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CCSDS at NE Arkansas Speedway - 4/12 Results (Read 2209 times)
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CCSDS at NE Arkansas Speedway - 4/12 Results
04/12/14 at 11:46pm
Comp Cams Super Dirt Series
Northeast Arkansas Speedway
April 12, 2014

Timothy Culp Wires Field for CCSDS Checkers at NEA Speedway

by Ben Shelton
HARRISBURG, Arkansas (April 12) – Timothy Culp conquered a talented field of thirty-five competitors to register the $2,000 win in the COMP Cams Super Dirt Series (CCSDS) presented by Lucas Oil event at Northeast Arkansas Speedway, on Saturday evening.

A smooth and slick surface atop the 1/4 mile oval awaited the series competitors, and Shane Stephens, making his first CCSDS start of 2014, earned the New Vision Graphics pole position for the 35 lap feature event, and was joined on the front row by Culp.

Culp, who was starting on the front row for the second-straight night, took immediate advantage of his preferred position on the grid to grab the lead at the drop of the green flag. While the Louisiana native, who know resides in Sheridan, Arkansas, would never relinquish control of the lead great racing waged behind him.

Stephens ran in the second position during the race's early stages, while Ashley Newman, Dane Dacus, and Kyle Beard battled in a hotly contested top five. The first of four caution flags flew on lap 9 for a Mason Oberkramer spin in turn one as Culp's competitors briefly found themselves having a shot at the leader. However, as the race resumed Culp again motored away from the pack.

Three more cautions plagued the event with the most notable coming in the closing laps when Ashley Newman, who was running in the top five, received contact from fellow top five racer, Dane Dacus. The contact caused Newman to spin, and he collected Chandler Petty, Thomas Dacus, and Keith Craft. Not only did the caution bring an end to Newman's chances at a top five finish, but it also put a stop to Kyle Beard's bid for the lead as the defending series champion was unable to overtake Culp after the race resumed action for the final time.

Culp claimed the victory, which was his second career triumph with the series with Beard, Wendell Wallace, Shane Stephens, and twelfth starting, Josh Hughes rounding out the top five.

Kody Mea was the recipient of the Hard Charger Award for racing past twelve cars to finish 9th. Ashley Newman was the unlucky winner of the Hard Luck Award for the second straight night courtesy of the late-race contact that ended his chances at a top five finish.

1 2 C8 Timothy Culp
2 6 86 Kyle Beard
3 7 6M Wendell Wallace
4 1 15S Shane Stephens
5 12 7H Josh Hughes
6 9 27S Tommy Surrett
7 4 77A Justin Asplin
8 15 15 Jamie Dacus
9 21 5X Kody Mea
10 13 8C Keith Craft
11 14 XXX Rick Hearnsberger
12 18 93M Mason Oberkramer
13 16 47 Brandon Poppenheimer
14 17 47P Chandler Petty
15 20 4S Shannon Scott
16 3 73 Ashley Newman
17 11 8L Robert Lovette
18 8 54 Dane Dacus
19 10 15JR Thomas Dacus
20 5 115 Brandon Smith
21 19 99F Clay Fisher

B-Main #1
1 47 Brandon Poppenheimer
2 93M Mason Oberkramer
3 6B Lynn Beach
4 6K Dillion Knight
5 1H John Hill
6 24W James Walker
7 7P David Payne
8 3E Randy Barnard
9 17 Jason Hughes
10 37L Joseph Long

B-Main #2
1 47P Chandler Petty
2 99F Clay Fisher
3 5X Kody Mea
4 2C Charlie Cole
5 4S Shannon Scott
6 181 Chad Williams
7 13 Joey Smith
8 19JR TJ Hughes
9 104 James West
10 54C Aaron Carr

Heat #1
1 73 Ashley Newman
2 27S Tommy Surrett
3 XXX Rick Hearnsberger
4 15 Jamie Dacus
5 2C Charlie Cole
6 24W James Walker
7 13 Joey Smith

Heat #2
1 77A Justin Asplin
2 8L Robert Lovette
3 15JR Thomas Dacus
4 5X Kody Mea
5 6B Lynn Beach
6 19JR TJ Hughes
7 1H John Hill

Heat #3
1 115 Brandon Smith
2 86 Kyle Beard
3 6M Wendell Wallace
4 17 Jason Hughes
5 47 Brandon Poppenheimer
6 7P David Payne
7 54C Aaron Carr

Heat #4
1 C8 Timothy Culp
2 7H Josh Hughes
3 54 Dane Dacus
4 47P Chandler Petty
5 99F Clay Fisher
6 4S Shannon Scott
7 93M Mason Oberkramer

Heat #5
1 15S Shane Stephens
2 8C Keith Craft
3 6K Dillion Knight
4 3E Randy Barnard
5 104 James West
6 37L Joseph Long
7 181 Chad Williams
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