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Davenport Speedway - 4/25 Results (Read 1224 times)
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Davenport Speedway - 4/25 Results
04/26/14 at 1:40am
Davenport Speedway
April 25, 2014

Justin Kay takes Season Opener at Davenport Speedway
by Mike McGuire
DAVENPORT, IA (April 25) – Good weather and a good field of racecars were on hand Friday for the Koehler Electric Season Opener at the Davenport Speedway.

Justin Kay continued his dominance in the Petersen Plumbing and Heating IMCA Late Model main. The 25-lap feature got off to a rocky start as Andy Nezworski slow-rolled his car in turn four, with some help. Andy was able to walk away from the incident.

When the race was restarted, Mike Zemo Jr. jumped out to the lead. On lap six, Zemo had a little trouble navigating turn four and Justin Kay slid into the top spot. Justin had started fourth, but led the last twenty laps en route to the checkers.

Mike Murphy Jr., worked his way from a fifth row start to finish second. Matt Ryan finished third with Todd Malmstrom fourth. Zemo recovered from a mid-race caution to finish fifth.
Doug Crampton started the season out right with a win in the Milan Heating & Air IMCA Modifed feature. Jason Bahrs led the first fourteen laps, before his car suddenly slowed, giving Crampton the lead. Doug led the last six laps and captured the win.

Joe Beal started tenth, but would finish in the runner-up spot. Kelly Meyer ran in the top five the entire race and finished third. Tony VonDresky made a late race charge to fourth, while Mitch Morris took fifth.

Twenty-seven modifieds were in the pits for the season opener. Morris, Bahrs, and Beal won the heats, while Jake Bowman and Chris Lawrence won the consi’s.

Perry Gellerstedt was perfect on the evening in the Koehler Electric Street Stocks, winning both heat and feature races. Kevin Dickey led the first seven laps of the feature, before letting Donnie Louck get by for the lead. Louck’s lead would be short-lived as Gellerstedt was determined to take home the first trophy of the point season. Louck had to settle for second, with Dickey third. Chad Coyne and Rick Schriner were fourth and fifth respectively.

Tyler Soppe picked up the win in the Hawkeye Auto IMCA SportMod main. Soppe took the lead from Jake Montoya on lap four and never looked back. That was good, because five cautions in the last five laps would scramble every position in the field, except for the leader. Mike McGarry emerged with second place finish. McGarry was followed by Joe Grant, Jake Morris, and Andre LaPorte, in that order.

Brandon Dahl captured the win in the Roto-Rooter 4-Stocks. Dahl grabbed the lead on lap two and led the rest of the way to the checkers. Andy Loy would finish second, with Jake Benischek third. A late surge gave Andrew Fitzgerald fourth, while Andy Wagener completed the top five.  

The weekly racing action at the Davenport Speedway continues next Friday, May 2nd, with added attraction – Powder Puff Races!
Davenport Speedway
Results - April 25, 2014

IMCA Late Models
Heat 1: 1. Rob Toland; 2. Justin Kay; 3. Joe Zrostlik; 4. Matt Ryan; 5. Mike Murphy Jr.;
Heat 2: 1. Todd Malmstrom; 2. Nate Bueseling; 3. Scott Fitzpatrick; 4. Gary Webb; 5. Mike Zemo Jr.;
Feature: 1. Justin Kay; 2. Mike Murphy Jr.; 3. Matt Ryan; 4. Todd Malmstrom; 5. Mike Zemo Jr.; 6. Rob Toland; 7. Nate Bueseling; 8. LeRoy Brenner; 9. Scott Fitzpatrick; 10. Travis Denning; 11. Joe Zrostlik; 12. Korey Peterson; 13. Milo Veloz; 14. Gary Webb; 15. Andy Nezworski;

IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1: 1. Mitch Morris; 2. Doug Crampton; 3. Kelly Meyer; 4. Brandon Durbin; 5. Bob Dominacki;
Heat 2: 1. Jason Bahrs; 2. Matt Werner; 3. Kevin Goben; 4. Todd Reed; 5. Mike Fluegel;
Heat 3: 1. Joe Beal; 2. Terry Rentfro; 3. Tony VonDresky; 4. Brian Bushong; 5. Chris Lawrence;
Semi #1: 1. Chris Lawrence; 2. Todd Dykema; 3. Tim Arp; 4. Greg Wilson; 5. Bruce Fosdyck;
Semi #2: 1. Jake Bowman; 2. Rob Henry; 3. Chris Zogg; 4. Mike Fluegel; 5. Josh Starr;
Feature: 1. Doug Crampton; 2. Joe Beal; 3. Kelly Meyer; 4. Tony VonDresky; 5. Mitch Morris; 6. Jake Bowman; 7. Todd Reed; 8. Todd Dykema; 9. Brian Bushong; 10. Chris Zogg; 11. Rob Henry; 12. Chris Lawrence; 13. Kevin Goben; 14. Mike Fluegel; 15. Tim Arp; 16. Matt Werner; 17. Terry Rentfro; 18. Jason Bahrs; 19. Brandon Durbin; 20. Greg Wilson;

Street Stocks
Heat 1: 1. Perry Gellerstedt; 2. Kevin Dickey; 3. Chad Coyne; 4. Bryan Ritter; 5. Jacob Whittington;
Heat 2: 1. Donnie Louck; 2. Rick Schriner; 3. Mike Anderson; 4. Gerald Ward; 5. Cary Brown;
Feature: 1. Perry Gellerstedt; 2. Donnie Louck; 3. Kevin Dickey; 4. Chad Coyne; 5. Rick Schriner; 6. Cord Williams; 7. Nick Claussen ; 8. Bryan Ritter; 9. Mike Anderson; 10.  Gerald Ward; 11. Randy Lamar; 12. Jacob Whittington;

IMCA Sport Mods
Heat 1: 1. Tyler Soppe; 2. Jake Montoya; 3. Jayson Wiggins; 4. Joe Grant; 5. Gary Rentfro;
Heat 2: 1. Bryce Garnhart; 2. Andre LaPorte; 3. Doug Burkhead; 4. Mike McGarry; 5. Jake Morris;
Feature: 1. Tyler Soppe; 2. Mike McGarry; 3. Joe Grant; 4. Jake Morris; 5. Andre LaPorte; 6. Jayson Wiggins; 7. Jacob Beal; 8. Gary Rentfro; 9. Jake Montoya; 10. Bryce Garnhart; 11. Doug Burkhead; 12. Jacob Arp;

Heat 1: 1. Brandon Dahl; 2. Zach Dahl; 3. Luke Benischek; 4. Justin Schroeder; 5. Steven Phillips;
Heat 2: 1. Brandon Setser; 2. Wade Dahl; 3. Andrew Fitzgerald; 4. Sean Fersch; 5. Todd Sibley;
Heat 3: 1. Andy Wagener; 2. Jon Scott; 3. Jake Benischek; 4. Andy Loy; 5. Eric Stogdell;
Feature: 1. Brandon Dahl; 2. Andy Loy; 3. Jake Benischek; 4. Andrew Fitzgerald; 5. Andy Wagener; 6. Allen Morris; 7. Scott Wolfe; 8. Brandon Setser; 9. Sean Fersch; 10. Jon Scott; 11. Todd Sibley; 12. Scott Blake; 13. Zach Dahl; 14. Justin Schroeder; 15. Luke Benischek; 16. Patrick Blake; 17. Eric Stogdell; 18. Wade Dahl
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