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Susquehanna Speedway Park - 6/28 Results (Read 747 times)
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Susquehanna Speedway Park - 6/28 Results
06/29/14 at 12:22pm
Susquehanna Speedway Park
June 28, 2014

Ehrhart Wins Summer Fun Late Model Championship on Saturday Night at SSP
Newberrytown, PA (June 28, 2014) – Dover’s Justin Ehrhart picked up his first victory of the season by winning the 25-lap Late Model feature at the Susquehanna Speedway Park on Saturday Night for the 9th Annual Summer Fun Championship.  Manchester’s Eddie Richards held off all challengers to claim the 25-lap Street Stock feature.  Lewistown’s Eric Parker won his first SSP victory of the season in the PA Sprint Series 20 lap feature.  Pottstown’s Davey Nester won his first Xtreme Stock Car feature in the 25 lapper.  The 15-lap Road Warrior feature was won by York’s Ricky Weaver Jr.  Zakari Kitner of York Haven claimed his third 12-lap Mini Van feature in a row as Keith Dorsey of Thurmont, MD won the Jr. Road Warrior feature.  Roy Denike of New Oxford won the exciting Figure 8 20 lapper.
Polesitter Matt Murphy brought the field to the green of the special $1,000-to-win 25-lap Late Model feature and took the lead.  Justin Ehrhart, Randy Christine Jr and J.R. Rodriguez pursued Murphy early in the race.  On the seventh circuit, Ehrhart got by Murphy to take the lead.  In the later stage of the race, runner-up Christine Jr. tried to track down Ehrhart.  At the end Ehrhart took the checkers by half a starighaway over Christine and J.R. Rodriguez in third.  Chase Billet finished in fourth, followed by Billy Wampler in fifth.  Rodriguez and Wampler were the heat race winners.  
Polesitter Eddie Richards took the early lead of the Street Stock 20-lap feature with many challengers in tow.  Potts scooted by Richards on lap 5 to take the top spot away.  With the help of a few cautions and double file restarts, Chris Derr started 19th and moved into the top spot past Potts seven laps into the race.  However, mechanical failure forced Derr from the race after leading three laps.  The beneficiary was Richards who inherited the lead on lap 10.  Richards battled Potts side-by-side for the remainder of the race with Jasen Geesaman very close behind.  A caution on lap 19 set up a one-lap shoot-out for the win.  On the restart, Richards continued to lead and took his first win of the season.  Geesaman was able to get by Potts to take the runner-up spot with Potts settling for third place.  Scott Thunberg finished fourth and Jim Palm Jr. rounding out the top five.  Geesaman and Potts were heat race victors.    
In the 20-lap PA Sprint Series feature race, Nathan Gramley took the lead at the start from the pole position.  Gramley led the first 12 circuits until Eric Parker made the move past him to take the lead.  Once in front, Parker never looked back and went on to claim the victory over runner-up Kody Lehman.  Gramley settled for third with Colby Dcie coming across the line in fourth.  Mike Wagner II rounded out the top five.  Heat race winners were Wayne Dadetto, Gramley and Parker.
The 20-lap Xtreme Stock Car feature event had the polesitter Jim Jacobs lead the first three circuits until Patrick McClane took over the top spot on lap 4.  Davey Nester took over the top spot on lap 14.  A caution flag on lap 19 set up a one lap dash to the finish.  On the restart, Nester continued to lead.  As the field exited turn four when Matt Wampler drove into the side of Patrick McClane causing a melee behind him.  With the checkered already flying for Nester who took the victory, John Frye came across the line in second before the caution was displayed along with the checkered.  The final finish had Nester taking the win with John Frye in second.  The remainder of the finish reverted back to the last completed lap which was lap 19.   Patrick McClane was awarded third, followed by Todd Knaub in fourth and Joe Racine rounding out the top five.  Matt Wampler was penalized to the rear of the lead lap for his actions on the track.  Heat race winners were Ramsey, Davey Nester and Palm.    
Daryl Sipe took the lead on the start of the Road Warrior 15 lapper with Ricky Weaver Jr. close behind.  As the leaders came up on lapped traffic, Weaver took the lead on lap 11.  Sipe did not give up and challenged to the end in lapped traffic.  Weaver took the win by half a car length over Sipe.  Tom Senseney finished third.  Kyle Rohrbaugh and Robert Wellman finished fourth and fifth respectively.  Wellman, Brown and Sipe were heat race winners.
Darryl Kump II and Zakari Kitner swapped the lead four times in the led the nine circuits of the 12-lap Mini Van race.  Zakari Kitner took the lead on the tenth lap and went on to take the win over Kump.  Roy Denike finished in third, followed by Richard Wolfe and tonya Lance in fifth.
Keith Dorsey claimed the 12-lap Junior Road Warrior feature with Remington Thompson finishing second and Michael Gebhart finishing third.      
Susquehanna Speedway Park “Big Track” Race Results from Saturday, June 28, 2014

Late Models Feature (25 laps): 1. Justin Ehrhart; 2. Randy Christine Jr.; 3. J.R. Rodriguez; 4. Chase Billet; 5. Billy Wampler; 6. Matt Murphy; 7. Jake Moser; 8. John Moser; 9. Steve Billet; 10. Jed Latshaw; 11. Matt Adams; 12. Kyle Rapp; 13. Sonny Norris; 14. Tim Murphy; 15. Devin Hart; DNS – Cameron Benyou; Drew Weisser.  
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Murphy (1-6); Ehrhart (7-25).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Rodriguez and Wampler.
Street Stocks Feature (20 laps): 1. Eddie Richards; 2. Jasen Geesaman; 3. Gary Potts; 4. Scott Thunberg; 5. Jim Palm Jr.; 6. Jimmy Combs; 7. Mark Hutchison; 8. Bobby Kupp; 9. Kevin Heckman; 10. Aaron Beard; 11. Tom Hartman; 12. Troy Myers; 13. Wayne Dutterer; 14. Eric McClane; 15. Joey Racine; 16. Ryan Smith; 17. Butch Helsel; 18. Cory Phillips; 19. Chris Derr; 20. Danny Beard.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Richards (1-4; 10-20); Potts (5-6); Derr (7-9).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Geesaman and Potts.
PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps):  1. Eric Parker; 2. Kody Lehman; 3. Nathan Gramley; 4. Colby Dice; 5. Mike Wagner II; 6. Matt Heimbach; 7. Derrick Bowersox; 8. Ken Duke; 9. Billy Ney; 10. Stephanie Stevens; 11. Tyler Lebo; 12. Donnie Hendershot; 13. Dalton Dietrich; 14. Mark Watkins; 15. Erin Statler; 16. Alex Potosky; 17. John Bordlemay; 18. Randy Kaylor; 19. Clair Wintermyer; 20. Wayne Dadetto; 21. Brandt Cook; DNS – Jimmy Strausbaugh.      
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Gramley (1-12); Parker (13-20).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Gramley; Dadetto; Parker.
Xtreme Stock Cars Feature (20 laps):  1. Davey Nester; 2. John Frye; 3. Patrick McClane; 4. Todd Knaub; 5. Joe Racine; 6. Kyle Emig; 7. Lewis Bechtold; 8. Denny Nester; 9. Mallory Duvall; 10. Matt Wampler; 11. Jim Jacobs; 12. Joe Hower; 13. Kelly Seal; 14. Mike Smith; 15. Johnny Palm; 16. Dave Goode Sr.; 17. Eric Flinchbaugh; 18. Travis Horan; 19. Steve Ramsey; DNS – Dan Snyder; Chad  Travis Horan; 2. Davey Nester; 3. John Frye; 4. Matt Wampler; 5. Todd Knaub; 6. Jim Jacobs; Chad Gracey.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Jacobs (1-3); McClane (4-13); Davey Nester (14-20).
MADISON HOUSE HARD CHARGER: Frye (+17 positions: 19th start / 2nd finish)
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Davey Nester and Horan.

Road Warriors Feature (15 laps):  1. Ricky Weaver Jr.; 2. Daryl Sipe; 3. Tom Senseney; 4. Kyle Rohrbaugh; 5. Robert Wellman; 6. Tim Osheehan; 7. Travis Brown; 8. Curt McDade; 9. Coty Marsh; 10. Jeff Foster; 11. Justin Oberlin; 12. Brandon Hedstrom; 13. Dennis Dorosz; 14. Donald Fortini; 15. Lee Redman; 16. Thomas Thompson; 17. Don Smith; 18. Mike Hedstrom; 19. Edward Sheeler; 20. Justin Cardasso; DNS – Brian Lefebvre and Ken Boose.  
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Sipe (1-10); Weaver Jr. (11-15).  
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Wellman, Brown And Sipe.
Mini Vans Feature (12 laps):  1. Zakari Kitner; 2. Daryl Kump II; 3. Roy Denike; 4. Richard Wolfe; 5. Tonya Lance.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Kump (1-2; 5-9); Kitner (3-4; 10- 12).
Jr. Road Warriors Feature (12 laps):  1. Keith Dorsey; 2. Remington Thompson; 3. Michael Gebhart.
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