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Davenport Speedway - 8/15 Results (Read 683 times)
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Davenport Speedway - 8/15 Results
08/16/14 at 3:02am
Davenport Speedway
August 15, 2014

Behning tops Davenport late models
by Mike McGuire
DAVENPORT, IA (August 15) – Brunson Behning took advantage of a timely caution flag and scored his first late model victory at the Davenport Speedway.  Behning took the lead of the Petersen Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Model feature from Chuck Hanna on lap four.

On lap nine, Ray Guss Jr. would get by Behning, but a caution flag erased the pass for the lead. On the restart, Brunson got away to a comfortable lead that he would turn into a victory.

Justin Kay made a late race charge passing both Guss and Mike Murphy Jr. to finish second. Guss came home third, followed by Murphy and Joe Zrostlik.
Doug Crampton was the winner in an exciting Milan Heating & Air IMCA Modified main. Rich Smith jumped out to the early lead of the 20-lap race. Smith and Brian Bushong would swap the lead several times throughout the first 13 laps. After starting in the sixth row, Crampton finally saw the lead on lap fourteen. Doug would lead the rest of the way to the checkers for his second win of the season.

Tony VonDresky finished in the runner-up spot, with Bushong holding on for third. Joe Beal and Bob Dominacki completed the top five.
Koehler Electric Street Stock action saw Cary Brown take his second feature win of the season. The street stock feature started with three different drivers leading the first three laps. Randy Lamar settled into the lead and survived a couple restarts until lap seven. Mike Anderson held the point until lap twelve when Brown used the low groove to take the lead. A caution on the final lap put Mike Anderson second, Randy Lamar third, and Rick Schriner fourth. Nick Claussen recovered from a mid-race incident to finish fifth.
The Hawkeye Auto IMCA SportMods did double-duty starting with a make-up feature from last week. Bryce Garnhart started fifth and jumped into the lead on lap three, on the way to his fourth feature win of the season. Jacob Beal raced to a second place finish, followed by Henry Carson, Joe Grant, and Jake Morris, in that order.

It was nearly a repeat in this week’s race. This time Garnhart started ninth, and took the lead on lap seven, after a restart. Bryce went on to capture his second win of the night and fifth of the season. Jared Miller led the first six laps of the race held on for second. Doug Burkhead, Jake Morris, and Henry Carson completed the top five.
Zach Dahl scored his first point victory of the season in the Roto-Rooter 4-Stock main. Zach took the lead following a lap seven restart and never looked back. Brandon Dahl finished second with Tristin Clark third. Luke and Jake Benischek were fourth and fifth respectively.
Next Friday, August 22nd, is Season Championship night at the Davenport Speedway. Track champions will be crowned in all five classes. The point leader in each class will be offered the Back Row Challenge, with a chance to earn extra money if they win.
Davenport Speedway
Results - August 15, 2014
IMCA Late Models
Heat 1: 1. Chuck Hanna; 2. Brunson Behning; 3. Justin Kay; 4. Marty Diercks; 5. Nate Bueseling;
Heat 2: 1. Joe Zrostlik; 2. LeRoy Brenner; 3. Ray Guss Jr.; 4. Mike Murphy Jr.; 5. Shaune Lewis;
Feature: 1. Brunson Behning; 2. Justin Kay; 3. Ray Guss Jr.; 4. Mike Murphy Jr.; 5. Joe Zrostlik; 6. Nate Bueseling; 7. Spencer Diercks; 8. Chuck Hanna; 9. Matt Ryan; 10. Todd Malmstrom; 11. Mike Zemo Jr.; 12. Shaune Lewis; 13. Cory Goldbeck; 14. Marty Diercks; 15. LeRoy Brenner; 16. Trevor Muilenburg;
IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1: 1. Bob Dominacki; 2. Matt Werner; 3. Doug Nigh; 4. Rob Dominacki; 5. Chris Zogg;
Heat 2: 1. Joe Beal; 2. Rob Henry; 3. Tony VonDresky; 4. Doug Crampton; 5. Bruce Fosdyck Sr.;
Heat 3: 1. Rich Smith; 2. Brian Bushong; 3. Mitch Morris; 4. Milo Veloz Jr.; 5. Scott Powell;
Feature: 1. Doug Crampton; 2. Tony VonDresky; 3. Brian Bushong; 4. Joe Beal; 5. Bob Dominacki; 6. Mitch Morris; 7. Rich Smith; 8. Scott Powell; 9. Steve Johnson; 10. Chris Zogg; 11. Craig Crawford; 12. Todd Dykema; 13. Doug Nigh; 14. Matt Werner; 15. Greg Wilson; 16. Milo Veloz Jr.; 17. Rob Dominacki; 18. Dustin Smith; 19. Brian Stock; 20. Bruce Fosdyck Sr.; 21. Tyler Smith; (1 DNS) (1 DQ)
Street Stocks
Heat 1: 1. Cord Williams; 2. Kevin Dickey; 3. Randy Lamar; 4. Donnie Louck; 5. Steve Cox;
Heat 2: 1. Cary Brown; 2. Rick Schriner; 3. Nick Claussen; 4. Mike Anderson; 5. Bryan Ritter;
Feature: 1. Cary Brown; 2. Mike Anderson; 3. Randy Lamar; 4. Rick Schriner; 5. Nick Claussen; 6. Donnie Louck; 7. Bryan Ritter; 8. Kevin Schloemer; 9. Jacob Whittington; 10.  Brian Wiseman; 11. Cord Williams; 12. Kevin Dickey; 13. Mark Anderson; 14. Steve Cox; (1 DNS)
IMCA Sport Mods
Make-up Feature (from Aug. 8): 1. Bryce Garnhart; 2. Jacob Beal; 3. Henry Carson; 4. Joe Grant; 5. Jake Morris; 6. Doug Burkhead; 7. Andre LaPorte; 8. Gary Rentfro; 9. Ron Cook; 10. Angie Feller; 11. Randy Farrell; 12. Jayson Wiggins; (2 DNS)
Heat 1: 1. Jacob Beal; 2. Bryce Garnhart; 3. Doug Burkhead; 4. Gary Rentfro; 5. Andre LaPorte;
Heat 2: 1. Jared Miller; 2. Jake Morris; 3. Henry Carson; 4. Joe Grant; 5. David Norton;
Feature: 1. Bryce Garnhart; 2. Jared Miller; 3. Doug Burkhead; 4. Jake Morris; 5. Henry Carson; 6. Jacob Beal;  7. Joe Grant; 8. Andre LaPorte; 9. Gary Rentfro; 10. Angie Feller; 11. Randy Farrell; 12. David Norton; 13. Ron Cook; (1 DNS)
Heat 1: 1. Andy Loy; 2. Eric Stogdell; 3. Allen Morris; 4. Tristan Clark; 5. Richard Dearborn;
Heat 2: 1. Jake Benischek; 2. Steve Boyle; 3. Brandon Dahl; 4. Luke Benischek; 5. Sean Fersch;
Feature: 1. Zach Dahl; 2. Brandon Dahl; 3. Tristin Clark; 4. Luke Benischek; 5. Jake Benischek; 6. Sean Fersch; 7. Eric Stogdell; 8. Allen Morris; 9. Steve Boyle; 10. Cody Brewster; 11. Andy Loy; 12. Richard Dearborn;
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