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MSCCS at Greenville Speedway - 6/7 Results (Read 2201 times)
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MSCCS at Greenville Speedway - 6/7 Results
06/08/14 at 7:48pm
Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series
Greenville Speedway
June 7, 2014

Bub McCool back on track with MSCCS victory at Greenville Speedway

by Bryan Wimberley
GREENVILLE, Miss. (June 7) - In racing, there is no better cure from a recent struggle, than finally capturing a victory! Bub McCool of Vicksburg, Miss., would be the first to admit that his team has been battling to find answers in the No. 57J car this season, but Saturday night he rallied from 7th-starting position, cashing in a $2,500 payday on the Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series tour.

McCool grabbed a late race lead on Timothy Culp of Prattsville, Ark., en route to the 50-lap feature win at Greenville Speedway, notching his 12th career MSCC Series victory.

The 36-year old McCool led the final nine laps of the four-second victory, but surprisingly registering only his second top 5 finish of 2014 (of 18 entered events).

Fifth-starting Timothy Culp can easily chalk this race up as the one that slipped away, but Culp wrestled the point away from Neil Baggett of Shannon, Miss., leading 19 total laps, before settling for second-place.

Although neither found themselves in Victory Lane at the conclusion of this one, the Rickman Brothers, Rick and Brian of Columbus, Miss., both came out smelling like roses, with Rick taking over the MSCC Series point standings again, while Brian jumped up to third in the chase, surpassing Baggett.
Brian finished the Greenville feature in third-place and Rick took home fourth.

Baggett drove a David Breazeale back-up car, after having mechanical issues with his familiar No. 21 in hot laps, torching the field in qualifying by three-tenths, landing on the front-row. Baggett then played a key factor of the main event, leading 22 laps, but later retiring early to finish 15th.

Dane Dacus of Lakeland, Tenn., rounded out the top 5 finishers with a solid performance, quietly running among the lead pack throughout the race.

Shortly after the drop of the green flag, a turn two tangle involving, Duke Palasini of Leland, Miss., and Troy Berdan of Minden, La., brought out the caution. Afterwards, last year's super late model track champion, Palasini, would elect to go pit side for the remainder of the show.

Three-wide racing between Culp, Rick Rickman and Ross Camponovo of Clarksdale, Miss., for third ensued soon after the restart.

Baggett took control of the feature, catching the rear of the field on lap 8, while Brian Rickman and Culp battled for the runner-up position, both going door-to-door for a couple of circuits.

As Baggett bounced off the turn one wall on lap 16, he steadily began using Greenville's concrete structure as a top-side measuring stick. His fast adaptation to Breazeale's back-up car, had him closing in on 'The Ragin Rebel', nearly putting him a lap down. A fortunate caution saved the two-time MSCCS champion, Breazeale, from a huge hole and jeopardizing his three-race winning streak -Breazeale was running 11th when the second yellow of the feature flew.

Outstanding restarts by Culp and McCool, propelled both into the top 3 by lap 19. Culp looked to the inside of Baggett for first, but the night's final caution would halt that progress.

Culp seized another opportunity when green flag racing resumed, marching to lead on lap 23. Both Rickman's were briefly shuffled back to wage a side-by-side fight for fifth, just past the halfway mark.

Heavy traffic favored a rapid Culp getaway from McCool with 15 to go, but it wasn't long before McCool began reeling in the No. c8 Bob Pierce, nearly putting his nose on the rear decklid on lap 39.

On the next lap, a daring crossover move by Culp retained him the advantage on McCool, before payback was in order with eight laps remaining -McCool led by half-length at the stand.

A slight falter by McCool on lap 44 in turn two, sent him into the path of lap car, Chase Washington of Houlka, Miss., breaking his momentum and allowing Culp a ray of hope in his pursuit.

It would be the last chance Culp had to draw near, as McCool began extending the distance after each revolution, clicking off the final laps. With the flagman signalling two to go, McCool enjoyed a comfortable half straight-away cushion over a fading Culp. A final turn three kiss with the wall would not be enough to deny McCool the checkered flags, rebounding from his recent sixth-place Mississippi State Series finish at Greenville, two weeks ago.

NOTES: McCool's Victory Circle Chassis is powered by a Jay Dickens Racing Engine and sponsored by McCool Logging, AR Bodies, C&R Racing, Good Hope, MAVtv, ASi Racewear, Schaeffer's Racing Oil, Triple B Trucking, Outerwears and Hoosier Racing Tires.

The 29-minute feature ended at 11:31 pm, was slowed by three cautions, with seven cars on the lead lap.

The feature's top 10 hard charger of the 50-lapper was Anthony Burroughs of Muscle Shoals, Ala., going from 17th-starting position to finish ninth.

A pair of other drivers, making feature headway in the top 10, was Clay Fisher of DeWitt, Ark., going from 13th-to-seventh and Bubba Harrison of Cleveland, Miss., who also climbed six spots -16th-to-tenth.

MSCCS Super Late Models

1 7 57J Bub McCool
2 5 C8 Timothy Culp
3 1 90 Brian Rickman
4 4 86R Rick Rickman
5 9 54D Dane Dacus
6 11 54 David Breazele
7 13 99 Clay Fisher
8 6 38 Chase Washington
9 17 1B Anthony Burroughs
10 16 56 Bubba Harrison
11 19 24 Mark Tice
12 15 3K Tanner Kellick
13 21 32 Mark Dodson
14 14 2 Troy Berdan
15 22 9 Clint Logan
16 2 21B Neil Baggett
17 10 10 Leon Hendereson
18 3 18C Ross Camponova
19 8 F4 Dwight Falcon, Sr
20 18 86 Kyle Beard
21 20 327 Jamie Tollison
22 12 V8 Duke Palasini

1 90 Brian Rickman
2 21B Neil Baggett
3 18C Ross Camponova
4 86R Rick Rickman
5 C8 Timothy Culp
6 38 Chase Washington
7 57J Bub McCool
8 F4 Dwight Falcon, Sr

B-Main #1
1 54D Dane Dacus
2 V8 Duke Palasini
3 3K Tanner Kellick
4 86 Kyle Beard
5 291 Keith Miller
6 5 Scott Abraham
7 G4 Shelby Sheedy
8 11M Jason Michau
9 3M Mike Mcnay

B-Main #2
1 10 Leon Hendereson
2 99 Clay Fisher
3 56 Bubba Harrison
4 24 Mark Tice
5 32 Mark Dodson
6 12E Dewayne Estes
7 77 Greg Fore
8 4 Michael Aycock
9 D8 JR Christopher Showah

B-Main #3
1 54 David Breazele
2 2 Troy Berdan
3 1B Anthony Burroughs
4 327 Jamie Tollison
5 30 Justin Paxton
6 9 Clint Logan
7 51 Dean Carpenter
8 12C Edmond Jenkins


Crate Late Models
1 21B Neil Baggett
2 73 Ashley Newman
3 8 Mike Palasini,jr
4 38 Chase Washington
5 17 Adam Gauldin
6 7 Eric Carr
7 J8 Bobby Jordan
8 311 Henry Pullen
9 44 Peyton Wilkerson
10 995 Dwight Falcon, Jr
11 34 Rett Burns
12 12 Cale Ainsworth
13 92 Justin Reynolds
14 C4 Cole Burns
15 3 Anthony Andrews
16 46 Kenny Carpenter
17 7P Peter Hazzard
18 21C Ryan Colby
19 20 Tyler Arnold
20 7D Brent Dillon
21 110 Brent Barrett
22 96 Trey Rickman
23 51 John Polasini

1 17 Bryan Craighead
2 3KX Justin Weddle
3 48 Alan Brown
4 88S Seth Reed
5 3K Roger Taylor
6 4P Jared Hays
7 2A Owen Aycock
8 F2R Chris Reed
9 47 Seth Allen
10 45X Murry Vaughn
11 2 Rourke Moritz

Super Stocks  
1 J1 Jay Downs
2 4P Jared Hays
3 8V Mike Palasini
4 38 Ac Parker, Jr
5 11 Carl Kilgore
6 M29 Margartet Nobles
7 P8 Pete Roncoli
8 15 Shane Hawkins
9 C4 Jeremy Antle
10 3+3 Ricky Russell
11 73J Joseph Hughes
12 18 Bb Dye
13 8 Brandon Nobles
14 93 Heath Pritchett
15 77 Hayden Chavers

Pure Stocks
1 S14 William Stokes
2 J1 Zach Downs
3 10Z Steve Flanagan
4 D83 Logan Showah
5 72 Casey Boozer
6 1 Joseph Baugh
7 R1 Jamie Rochelle
8 21 Cathryn Kilgore
9 74 Corey Boozer
10 14 Angel Kilgore
11 21C Carl Stanley Kilgore
12 23 Michael Arnold

Mini Stocks
1 25 Billy Pate
2 24 Ace Sellars
3 9T Jeremy Tucker
4 23B Cody Bowen

1 1K Kyle Learned
2 33M Madison Holloway
3 4 Jerry Hitchcock,jr
4 14 Ricky Smith
5 82 Ziegler Van Zyl
6 S14JR Tyler Stokes
7 AK47 Alyssa Rochell
8 D5 Justin Irby
9 5 Dustin Rushing
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