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Hagerstown Speedway - 6/28 Results (Read 1112 times)
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Hagerstown Speedway - 6/28 Results
06/29/14 at 4:32am
Hagerstown Speedway
June 28, 2014

Bobby Beard Posts First Win Since 2005 in Late Model Sportsman  

by Bob Vores
HAGERSTOWN, MD – Jason Covert added another trophy to his collection following his overall fourth triumph of the Red Nininger Memorial Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model event at Hagerstown Speedway/Dirt Capitol on Saturday evening. Covert powered past Nick Dickson on a fifth lap restart and later sped past the checkered flag with a 6.359 second advantage over Dickson for his overall fourth win of the season and career 15th at Hagerstown which was worth $2,700 including $200 additional lap money from the Nininger family.
“This is a fantastic night,” Covert of York Haven, PA said. “Thanks to the crew for helping get the car back together. I was trying to win last night and got into the wall a little bit. Thanks to Glenn (Nininger) and everything the family has done for racing. He means a lot to this sport, especially in this area.”

Hanover’s Bobby Beard posted the triumph in the Malloy Ford Late Model Sportsman feature. Although not a weekly regular, it was his first since July 2005. Darrin Younker, Berkley Springs, WV held off Mike Corbin to add his name to the K.Lynn Management Pure Stock winners list which was his career 16th.  Gary Proctor, Big Pool, MD. roared back into victory lane for the sixth time in the Mason Dixon Auto Auction Hobby Stocks while Ryan Laye, Ft. Loudon, PA returned from the mechanical problems the previous week to score his eight win in the Cochran Auctioneers Four Cylinder feature. Jim Crocker, Reisterstown, MD won the Classic Racing Series victory over Matt Wallace.

The late models began with a four car invert with Covert and Dickson on the front row as Dickson powered off the outside but Covert was peeking to the inside by the fourth lap. Following a fifth lap yellow when Marvin Winters, aboard Frankie Plessinger’s car, slowed to a stop, Covert quickly charged around Dickson on the restart and immediately began distancing himself from the field.

Covert was more than three seconds ahead by a lap 11 when 2012 event winner Kenny Moreland came to a stop.  Covert again took off with green flag racing the rest of the way. Trailing by more than four seconds with five to go, Dickson was being chased by previous week’s winner, seventh starting Roy Deese Jr. and sixth starter, C. S. Fitzgerald. Covert was in his own time zone and had stretched his lead to 6.359 seconds at the finish. Jamie Lathroum came from 14th to finish fifth. Trevor Feathers was sixth with Dylan Yoder, Gary Stuhler (11th), Steve Axtell Jr. (15th) and Andy Anderson to complete the top ten. Feathers, Colby Frye and Deese won the heats.  

“When you win at Hagerstown, you’ve done something, “Covert said. “That’s why every time you get one, it could be your last. It’s very important to win here. It’s huge for me personally and for my team. I’m just so fortunate and blessed to have Pete (Cameron), Lisa and Roland (Mann) give me this opportunity. What a great team. This is the first topless win I’ve ever won and I like it.”

Dickson received an additional $50 from the Nininger family for leading the fifth lap with Covert leading laps 10, 15, 20 and 25.

Covert also pulled five other finishing numbers, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 12 with Deese, Fitzgerald, Lathroum, Anderson and Jason Miller also receiving $50 apiece.  

With two cars inverted in the Late Model Sportsman feature, Bobby Beard powered into the lead from the pole as Chad Myers took second from outside pole sitter Derek Quade on the fifth lap. He chased Beard into lapped traffic three laps later and closed onto Beard’s bumper by the 11th lap and kept the pressure on. The caution flag waved with one lap to go which gave Myers one final chance but Beard was steadfast over the final tour to get the triumph by .547 second. Quade, Bruce Kane and Justin Weaver were next. Beard, Quade and Paul Cursey were the heat winners.

“I’m just ecstatic,” Beard said. “I can’t say enough. I enjoy running Hagerstown. Chad (Myers) is pretty tough down here. When he started out, I helped him out with his thunder cars and he’s came a long way.”

Brian Miller took over the lead in the Pure Stocks as Darrin Younker moved into second ahead of Wayne Hawbaker. Younker got past Miller on the fifth lap while Mike Corbin advanced into second. Following a ninth lap yellow, Corbin kept the pressure on Younker but he withstood it and began to edge away slightly in the final three laps to beat the eight time winner by six lengths for his first of the season. Hawbaker, Miller and Drew Fitzsimmons were next. Corbin and Dickie Tharp were the heat winners.

Michael Hyatt led the Hobby Stocks from the outside pole as Kenny Thomas pulled into the runner up spot. Following a third lap restart, Gary Proctor passed Thomas and closed on Hyatt to take his position on the ninth lap and then hold on by two lengths for his sixth win. Thomas, Joe Rodgers and Dylan Welsh completed the top five. Proctor and Tomas were the heat winners.

Ryan Laye took control of the four cylinder feature over Cody Kershner who dropped out with mechanical issues on the second lap as Randy Linaburg took up the chase joined by previous week’s winner Michael Warrenfeltz. Laye powered on to the checkered for his eighth win.

Jim Crocker began from the pole in the Classic Racing Series and took control over Matt Wallace as the two broke away from the rest of the field and distanced Roland Brown in the non-stop feature. Wallace made contact with Crocker heading into turn one on the final lap, but backed off as Crocker gathered it in and continued on for the two length win.  

The latest news, results, photos, schedule or rule changes can found be on the speedway’s website:  www.hagerstownspeedway.com.  Also check the website for any changes in weather conditions that may delay or cancel the program or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.

Hagerstown Speedway/Dirt Capitol LLC Results:

Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Models – Nininger Memorial Topless – 25 Laps, 23 Entries, (Lap Leader – Nick Dickson 1-5, Jason Covert 6-25): 1.Jason Covert, 2.Nick Dickson, 3.Roy Deese Jr., 4.C.S. Fitzgerald, 5.Jamie Lathroum, 6.Trevor Feathers, 7.Dylan Yoder, 8.Gary Stuhler, 9.Steve Axtell Jr, 10.Andy Anderson, 11.Marvin Winters, 12.Jason Miller, 13.Randy Burkholder, 14.Devin Friese, 15.Wayne Johnson, 16.Tim Wilson, 17.Jacob Burdette, 18.Tony Crim, 19.Coleby Frye, 20.Kenny Moreland, 21.Larry Baer, 22.Rick Hulson, DNS-Frankie Plessinger

Malloy Ford Late Model Sportsman, 20 Laps, 24 Entries, (Lap Leaders Bobby Beard 1-20): 1.Bobby Beard, 2.Chad Myers, 3.Derick Quade, 4.Bruce Kane, 5.Justin Weaver, 6.Paul Cursey, 7.Terry Flaherty, 8.Steve Lowery, 9.Mike Walls, 10.Kris Eaton, 11.Michael Walls, 12.Donnie Farlling, 13.Chaz Walls, 14.Kyle Lee, 15.Kyle Lear, 16.John McLanigan, 17.Scott Cline, 18.Dominic Defino, 19.Travis Beaver, 20.Taylor Farlling, 21.Elwood Sord, 22.Garrett Walls, 23.Eddie Cornett, DNS – Eric Irvin

K Lynn Management LLC Pure Stock, 15 Laps, 16 Entries, (Lap Leader Brian Miller 1-4, Darrin Younker 6-15): 1. Darrin Younker, 2. Mike Corbin, 3.Wayne Hawbaker, 4.Brian Miller, 5.Drew Fitzsimmons, 6.Dickie Tharp, 7.Rick Stouffer, 8.Nick Dibella, 9.Michelle Walls, 10.Kenny Day, 11.Ben Morrow, 12.Jamie Zentmyer, 13.Frank Dibella, 14.Jason Leibowitz, 15.Danny Farlling, DNS - Jeremy Mills

Mason Dixon Auto Auction Hobby Stocks, 15 Laps,  14 Entries, (Lap Leader –  Michael Hyatt1-8, Gary Proctor 9-15): 1.Gary Proctor, 2.Michael Hyatt, 3.Kenny Thomas, 4.Joe Rodgers,  5.Dylan Welsh, 6.Jamie Mills, 7.Bryan Neff, 8.Danny Holmes, 9.John Catlett, 10.Ralph Hansberger, 11.Paul Armstrong, 12.Charles Stambaugh, 13.Billy Crook, DNS – Jeff  Dillon

Cochran Auctioneers Four Cylinders Summer Championship: 10 Laps, 12 Entries, (Lap Leaders Ryan Laye 1-10):.1.Ryan Laye, 2.Randy Linaburg, 3.Michael Warrenfeltz, 4.Mike Potts, 5.Jason Stoner, 6.Roger Whitlock Jr., 7.Justin Hottle, 8.William Kressler, 9.Adam Lyman, 10.Gage Whitsel, 11.Cody Kershner, 12.Ed Gageby

Classic Racing Series: 20 Laps, 13 Entries, (Lap Leaders Jim Crocker 1-20) 1. Jim Crocker, 2.Matt Wallace, 3.Roland Brown, 4.Steve Cantwell, 5.Charlie Summers, 6.Neal Reamer  
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