1 - Josh Richards 374
6. 28 - Dennis Erb Jr. 366
7. 18 - Shannon Babb 362
8. 32 - Bobby Pierce 358
9. 25 - Eddie Carrier Jr. 356
10. 15 - Steve Francis 352
11. 25 - Shane Clanton 350
12. 1 - Don O'Neal 344
13. 0 - Scott Bloomquist 342
14. 18 - Eric Wells 340
15. 23 - John Blankenship 332
16. 25 - Jason Feger 326
17. 19 - Tim Fuller 323
(t) 18. 32 - Chris Simpson 322
(t) 18. 5B - Brandon Sheppard 322
20. 5 - Jared Landers 316
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