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UFo at Port Royal Speedway - 7/18 Results (Read 1490 times)
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UFo at Port Royal Speedway - 7/18 Results
07/18/15 at 11:19pm
UFO Late Models
Port Royal Speedway
July 18, 2015

Friese Powers to 1st Port Royal Win at UFo Tri-Star Sizzler

UFo Championship
PORT ROYAL, PA (July 18) - Devin Friese outraced Dan Stone to win the UFo "Tri-Star Sizzler" at Port Royal Speedway Saturday night.   The $3,000 first prize was also Friese's first win on the half-mile superspeedway.

Dan Stone and Port Royal point leader Mike Lupfer shared the front row for the start of the UFO feature event and Lupfer took the lead on the first circuit. But Stone, who finished second a week ago, was stout around the top groove and motored by Lupfer for control on the third circuit.

And shortly after he got the lead and completed the lap, UFO point leader Mike Altobelli Jr. stopped on the track, unfurling the yellow flag. Dylan Yoder had been on the move prior to the yellow, working up to third and challenging for second only to see the yellow force him back to fourth.

On the restart, Trent Brenneman applied considerable pressure to Stone for the lead, racing on his bumper a lane lower for two laps before Stone pulled away. In the meantime a four car race for second began between Brenneman, Friese, Yoder and Jason Schmidt. Yoder found Friese slipping by for third only to force him to re-pass him for the spot, which he did shortly after before running down Brenneman for second on the 17th tour.

Yoder took second and began slicing a half-second a lap off of Stone's advantage and had him in the same corner when he suddenly lost power with 13 laps to go, handing second to Friese.

On the double file restart, Friese pounced when action resumed. Friese went to Stone's inside as the pair rolled into turn one and Friese stuck with Stone deep into turn three and as the pair raced through the fourth corner, Stone slipped up over the cushion and relinquished the top spot.

Friese then pulled away to the finish to win by 2.080 seconds. Jason Schmidt put together a good run to finish third followed by 11th starter Coleby Frye and Nick Dickson. Sixth through 10th went to Matt Parks, 13th starting Brett Schadel, Lupfer, 17th starting Tim Smith Jr. and 22nd starting Justin Kann.

Heats for the 28-car field went to Yoder, Andy Haus and Frye with Dan Angelicchio taking the consolation race.

Complete information on the UFo Championship may be found at www.ufochampionship.com.

1 12 Devin Friese
2 21D Dan Stone
3 11 Jason Schmidt
4 0 Coleby Frye
5 17 Nick Dickson
6 15P Matt Parks
7 22 Brett Schadel
8 06 Mike Lupfer
9 39 Tim Smith Jr.
10 66 Justin Kann
11 33 Trent Brenneman
12 3 Tim Wilson
13 14 Dan Angelicchio
14 119B Bryan Bernheisel
15 5E Glenn Elliott
16 4P Patrick Bryner
17 7 Mitch Hack
18 82 Andy Fries
19 M1 Mike Mort
20 24 Dylan Yoder
21 5W Waylon Wagner
22 79 Michael Alltobelli
23 0B Larry Baer
24 76 Andy Haus

1 14 Dan Angelicchio
2 5E Glenn Elliott
3 5W Waylon Wagner
4 66 Justin Kann
5 15 Scott Flickinger
6 49 Eric Zembower
7 M1 Mike Mort
8 0B Larry Baer
dns 1T Tim Murphy
dns 25S Steve Bailor

Heat #1
1 24 Dylan Yoder
2 33 Trent Brenneman
3 12 Devin Friese
4 21D Dan Stone
5 22 Brett Schadel
6 79 Michael Alltobelli
7 14 Dan Angelicchio
8 15 Scott Flickinger
9 66 Justin Kann
10 M1 Mike Mort

Heat #2
1 76 Andy Haus
2 17 Nick Dickson
3 15P Matt Parks
4 06 Mike Lupfer
5 4P Patrick Bryner
6 39 Tim Smith Jr
7 5W Waylon Wagner
8 1T Tim Murphy
9 5E Glenn Elliott

Heat #3
1 0 Coleby Frye
2 119B Bryan Bernheisel
3 3 Tim Wilson
4 11 Jason Schmidt
5 82 Andy Fries
6 7 Mitch Hack
7 0B Larry Baer
8 49 Eric Zembower
9 25S Steve Bailor

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