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CCSDS at I-30 Speedway - 9/14 Results (Read 2404 times)
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CCSDS at I-30 Speedway - 9/14 Results
09/14/13 at 10:49pm
Comp Cams Super Dirt Series
I-30 Speedway
September 14, 2013

Wendell Wallace Wires CCSDS field at I-30 Speedway for $2,500 Victory

by Ben Shelton
LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (September 14) The COMP Cams Super Dirt Series (CCSDS) Super Late Model hosted the fourth and final round of the Stallion Transportation Group Summer Series on Saturday night at I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, Arkansas) as Wendell Wallace wired the field to claim the $2,500 triumph, and his second win of 2013 with the tour.

After advancing from the 6th starting spot to win Heat Race #3 Wallace locked into the Pole Position for the feature event with Jon Kirby joining him on the front row.

Wallace jumped to the lead at the drop of the green flag with Kirby, Ashley Newman, Jack Sullivan, and Shane Harris in tow. The race endured a long green flag run before being slowed for the first time by the caution flag on lap 21, when Kyle Beard spun from his top ten spot collecting Tommy Surrett and Chandler Petty to regroup the field.

The next ten laps found a trio of caution flags waving for minor incidents as Jack Sullivan worked his way into the runner-up position behind Wallace. Despite having a few different shots at the leader Sullivan would be forced to settle for a 2nd place finish as Wallace raced to his 17th career, CCSDS victory, which leads the all-time winner's list. Ashley Newman, Jon Kirby, and Timothy Culp rounded out the top five finishers.

With his podium finish Ashley Newman clinched the Kuntz & Company Rookie of the Year title with the COMP Cams Super Dirt Series.

The CCSDS will conclude its season on Saturday, September 28th with the Midsouth Dirt Track Championship at Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, Arkansas), which will be headlined by a $2,000-to-win/$400-to-start feature.  For more information please visit wwwRiversideInternationalSpeedway.com .

For the latest information on the COMP Cams Super Dirt Series, please visit www.COMPDirt.com .

September 14, 2013
Race Results

1 1 6M Wendell Wallace
2 4 33X Jack Sullivan
3 3 73 Ashley Newman
4 2 11K Jon Kirby
5 6 C8 Timothy Culp
6 12 115 Brandon Smith
7 15 5 Jon Mitchell
8 8 F1 Jeff Floyd
9 13 11L Curtis Cook
10 16 1A Ronny Adams
11 9 01A Drew Armstrong
12 17 15JR Thomas Dacus
13 20 6B Lynn Beach
14 18 5X Kody Mea
15 7 27S Tommy Surrett
16 11 86 Kyle Beard
17 10 47P Chandler Petty
18 19 99F Clay Fisher
19 14 37L Joseph Long
20 5 0H Shane Harris

B-Main #1
1 5 Jon Mitchell
2 15JR Thomas Dacus
3 26 Gavin Landers
4 1C Jason Botsford
5 5G Randall Griffin
6 117 Kenneth Jackson
7 99F Clay Fisher

B-Main #2
1 1A Ronny Adams
2 5X Kody Mea
3 54 Aaron Carr
4 6B Lynn Beach
5 3E Randy Barnard
6 11X Michael Sellers
7 15M Jimmy Miller

Heat #1
1 11K Jon Kirby
2 47P Chandler Petty
3 0H Shane Harris
4 5 Jon Mitchell
5 1C Jason Botsford
6 117 Kenneth Jackson
7 99F Clay Fisher

Heat #2
1 73 Ashley Newman
2 27S Tommy Surrett
3 C8 Timothy Culp
4 37L Joseph Long
5 54 Aaron Carr
6 3E Randy Barnard
7 11X Michael Sellers

Heat #3
1 6M Wendell Wallace
2 F1 Jeff Floyd
3 115 Brandon Smith
4 86 Kyle Beard
5 26 Gavin Landers
6 15JR Thomas Dacus
7 5G Randall Griffin

Heat #4
1 33X Jack Sullivan
2 01A Drew Armstrong
3 11L Curtis Cook
4 1A Ronny Adams
5 6B Lynn Beach
6 5X Kody Mea
7 15M Jimmy Miller
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