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Lucas Oil Series at Portsmouth Raceway Park - 10/19 Results (Read 7134 times)
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Lucas Oil Series at Portsmouth Raceway Park - 10/19 Results
10/19/13 at 12:29am
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
Portsmouth Raceway Park
October 19, 2013

Brandon Sheppard Shocks the Field and Wins Dirt Track World Championship

PORTSMOUTH, OH (October 19) - Brandon Sheppard of New Berlin, IL captured the biggest race of his young career winning the 33rd Annual RED BUCK Dirt Track World Championship at Portsmouth Raceway Park on Saturday Night.  Sheppard at age 20 became the youngest driver in the history of the DTWC to win the crown jewel event. Sheppard earned $50,000 as he became the 24th different driver to win the DTWC and captured his first career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series victory.
Sheppard piloting the #1 Mark Richards Racing, Rocket House Car charged through the field from his seventh starting position using the very top groove to pass Scott Bloomquist for the lead on lap 43. Sheppard would motor away from the field after each restart through the middle stages of the race fending off challenges from several seasoned veterans en route to his victory in front of a capacity crowd. Steve Francis of Ashland, KY advanced from his 15th starting position to finish second at the checkers and clinching second place in the final LOLMDS Championship Points Standings. Jackie Boggs of Grayson, KY took home third followed by 14th starting Jason Feger of Bloomington, IL. Jimmy Owens of Newport, TN rounded out the top five.  With his fifth place finish Owens was crowned the 2013 Lucas Oil late Model Dirt Series National Champion for the third year in a row.
Sheppard, who was subbing for Josh Richards in the Rocket Chassis House car this weekend, was stunned with his accomplishment in victory lane.  "It hasn't sunk in yet," said Sheppard in victory lane.  "To come here in this car and win this race is just unbelievable, we had a great weekend, we set fast time last night, and almost won our heat race, but to come from seventh tonight and win was just unbelievable. And to beat the caliber of drivers in this field and the history of this event is just awesome. We've really had such a good year with our own Rocket car as well and I have to thank my dad and grandpa for all of their help this season.  I also want to thank all the sponsors on the number one car, Valvoline, Seubert Calf Ranches, Ernie D's, Ace Metal Works, Sunoco Race Fuel and Roush-Yates Engines', stated Sheppard.
Francis driving the #15 Clint Bowyer Racing, Georgia Boot entry grabbed the second spot on lap 79 from Boggs.  But over the final 21 laps of the race Francis could not catch Sheppard.  "Congrats to those guys on the win, Brandon and Mark they did a great job all weekend.  I thought maybe I had enough to chase him down at the end, but we finished the year strong and got second in the Lucas Oil points. We had a good battle all season with Jimmy (Owens) and congrats to him and his team on their championship. We'll be back next year with Clint Bowyer Racing and Georgia Boot to try and win this championship again", stated Francis.
Jackie Boggs, whose hall of fame father was the late Jack Boggs, won the DTWC three times in his career. Jackie was in the hunt for his first DTWC win over the last half of the race, but came up just short in finishing a solid third place.  "The nose of our car was digging in the track at times and I couldn't get off the corners like I wanted to. But we had a real good set-up for the feature and was hoping all the laps I've ran here would pay off with a win. To run third with these guys is still great", stated Boggs, driver of the #4B with sponsorship from Quick Response Environmental and Industrial Services and Swartz Race Cars.
Completing the top ten were Don O'Neal of Martinsville, IN; Billy Moyer of Batesville, AR; Dennis Erb Jr. of Carpentersville, IL; Eric Wells of Hazard, KY, and Steve Shaver of Vienna, WV.
In preliminary action, Brandon Sheppard set the overall time (Group A) amongst the 79 entrants, with a lap of 14.575 seconds. Jackie Boggs set the fastest time in Group B with a time of 14.755 seconds. Earl Pearson, Jr., Steve Shaver, Eric Wells, Jackie Boggs, Scott Bloomquist and Billy Moyer won their respective heat races.
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Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
Race Summary
Saturday Night, October 19th, 2013
33rd Annual Dirt Track World Championship
Portsmouth Raceway Park - Portsmouth, OH

1 7 1bs Brandon Sheppard Berlin, IL $50,000
2 15 15 Steve Francis Ashland, KY
3 6 4b Jackie Boggs Grayson, KY
4 14 25F Jason Feger Bloomington, IL
5 12 20 Jimmy Owens Newport, TN
6 13 71 Don O'Neal Martinsville, IN
7 4 21 Billy Moyer Batesville, AR
8 26 28e Dennis Erb Jr. Carpentersville, IL
9 3 18e Eric Wells Hazard, KY
10 1 6s Steve Shaver Vienna, WV
11 5 44 Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville, FL
12 16 49 Jonathan Davenport Blairsville, GA
13 8 23 John Blankenship Williamson, WV
14 21 25Z Mason Zeigler Chalk Hill, PA
15 28 71R Rod Conley Wheelersburg, OH
16 25 5 Jared Landers Batesville, AR
17 2 0 Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN
18 28 71c RJ Conley Wheelersburg, OH
19 22 37 Jared Hawkins Fairmont, WV
20 17 1G Will Vaught Crane, MO
21 23 D8 Dustin Linville Lancaster, KY
22 10 28 Eddie Carrier Jr. Salt Rock, WV
23 11 17m Dale McDowell Chickamauga, GA
24 19 2J Davey Johnson Greensburg, PA
25 9 55 Jeep VanWormer Pinconning, MI
26 20 28m Jimmy Mars Menomonie, WI

Entrants: 79
Lap Leaders: Scott Bloomquist (1-42); Brandon Sheppard (43-100)
Caution Flags: Jared Landers (lap 21); Davey Johnson (lap 40); Scott Bloomquist (lap 44); Will Vaught (lap 53); Jonathan Davenport (lap 64); Debris (lap 79)
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals: Dennis Erb, Jr. and Shane Clanton
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Emergency Provisionals: N/A
Portsmouth Raceway Park Track Provisional: Rod Conley
Jim Dunn Memorial Non-Qualifiers Race Winner: RJ Conley

Jim Dunn Memorial
1 71c RJ Conley
2 6T Tim Dohm
3 88 Andrew Reaume
4 99 Donnie Moran
5 41 Josh McGuire
6 5bx Stephen Breeding
7 1bx Nick Bocook
8 17D Zack Dohm
9 1w Mike Marlar
10 42 Chris Garnes
11 71d Delmas Conley
12 20c Duane Chamberlain
13 1b Jeff Babcock
14 88b Tommy Bailey
15 28x Jeff Provinzino
16 15J Greg Johnson
17 11G Billy Gullion
18 1DJ DJ Miller
19 21JR Billy Moyer Jr
20 22 Gregg Satterlee
21 11 Lee Logan
22 B1 Josh Bocook
23 c9 Steve Casebolt
24 21h Kenny Howell

B-Main #1 (top 2 transfer)
1 1J Davey Johnson
2 20H Jared Hawkins
3 88 Andrew Reaume
4 17 Tim Dohm
5 20C Duane Chamberlain
6 5 Stephen Breeding
7 88B Tommy Bailey
8 B1 Josh Bocook
9 11L Timothy Logan
10 44 KC Burdette
11 17W Chris Wilson
12 71J JT Conley
13 17T Shannon Thornesberry
14 9F Mark Frazier
15 25 Dennis Roberson
16 70 DJ Wells
17 5 Jared Landers
18 16H Paul Davis

B-Main #2
1 28 Jimmy Mars
2 88 Dustin Linville
3 71R RJ Conley
4 21jr Billy Moyer Jr
5 99 Donnie Moran
6 1 Nick Bocook
7 15j Greg Johnson
8 17Z Zack Dohm
9 71D Delmas Conley
10 1B Jeff Babcock
11 28 Jeff Provinzino
12 21H Kenneth Howell
13 77A Jeff Arnold
14 97 Michael Chilton
15 5b Mike Marlar
16 45 Russ Frohnapfel

B-Main #3  
1 25Z Mason Zeigler
2 47 Chris Combs
3 41 Josh McGuire
4 28 Dennis Erb Jr
5 c9 Steve Casebolt
6 71 Rod Conley
7 42 Chris Garnes
8 22 Gregg Satterlee
9 19 Tim Fuller
10 11G Billy Gullion
11 CJ1 Charlie Jude
12 1C Wayne Chinn
13 1DJ DJ Miller
14 99M Devin Moran
15 2L Steve Lucas

Heat #1 (top 3 transfer)
1 44 Earl Pearson Jr
2 b5 Brandon Sheppard
3 71 Don O'Neal
4 17 Tim Dohm
5 17W Chris Wilson
6 20H Jared Hawkins
7 9F Mark Frazier
8 44 KC Burdette
9 16H Paul Davis
10 88B Tommy Bailey
11 23M Mike Unger
12 20C Duane Chamberlain

Six heat races were completed on Friday night with Earl Pearson Jr. passing  RED BUCK Fast Qualifier, Brandon Sheppard on the final lap of the first heat race. Pearson a former DTWC winner edged out Sheppard by a nose for the victory.  Sheppard had led from the green flag of the 20-lap race until Pearson edge him on lap 19, but Sheppard got back around Pearson going down the backstretch to re-capture the lead.  But Pearson got a run off of turn four to beat Sheppard at the line. 2011 DTWC winner, Don O'Neal finish third to earn the final transfer spot from heat one.

Heat #2  
1 6 Steve Shaver
2 55 Jeep VanWormer
3 15 Steve Francis
4 5 Jared Landers
5 1J Davey Johnson
6 70 DJ Wells
7 88 Andrew Reaume
8 25 Dennis Roberson
9 71J JT Conley
10 11L Timothy Logan
11 17T Shannon Thornesberry
12 B1 Josh Bocook

In heat race number two Steve Shaver led all the way to capture the 20-lap race and will start from the pole position by virtue of the heat race winner's re-shuffle for Saturday night's 100-lap feature event. Shaver will be looking for his first career DTWC victory. Jeep VanWormer took home the second transfer position and Steve Francis, the '99 winner of the DTWC charged from sixth to take home the third and final transfer spot in heat race number two.

Heat #3  
1 18 Eric Wells
2 17M Dale McDowell
3 1V Will Vaught
4 28 Jimmy Mars
5 15j Greg Johnson
6 88 Dustin Linville
7 1 Nick Bocook
8 97 Michael Chilton
9 21H Kenneth Howell
10 77A Jeff Arnold
11 53 Richie Edwards
12 1B Jeff Babcock

Eric Wells dominated heat race number three leading the entire race pulling away from the field over the course of the 20 laps.  Dale McDowell trailed Wells the entire distance to claim the second spot.  Will Vaught in his first visit to PRP qualified for his first career DTWC by claiming the third and final transfer spot at the finish.

Heat #4  
1 4B Jackie Boggs
2 23 John Blankenship
3 25F Jason Feger
4 71R RJ Conley
5 21jr Billy Moyer Jr
6 28 Jeff Provinzino
7 99 Donnie Moran
8 45 Russ Frohnapfel
9 32 Bobby Pierce
10 17Z Zack Dohm
11 5b Mike Marlar
12 201 Billy Ogle Jr

In the fourth heat race Jackie Boggs would lead the way all 20 laps as the second generation racer would hold off John Blankenship to claim the win. Blankenship would finish second followed by Jason Feger, who took home the third and final transfer spot in heat race number four.

Heat #5  
1 0 Scott Bloomquist
2 28 Eddie Carrier Jr
3 48 Jonathan Davenport
4 25Z Marion Zeigler
5 41 Josh McGuire
6 99M Devin Moran
7 87 Walker Arthur
8 19 Tim Fuller
9 11G Billy Gullion
10 1C Wayne Chinn
11 1DJ DJ Miller
12 42 Chris Garnes

Scott Bloomquist and Eddie Carrier Jr. would put on a fierce battle the entire 20 laps of heat race number five. Carrier led  from the green flag but Bloomquist hounded Carrier Jr until Bloomquist was able to slip by him in traffic on lap 17. With his win in the fifth heat race Bloomquist will start on the outside of the front row with and earned his 22nd consecutive start in the DTWC feature event. Carrier Jr. would finish a close second while 2012 LOLMDS Rookie of the Year, Jonathan Davenport claimed the third and final transfer pot in heat race number five.

Heat #6  
1 21 Billy Moyer
2 20 Jimmy Owens
3 25 Shane Clanton
4 47 Chris Combs
5 28 Dennis Erb Jr
6 22 Gregg Satterlee
7 c9 Steve Casebolt
8 71 Rod Conley
9 2L Steve Lucas
10 13w David Webb
11 CJ1 Charlie Jude

In the sixth and final heat race of the night,  Billy Moyer held off Jimmy Owens to claim the win. Moyer also won the last LOLMDS sanctioned event at PRP back on Labor Day Weekend this year. Moyer a two-time winner of the DTWC will make his first start in the event since 2005.  Owens, who will clinch the 2013 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series National Championship by just starting the feature event tomorrow night, will be trying to become the first driver in the history of the race to win in back-to back years.  Shane Clanton finished third to claim the final transfer position of heat race number six.
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