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Winchester Speedway - 10/26 Results (Read 2012 times)
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Winchester Speedway - 10/26 Results
10/29/13 at 12:31am
Winchester Speedway
October 28, 2013

Satterlee Closes Winchester Season With Weekend Sweep
Collects $8,000 in Two-Days of Work

by Doug Watson
WINCHESTER, VA (October 26) - Rochester Mills Pa.'s Gregg Satterlee authored a near perfect performance as he was victorious in both Friday and Saturday's Late Model events in the 1st-annual running of Winchester speedways "Gunters Honey Fall Classic". Satterlee, aboard his Robbie Allen prepared Rocket no.22, lead every lap of both Friday and Saturday's Late Model features and would collect a cool $8,000 in the process.

Jeremy Miller and Satterlee shared the front-row for the start of Friday's 35-lap event with Satterlee surging into the top-spot as the pack raced off turn-two. Even though Jeremy Miler would stay close to Satterlee through-out the event, Satterlee had the dominate car and would score his second Winchester feature win of the season. "This is a great way to start the weekend." Satterlee stated during his post-race interview. "I knew Jeremy (Miller) was back there, but I knew if I held my line he'd have a tough time getting by us, with as good as this car was tonight." Jason Covert would take third, JT Spence was fourth with Kenny Moreland completing the top-five. Heats for the 29-cars entered went to Miller, Satterlee and Covert with Tony Crim winning the consolation.

In almost a mirror-image of Friday's performance, Gregg Satterlee dominated Saturday's 40-lap main for his second win of the weekend and third overall Winchester Late Model win of the season. JT Spence and Satterlee were the front-row for the start of Saturday's main, with Satterlee out-dragging Spence into turn-one to become the leader of the event. Satterlee would go on to lead all 40-circuits to post the win, however, it was no easy trip to victory lane. Spence, a 7-time Winchester Late Model winner, pulled close to Satterlee on more than one occasion until he hopped the cushion in turn one on lap-39, losing second to eventual runner-up Kyle Hardy. "This is a great way to end our season." Satterlee stated in Winchester's victory lane. "Lapped cars we're getting pretty hairy out there and I saw JT pull along side me a couple times, so I knew I had to be careful getting through, and it all worked out pretty good." Satterlee was quick to praise crew chief Robbie Allen for his weekend romp. "Robbie had this car perfect all weekend." Satterlee quipped. "Starting spot means a lot here a Winchester, but I was able to put this car wherever it need to go, and as a driver, you can't ask for more than that. It's a shame to see the season end with as good as we've been running lately." Hardy was impressive taking second with Spence settling for third. Ronnie DeHaven Jr. collected fourth with 2013 "Three-State Flyers" series champion Mark Pettyjohn rounding out the top-five. Heats for the 26-car Saturday field went to Satterlee, Spence and Hardy with Dale Hollidge winning the consolation.

The Pure Stocks were on hand for both Friday and Saturday's show with two drivers scoring their respective third wins of the season. Friday's action saw Mike Franklin take the lead from his second-starting spot and lead all 15-laps to score his third Winchester win of the season. Mike Corbin was second, Ricky Edmonds took third, Craig Parrill was fourth with David Kaiser filling the front-five. Craig Parrill wired the field in Saturday's 15-lapper to collect win number three of 2013. Parrill, who started second, lead every lap to post the win over Kyle Nelson, Mike Franklin, Michael Carter and Mike Corbin.

Kevin Pollard duplicated his Potomac performance from the week prior as he won both Friday and Saturday's U-Car features for his seventh and eighth Winchester wins on the season and 16th overall in 2013. Friday's win came over Alan Dice, Kevin Oates, Austin Nichols and Steve Fadeley. Pollard's Saturday score would come over Kevin Oates, Rachel Hicks, Gene Wilson and Steve Fadeley.

Jamie Mills would end his Winchester win drought with his first win of the season in the 15-lap Enduro Stock feature which was also part of Saturday's program. Mills started on the pole and would lead 14 of the races 15 laps to post the win over "Krazy" Kenny Thomas, Danny Holmes, Jim DeArmitt and John Cattlet.

Fresh off his Virginia Nationals win two weeks ago, Cody Kershner slugged it out with Richard Gwizdale to score his second Winchester win of the season in Friday's 15-lap Four-Cylinder feature. Michael Warrenfeltz was third, Gary Newell fourth with Billy Sonner rounding out the top-five.

Late Model (Friday)
1. Gregg Satterlee 2. Jeremy Miller 3. Jason Covert 4. JT Spence 5. Kenny Moreland 6. Dylan Yoder 7. Kyle Hardy 8. Ronnie DeHaven Jr. 9. Dan Stone 10. Tim Senic 11. Brad Ritter 12. Gary Stuhler 13. Jim Yoder 14. Brian Tavenner 15. Andy Fries 16. Chad Hollenbeck 17. Brad Omps 18. Devin Friese 19. Tony Crim 20. Tommy Armel 21. Davis Williams 22. Andy Haus 23. Stevie Long 24. Mark Pettyjohn DNQ- Dale Hollidge, Kerry King Jr., Ernie Shirley, Don Woodruff, Jason Miller

Late Model (Saturday)
1. Gregg Satterlee 2. Kyle Hardy 3. JT Spence 4. Ronnie DeHaven Jr. 5. Mark Pettyjohn 6. Jason Covert 7. Kenny Moreland 8. Dan Stone 9. Jeremy Miller 10. Dylan Yoder 11. Stevie Long 12. Tim Senic 13. Brian Tavenner 14. Gary Stuhler 15. Brad Ritter 16. Dale Hollidge 17. Devin Friese 18. Jim Yoder 19. Kerry King Jr. 20. Andy Fries 21. Andy Haus 22. Chad Hollenbeck 23. Tony Crim 24. Brad Omps DNQ- Pancho Lawler, Jerry Bard

Pure Stock (Friday)
1. Mike Franklin 2. Mike Corbin 3. Ricky Edmonds 4. Craig Parrill 5. David Kaiser 6. Buddy Wilson 7. Josh Wilkins 8. Keith Koontz 9. Terry Staton 10. Brian Wallace 11. Greg Breeden

Pure Stock (Saturday)
1. Craig Parrill 2. Kyle Nelson 3. Mike Franklin 4. Michael Carter 5. Mike Corbin 6. Josh Williams 7. Keith Koontz 8. Ricky Edmonds 9. Wayne Hawbaker 10. Greg Breeden 11. Matt Tarbox 12. Brian Wallace 13. Jay Malory 14. Jerry Jenkins Jr. 15. Josh Wilkins

U-Car feature (Friday)
1. Kevin Pollard 2. Alan Dice 3. Kevin Oates 4. Austin Nichols 5. Steve Fadeley 6. Randy Wilkins

U-Car feature finish (Saturday)
1. Kevin Pollard 2. Kevin Oates 3. Rachel Hicks 4. Gene Wilson 5. Steve Fadeley 6. Austin Nichols 7. Jerry Casile 8. Ted Casile 9. David Rhodes

Enduro Stock
1. Jamie Mills 2. "Krazy" Kenny Thomas 3. Danny Holmes 4. Jim DeArmitt 5. John Catlett 6. Nabil Guffey 7. Dennis Lamb 8. Tom Caravello 9. Robert Plaugher Sr. 10. Ed Pope Sr. 11. Johnny Hardesty

Four Cylinder
1. Cody Kershner 2. Rich Gwizdale 3. Michael Warrenfeltz 4. Gary Newell 5. Billy Sonner 6. Allen Whitt Jr. 7. Justin Hottle 8. Jeff Koller 9. Jesse "Rim Rider" Boyce 10. William Riley 11. Etan Ours 12. Rich Newcomer 13. Lane Hessong 14. Melvin Ours 15. Randy Linaburg
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