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Atomic Speedway - 4/12 Results (Read 1879 times)
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Atomic Speedway - 4/12 Results
04/13/14 at 3:37am
Atomic Speedway
April 12, 2014

Smith, Conley, Pinkerton take Atomic $$$$
Martin and Cutler Claim Features

by Scott Wolfe
CHILLICOTHE, OHIO (April 11) - Chillicothe, Ohio's Danny Smith celebrated his 40th year in racing with a win in the Pine Tree Towing 410 Sprint cars, and Wheelersburg, Ohio's R.J. Conley 'rocketed' to victory in the Gullion Ent. AMRA Late Models Saturday night in a star-studded racing event at McCown's Atomic Speedway. Dave "Fireball" Pinkerton claimed the Advanced Services AMRA Modified main before yet another large crowd, while Harley Martin, Jackson, Ohio won the Sport Mods and Tim Cutler claimed the Street Stock Main. Overall, 87 cars were in the pits.

The Late Model feature started at a blistering pace, despite outside pole-sitter Jason Montgomery jumping the cushion and getting shuffled out of the top ten. R.J. Conley burst into the lead and soared 22 laps caution free, lapping ten cars in the process.

Initially, family patriarch Delmas Conley rode a close second, but R.J. proved to be the cream of the crop. Still in second, Delmas had lapped nearly as many cars as the leader, but was involved in a turn three crash with Lauren Longbrake. Chris Garnes, the defending AMRA Champion, running a strong third suffered the same fate a lap later after nearly flipping off turn two before regaining control.

While Conley's lead had appeared insurmountable, the late race cautions changed the complexion of the event. Conley had to hold off the charges of Jackson, Ohio hot-shoe Greggie Oliver over the last three laps to bring home the win. Behind R.J. Conley and completing the top ten were Greg Oliver, Hot Rod Conley, Jason Montgomery, Kevin Wagner, Nick Bocook, Nick Latham, J.T. Conley, Delmas Conley, and Chris Garnes.

"This Rocket and the Draime Engine we had tonight was really hooked up," said Conley. "The track held up nice and you never know how close the second place car is, so you have to give it everything you have. A couple times it got pretty scary out there, but the holes just opened up."

Conley was referring to 'not knowing exactly how big his dominate lead was' most of the race. Known for winning the first race of the season, Conley did not make the opener, but he said, "I won the first race I was at here this year (laughing)."

Several cars picked up a couple of spots; however, there was no clear cut hard-charger. Unofficially, Montgomery claimed the honors after dropping back to 12th on the opening lap and fighting back to fourth.

The 410 Sprint car main was a drama-filled event. Ryan Broughton got the jump on heat winner and fast-timer Trey Gustin with a hard charging Danny Smith in tow. Broughton led the first five laps with intense pressure from Smith. Smith took over on the 6th circuit and led to lap 17 while another great battle developed among the chargers of Broughton, Jimmy Stinson, Josh Davis and Mark Imler.

Coming to the lap 18 mark Stinson and Broughton had performed masterful passes on one another with Stinson anchoring second upon the third turn entry. A lapped car split the two and on the turn four exit Stinson and Broughton touched spiraling a disabled Broughton mount spinning in front of the field. All cars cleared the "what could have been a disaster" with Broughton's fine run coming to a close. Stinson dropped back to fourth later, but exited just after a red flag for the flipping up-and-coming Nate Reeser.

Chillicothe youngster Nathan Skaggs, recovering from several broken bones accrued during a motocross accident had one the B-Main and started 16th. By lap five he was tenth and on the move, then by lap twelve had charged to fourth place.

Skaggs bagged Stinson and Davis on a restart then set his sights on Smith. Skaggs pulled alongside with great forward bite coming off the turns, but the crafty Smith rode the momentum off the high side. Coming around for the last lap Skaggs looked to have Smith trapped behind a lapped car, but Smith saw a vacancy and blitzed to the narrow win.

"Thanks to Brad McCown for getting these gates back open (at Atomic)," Smith said to much applause. "I knew Skaggs was right there and I thought a lapped car might make a difference, but the Nuckles boy did a good job and gave us room and we were able to race to the finish."
"I Dedicate this race to the Coors Light Gang, who has had some adversity this week and want to keep them in our prayers. This is the 40th Anniversary Year for me and now we have won one every year that I have raced. I told myself when I quit winning, I would quit, so it looks like I am good for another year!"

The hard charger of the race was Nathan Skaggs who blasted from 16th to second place. Davis secured a solid third ahead of a late storming Dallas Hewitt who took fourth ahead of Mark Imler, Wes McGlumphey, Trey Gustin, Hud Horton, Todd Kane, and Sam Ashworth.

It took five starts to get the modified main underway. Some of the top dogs of the AMRA were on hand and anxious to make a good impression. Three straight spins sent the field reeling for position until finally a single file restart was summoned.

Both Rick Hensley and Kevin Dulaney, early leaders were victims of spins setting the stage for Kenny "worth the price of admission" Johnson, the five time AMRA champion, to lead. Johnson lead for much of the duration until lap nine when his mounts slowed somewhat entering turn three, stumbled and never quite recovered. Pinkerton was the beneficiary, and after playing possum for much of the race, rode off into the sunset with the win. Zanesville, Ohio driver Tanner Wilson stormed from 10th to third to earn hard charger honors.

McWilliams, the opening night winner, suffered some tow-in damage on one of the melees at the start of the event, yet fought hard with Wilson, Jameson, Brandon Oliver, and Jeremy Rayburn for a top five.

Wilson nearly reeled in Johnson at the finish in what was a great battle to the checkered, a finish cut short by time-limits due to the excessive number of spin-outs. Behind Pinkerton were Johnson, Wilson, Dave Jameson, Brandon Oliver, Dave McWilliams, Jeremy Rayburn, Rick Hensley, Robert Garnes, and Donnie Miller.

The C&M Racing Equipment Sport Mods proved to be one of the best races of the evening. Mike Brust led the first 7 laps, but after a tangle with another car went pit-side. Harley Martin inherited the lead with Mike Newton and Steve Noble in tow. Newton pulled alongside Martin on a couple of occasions, but once Martin settled in on the point, no one could catch the 16-year old. For Martin it was his second straight Atomic win. Behind Martin were Martin, Mike Newton, Steve Noble, Jimmy Spillman, Tony Whitt, Sr., David Lunsford, Greg Litteral, Jimmy Corley, and Mike Brust.

In the street stocks, Tim Cutler made it a clean sweep for the evening. Cutler led twice during the event, jumping out to the early lead, only to have former champ Tommy Mossbarger take the top spot. Mossbarger led through lap 14 when his mount went South, allowing Cutler to storm on to the win. Adam Jones had a good run going in challenging Cutler but looped it in front of the field, collecting Justin Poling in the process. Multi-time champ Jamie Adams made the race exciting as he and Dean Boyd and Dave Landman fought for a top five.

At the finish it was Cutler, Jamie Adams, Dean Boyd, Adam Jones, Dave Landman, Tommy Mossbarger, Justin Poling, Larry Highland, Derek Spencer, and Brian McQuay.

The rained-out Fire/EMS/PD Night will be added to the schedule on Saturday July 19th. This will be a $3,000 to win show for the AMRA Late Models and include AMRA Modifieds, Street Stocks and Sport Mods.

For more information please call 740-703-9749 or 740-663-4141 or visit the Atomic Speedway website at www.atomicspeedway.net Atomic is located 12 miles South of Chillicothe, Ohio off SR 23, two miles out Blain Highway between Chillicothe, Ohio and Waverly, Ohio at Alma.

Atomic is a Hoosier only track. Check the website for rule details. Next Saturday, April 19, 2014 Atomic will host the OVSCA Outlaw Sprints, AMRA Modifieds, Street Stocks, and Sport Mods.

The summary: April 12, 2014

Pine Tree Towing 410 Sprint Cars (27)
Fast Time: Trey Gustin 11:759

Heat One: Trey Gustin, Danny Smith, Hud Horton, Kevin Roberts, Brian Benson, Dave Smith, Nathan Skaggs, Brandi Bower, Jason Dolick.
Heat Two: Ryan Broughton, Jimmy Stinson, Todd Kane, Sam Ashworth, Nick Roberts, Nate Reeser, Scott Curren
Heat Three: Josh Davis, Mark Imler, Kory Crabtree, Dallas Hewitt, Wes McGlumphey, Greg Mitchell, Bryan Nuckles, Eric Martin
B-Main: Nathan Skaggs, Nate Reeser, Jesse McCreary, David Smith, Bryan Nuckles, Jason Dollick, Scott Curren
Feature: Danny Smith, Nathan Skaggs, Josh Davis, Dallas Hewitt, Mark Imler, Wes McGlumphey, Trey Gustin, Hud Horton, Todd Kane, Sam Ashworth, Kory Crabtree, Jesse McCreary, Brian Benson, David Smith, Bryan Nuckles, Nick Roberts, Jimmy Stinson, Nate Reeser, Kevin Roberts, Ryan Broughton.

Gullion Enterprises AMRA Late Models (22)
Fast Time: R.J. Conley 13:812

Heat One: R.J. Conley, Delmas Conley, Kevin Wagner, J.T. Conley, Billy Gullion, Dylan Huron, Lauren Longbrake, Avery Taylor
Heat Two: Jason Montgomery, Greggie Oliver, Nick Bocook, John Whitney, Mick Sansom, Travis Fleshman, Jeremy Scott
Heat Three: Rod Conley, Chris Garnes, Nick Latham, Robbie Hensley, Russ Frohnaphel, Scott Phillips, Brock Morris
Feature: R.J. Conley, Greg Oliver, Hot Rod Conley, Jason Montgomery, Kevin Wagner, Nick Bocook, Nick Latham, J.T. Conley, Delmas Conley, Chris Garnes, John Whitney, Jr., Billy Gullion, Robbie Hensley, Dylan Huron, Brock Morris, Jeremy Scott, Scott Phillips, Lauren Longbrake, Russ Fronaphfel, Travis Fleshman, Avery Taylor, Mick Sansom

Advanced Services H & C OCTANE AMRA MODIFIEDS (17)
Heat One: Kevin Dulaney, Rick Hensley, Jeremy Rayburn, Dave Jameson, Eric Arledge, Donnie Miller, Seth Daniels, Rusty Hampton,
Heat Two: Kenny Johnson, Dave McWilliams, Fireball Pinkerton, Robert Garnes, Tanner Wilson, Rick Shutts, Brandon Oliver, Matt Edmisten

Feature: Fireball Pinkerton, Kenny Johnson, Tanner Wilson, Dave Jameson, Brandon Oliver, Dave McWilliams, Jeremy Rayburn, Rick Hensley, Robert Garnes, Donnie Miller, Kevin Dulaney, Glen East, Eric Arledge, Seth Daniels, Rusty Hampton, Rick Shutts, Matt Edminsten

C & M Racing Sport Mods (11)
Heat One: Mike Brust, Mike Newton, Harley Martin, Derek Davidson, Greg Litteral, Austin Noel
Heat Two: Steve Noble, Jimmy Spillman, David Lunsford, Tony Whitt, Sr., Jimmy Corley
Feature: Harley Martin, Mike Newton, Steve Noble, Jimmy Spillman, Tony Whitt, Sr., David Lunsford, Greg Litteral, Jimmy Corley, Mike Brust

Street Stocks (10)
Heat One: Tim Cutler, Tommy Mossbarger, Jamie Adams, Derek Spencer, Larry Highland
Heat Two: Dave Landman, Adam Jones, Justin Poling, Dean Boyd, Bryan McQuay,
Feature: Tim Cutler, Jamie Adams, Dean Boyd, Adam Jones, Dave Landman, Tommy Mossbarger, Justin Poling, Larry Highland, Derek Spencer, Brian McQuay.

Coming Events

April 19- OVSCA Sprints, AMRA Modifieds, Street Stocks, Sport Mods
April 26- Food Drive Night: Sprints, AMRA Late Models, AMRA Modifieds, Street Stocks
May 3- MODIFIED MAYHEM AMRA Modifieds $1,500 TO WIN, Sprints, Street Stocks, Sport Mods
May 8- NDRL Late Models (Practice & Qualify), AMRA Modifieds, Sport Mods
May 9- NDRL Late Models $5,000 TO WIN, AMRA Modifieds, Street Stocks
May 10- NDRL Late Models $15,000TO WIN, AMRA Modifieds, Street Stocks
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