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Atomic Speedway - 4/26 Results (Read 1276 times)
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Atomic Speedway - 4/26 Results
04/27/14 at 3:34am
Atomic Speedway
April 26, 2014

Gullion Enterprises AMRA Late Models (18)
Fast Time: Duane Chamberlain 13:750

Heat One: Duane Chamberlain, Billy Gullion, Ralph Withem, Kevin Wagner, Avery Taylor, Tim Stewart
Heat Two: Jason Montgomery, J.T. Conley, Mark Frazier, Josh Haynes, Justin Carter, Mick Sansom
Heat Three: Hot Rod Conley, Delmas Conley, Joe Ramey, Jeff Arnold, Jay Helton, Greggie Oliver
Feature: Duane Chamberlain, Hot Rod Conley, Delmas Conley, Jason Montgomery,Mark Frazier,J.T. Conley, Billy Gullion, Kevin Wagner, Ralph Withem, Mick Sansom, Jay Helton, Justin Carter, Jeff Arnold,Joe Ramey, Josh Haynes, Tim Stewart, Avery Taylor, Greggie Olier (DNS)

Pine Tree Towing and Recovery 410 Sprint Cars (24)
Fast Time: Cole Duncan 11:816

Heat One: Brandy Bower, Aaron Higgins, David Smith, Rick Fraley, Cole Duncan (flip), Adam Strausser (flip)
Heat Two: Sam Ashworth, Mark Imler, Nate Reeser, John Shewbrooks, Dean Kester, Taylor Ferns
Heat Three: Danny Smith, Josh Davis, Jimmy Stinson, Randy Fink, Kory Crabtree, Kevin Roberts, Jr.
Heat Four: Ryan Broughton, Wes McGlumphy, Brian Nuckles, Jesse McCreary, Greg nicholas, Ronnie Blair (flip)

Feature: Danny Smith, Mark Imler, Cole Duncan, Josh Davis, Aaron Higgins,Sam Ashworth, Jimmy Stinson, Kory Crabtree, Wes McGlumphy, Nate Reeser, Taylor Ferns, Brandy Bower, Ryan Broughton, Randy Fink, Rick Fraley, Dean Kester, Kevin Roberts, Jr., Jesse McCreary,John Shewbrooks, David Smith, Greg Nicholas, Bryan Nuckles(flip) Adam Strausser, Ron Blair.

Advance Services H&C OCTANE AMRA MODIFIEDS (20)
Heat One: Brandon Oliver, Greggie Oliver, Mark Dickson, Mark Bailey, Jason Cottrill, Rick Hensley
Heat Two:Kenny Johnson, Travis Dickson, Dave Fireball Pinkerton, Mike Conkle, Dave Jameson, Tanner Wilson, Brian Moore
Heat Three: Bob Crace, Jr., Jimmy Lennex,Colt Maxwell, Rob Stambaugh, Donnie Miller, Eric Arledge, George Neely

Feature: Travis Dickson, Kenny Johnson, Dave Fireball Pinkerton, Greg Oliver, Jimmy Lennex, Mark Dickson, Colt Maxwell, Rob Stambaugh, Mike Conkle, Donnie Miller, Rick Hensley, Mark Bailey, Bob Crace, Jr., Jason Cottrill, Brandon Oliver, Brian Moore, Eric Arledge, Tanner Wilson, George Neely, Seth Daniels, Dave Jameson

Street Stocks (10)

Heat One: Adam Jones, Dave Landman, Larry Highland, Justin Poling, Tim Cutler, Brian McQuay, Dean Boyd, Tommy Mossbarger, Joseph McClain.
Feature: Dean Boyd, Tommy Mossbarger, Adam Jones, Tim Cutler, Justin Poling, Dave Landman, Larry Highland, Brian McQuay, Joseph McClain
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