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Elkins Raceway - 7/18 Results (Read 1033 times)
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Elkins Raceway - 7/18 Results
07/19/15 at 10:40pm
Elkins Raceway
July 18, 2015

Mason Zeigler wins Skidmore Memorial at Elkins

Elkins Raceway
KERENS, WV (July 18) Two great crowds and two great nights of racing at the Elkins Raceway for the 5th annual Richard Skidmore Memorial weekend. Plus on Saturday door panels donated by Shane Hitt, Tim Senic (3, one including the pink #99 driven by Tim Hitt) Chuck Harper (2), Garrett Paugh (2), Kris Southern and Cody Hardesty were auctioned off and gained $690 for the Wounded Warriors Project!

On Friday the first ever visit from the FASTRAK Mid Ohio Valley Touring Series for the Richard Skidmore Memorial 40. As 27 Budweiser FASTRAK Late Models took time trials with Ryan Montgomery tripping the clock at 15.69. He also gained an extra $100 courtesy of Bobby Lake Motorsports. A J Spagnuolo, Montgomery, C J Johnson, and Booper Bare notched heat victories. Derek Rogers grabbed the consy.

Montgomery took the point with Spagnuolo, B. Bare, Johnson and Tyler Bare in tow. With a caution on lap four, on the restart, Spagnuolo jumped to the front with T. Bare, Montgomery, B. Bare and Kris Southern now the top five. Montgomery grabbed second on lap five, and retook the first slot on the restart of lap ten. Yellows fell on circuits 13,14,18 and 19. On the restart of lap 19 Montgomery, Daniel Hill (from tenth) B. Bare, T. Bare and Southern filled the top five. Two more cautions waved on go rounds 22 and the restart. Hill turned up the heat on Montgomery as the duo raged war for the lead. On lap 29 Hill pinned Montgomery behind a lapped car and took command. Hill would fend off Montgomery the final circuits to apparently claim the $2,000 check. Upon post race inspection, Hill was found to have a valve spring height wrong. FASTRAK rules states: valve spring height has to be a minimum of 1.780”. Hill’s was 1.775” This was an error from the engine builder. With the rules infraction Hill had to forfeit the win. Ryan Montgomery driving the Oleskas Auto Body / Jack’s Recycling #RJ1 would be declared the winner. B. Bare, Southern, T. Bare, and Jamie McCloud completed the top five.

The Jenkins Ford Super Late Models saw 23 sign in for the Topless 35 worth $2,000 to the winner. Paul Wilmoth Jr., Billy Holbert and Steve Wilmoth took prelim honors. On the first try a multi car pileup reset the field for a second attempt. Before the green waved S. Wilmoth took his machine pit side with an ailing motor. The third times a charm with P. Wilmoth, Bob Gordon, Holberty, Chuck Harper and Mason Zeigler the early top five. Wilmoth set blistering pace as he caught the tail of the field by lap six. While battles went on behind him Wilmoth darted in and around traffic. Zeigler had worked his way to the front and snared second on lap 19. A lap 20 caution had Wilmoth, Zeigler, Harper, Gordon and Cody Hardesty filling the top five. Zeigler picked up the pace and peeked under Wilmoth on circuit 25. Wilmoth continued to fend Zeigler off, but Zeigler would not go away. With two to go, Zeigler again stuck his nose under Wilmoth, but the door slammed shut. Coming to the checkers, Zeigler shot to the top of the track in turns three and four, but drifted too high as Hardesty shot under him for second. In his familiar #B1, Wilmoth now sports a black Scott Bloomquist chassis with Octane Race Products on the Gambler’s car. Tim Senic and Harper were fourth and fifth.

Dustin Isner was the leader at the drop of the green in the Performance Motors Modified finale. But third starting Brent Trimble would take the position on lap three. Trimble would drive on to place his H & R Block / BB & T Auto Crushers #1B in victory lane for the seventh time this year. Dave Defibaugh climbed from ninth to finish second. Isner, Steve Stover and Kenny Rowback completed the top five.

In the West Virginia Pools Street Stocks, Scott Bittinger lead flag to flag for the apparent win. But in post race inspection, an illegal rear end would in turn give Rick Knicely the victory. It was the Rastle Auto Parts / S T & E Environmental #00 driver’s first career win. Jamie Keene, Brad Harris, Erin Ramsey (in her first ever drive), and Chad Judy were second through fifth.

With only six Miller’s Used Cars Mod Lites signing in, a feature only was ran. The Hillbilly Truck Repair / Vandergrift Auto Repair #26 of John Cogar sat in victory lane. As he bested Mitch Ward, Logan Hitt, Ryan Harris, Beau Newlon and Dean Ward.

In the BCT Construction Mini Wedges “A” Group a very scarey moment happened in the feature as the field bunched up on the back straight four wide, contact was made sending Khole Howell flipping eight times, and then slammed by another car. Luckliy the cage did it’s job perfectly and Khole not only walked across the infield, he returned Saturday night in another kart and raced. Abby Watson in the John Watson Trucking / High Lines Escort Service #93 would claim her fourth first place trophy.

In the “B” group Pressley Wilt driving the Extreme Plastics Plus / Shalewater Solutions beat Abbie Hudler - Pennington, Blake Runyon, Kelsey Tincher, Madison Taylor and Madison Godwin to the line.

On Saturday the 5th annual Richard Skidmore Memorial with $5,000 up for grabs in the Jenkins Ford Super Late Models took center stage. Current track record holder (set in this race in 2013 of 14.13) Mason Zeigler received $150 on behalf of Quicktime Suspension with a time of 14.73. Charlie George and Bob Gordon were heat winners. Cody Hardesty claimed the dash and $200 courtesy of Precision Pre Owned Auto. At the drop of the green Zeigler, Hardesty, Jared Hawkins, Tim Senic and Paul Wilmoth Jr. quickly filled the top five slots. With cautions slowing action on laps four, six, and nine, Zeigler continued to show the way. Senic and Hawkins battled side by side for a few laps until Senic snared third on lap 19. Zeigler was still on the point as Senic caught and passed Hardesty on circuit 27. Senic tried to cut into the 2.4 second margin as the caution waved on lap 32. The green returned as Senic applied heavy pressure as he closed in on Zeigler. On lap 36 they were dead even at the stripe. The duo would not be more than a car length apart as the crowd were on their feet. Lap after lap Senic tried to gain any advantage, but Zeigler turned him away each try. On the 50th go round Zeigler in the Pannell Motorsports / Ohio Pyle Vacation Rentals #25Z collected the ckeckerboard and the $5,000 check. Senic had to settle for second. Hardesty, Wilmoth, and Hawkins would finish the top five. Senic was named Leggett Refrigeration Hard Charger and pocketed an extra $100. Now 56 drivers have competed in the Skidmore races. With Dusty Hamrick not making the field this year, Zeigler, Senic and Billy Holbert are the only three drivers to make all five events.

Many of the Budweiser FASTRAK drivers that were at the track Friday returned for the $1,000 to win race Saturday. In hands down the best race of the weekend the top five Jamie McCloud Rick Solari, Derek Rogers, Tyler Bare and Ryan Montgomery were side by side, and nose to tail nearly the entire distance. The war at the front raged two by two with Montgomery lurking in the shadows. Then on lap 18 McCloud started to come around in turn, and Rogers would help the motion. Both cars were sent to the tail. That would hand the lead to Solari. Tyler Bare, Montgomery, Kris Southern and Tyler Stutler squared off for the finals circuits. Solari, (in his only his second visit to the Kerens track, he was their Friday) was poised to take the checkers. Bare in the Blue Grass Farm / Rhodenizer Heating & Air #30 would climb to the high side driving into turns three and four. With momentum on his side, Bare streaked by Solari for the win. Montgomery was third, Southern and Stutler were fourth and fifth.

It was déjà vu all over again in the Performance Motors Modifeids. Brent Trimble driving the H & R Block / Estel Contracting #1B made a clean sweep of the weekend taking both his heats and both features. Dave Defibaugh would finish second again. Derek Dusenberry, Mike Murphy and Dustin Isner were third through fifth.

Ryan Watson and John Tallman Jr. didn’t want to be outdone in the West Virginia Pools Street Stocks as they fought tooth and nail the entire distance for the front spot. Tallman tried everything he could, but Watson held off the challenges. Watson piloting the Watson Racing #93 added his second checkers to the wall. Tallman crossed in second. Jamie Keene was third, Brad Harris fourth and Johnny Singleton was fifth.

As on Friday only seven Miller’s Used Cars Mod Lites signed in as they ran a feature only. The results were flipped flopped from the night before as Mitch Ward in the Ward Welding and Fabrication / E & S Contracting beat John Cogar to the line. Third through fifth were, Logan Hitt, Ryan Harris and Beau Newlon.

In the B C T Construction Mini Wedge “B” group, Landon Marple claimed his first career first place trophy.

The B C T Construction Mini Wedges “A” group was pulled from the track by Mini Wedge officials and will run double features next week.

Next week the re-re-re scheduled Mid Season Championship with double points in all classes will be the highlight.

And as always for all the latest information like us on face book, Elkins Raceway.


Jenkins Ford Super Late Models (23)
Heat 1: Paul Wilmoth Jr., Bob Gordon, Chuck Harper, Tim Senic, Cody Rogers, Nick Corley, Billy Brown. DNS: Dusty Swecker.
Heat 2: Billy Holbert, Gary Dalton, Cody Hardesty, Shane Hitt, Charlie George, Dusty Hamrick, Robbie Scott, Joey Jenkins.
Heat 3: Steve Wilmoth, Bob Hershman, Mason Zeigler, Skip Hare, Joe Cox, Shaun Poling, Jared Hawkins.

Feature: P. Wilmot (2), Hardesty, Zeigler, Senic, Harper, Hamrick, Holbert, Cox, Gordon, George, Corley, Brown, Jenkins, Hershman, Poling, Swecker, Dalton, Hawkins, Scott, S. Wilmoth, Hitt, Hare. DNS: Rogers.

Jenkins Ford Super Late Models (17)
Heat 1: Charlie George, Jacob Hawkins, Robbie Scott, Cody Rogers, Dusty Secker, Dusty Hamrick.
Heat 2: Bob Gordon, Shane Hitt, Billy Holbert, Joe Cox, Shaun Poling.
Dash: Cody Hardesty, Mason Zeigler, Paul Wilmoth Jr., Jared Hawkins, Tim Senic, Chuck Harper.

Feature: Zeigler, Senic, Hardesty, Wilmoth, Jared Hawkins, Harper, George, Scott, Holbert, Cox, Gordon, Jacob Hawkins, Rogers, Poling, Swecker, Hitt. DNS: Hamrick.

Quicktime Suspension Time Trials:

#25Z Mason Zeigler 15.09 14.73*
#20 Jacob Hawkins 14.86 14.73
#B1 Paul Wilmoth Jr. 15.10 14.86
#S2 Tim Senic 15.10 14.99
#53 Cody Hardesty 15.10 15.09
#00H Chuck Harper 15.36 15.10
#18 Robbie Scott 63.63 15.10
#31 Bob Gordon 16.40 15.23
#98 Charlie George 15.36 15.23
#41 Joe Cox 15.49 15.36
#X Dusty Hamrick 15.50 15.36
#20 Jacob Hawkins 15.36 15.36
#5* Shane Hitt 15.50 15.36
#7 Billy Holbert 15.50 15.49
#22 Cody Rogers 15.90 15.89
#21S Dusty Swecker 16.93 16.40
#74 Shaun Poling 22.20 22.19

Budweiser FASTRAK (27)
Heat 1: A J Spagnuolo, Kris Southern, Joel Prosser, Michael Bland, Derek Rogers, Michael Lake, Joe Bowie.
Heat 2: Ryan Montgomery, Tyler Bare, Daniel Hill, Greg Hicks, Garrett Paugh,
Dylan Lewis, Stanley Spooner.
Heat 3: C J Johnson, Jamie McCloud, Shane Greco, Derrick Shaw, Rick Solari, Tyler Stutler, Troy Frazier.
Heat 4: Booper Bare, Chad Green, Trey Watson, Joey McClung, Eddie Starkey, Brian Youtzy.
Consy: Rogers, Solari, Stutler, Lewis, Bowie, Starkey, Youtzy, Spooner, Frazier, Paugh. DNS: McClung, Lake, Shaw.

Feature: Montgomery, B. Bare, Southern, T. Bare, McCloud, Prosser, Bland, Greco, Solari, Shaw, Lewis, McClung, Starkey, Bowie, Youtzy, Hicks, Spagnuolo, Stutler, Green, Spooner, Watson, Johnson, Rogers. DQed: Hill.

Bobby Lake Motorsports Time Trials

#RJ1 Ryan Montgomery 16.03 15.69*
#8 Daniel Hill 15.88 15.69
#30 Tyler Bare 15.96 15.79
#5A A J Spagnuolo 16.14 15.90
#33G Shane Greco 15.91 15.90
#21JT C J Johnson 16.51 15.96
#99 Rick Solari 16.00 15.96
#00 Booper Bare 16.01 15.96
#K2 Kris Southern 16.15 15.98
#2 Michael Band 16.11 16.00
#88 Chad Green 16.08 16.00
#03 Garrett Paugh 16.10 16.05
#1H Greg Hicks 16.25 16.06
#37 Jamie McCloud 16.16 16.06
#77 Joel Prosser 16.28 16.15
#27 Michael Lake 16.46 16.20
#14T Tyler Stutler 16.25 16.20
#23D Derek Rogers 16.41 16.23
#93 Derrick Shaw 16.43 16.28
#T17 Trey Watson 16.40 16.33
#44L Dylan Lewis 16.58 16.38
#7X Joey McClung 17.80 16.48
#6 Joe Bowie 16.75 16.50
#0 Troy Frazier 16.95 16.65
#3 Stanley Spooner 17.11 17.01
#58 Eddie Starkey 17.20 17.06
#44Y Brian Youtzy 17.58 17.28

Budweiser FASTRAK (17)
Heat 1; Rick Solari, Tyler Stutler, Booper Bare, Kris Southern, Trey Watson, Derrick Shaw, Troy Frazier, Chuck Kimble, Brian Youtzy.
Heat 2: Jamie McCloud, Derek Rogers, Tyler Bare, Ryan Montgomery, Joel Prosser, Joey McClung, Eddie Starkey, Jason Skipper.

Feature: T. Bare, Solari, Montgomery, Southern, Stutler, McClung, McCloud, Frazier, Skipper, Starkey, Stutlr, Prosser, Shaw, Rogers, Youtzy. DNS: Kimble.

Performance Motors Modifieds (20)
Heat 1: James Nelson, Bob Williams, Robin Maxson, Josh Revels, Larry Atha, Nick Wilson, Del Cunningham.
Heat 2: Dustin Isner, Kenny Rowback, Steve Stover, Joel Rogers, Tyler Payne, Levi Nolan, Keith Miller.
Heat 3: Brent Trimble, Randy Bohan, Dave Defibaugh, Phill Jeffries, Bill VanDeVander, Tracy Cooper.

Feature: Trimble (7), Defibaugh, Isner, Stover, Rowback, Maxson, Cooper, Bohan, Atha, Rogers, Cunningham, Payne, VanDeVander, Nolan, Nelson, Revels, Jeffries, Wilson, Williams. DNS: Miller.

Performance Motors Modifieds (11)
Heat 1: Brent Trimble, Randy Bohan, Derek Dusenberry, Mike Murphy, Robin Maxson. DNS: Larry Atha.
Heat 2: Dave Defibaugh, Dustin Isner, James Nelson, Tylaer Payne. DNS: Kenny Rowback.

Feature: Trimble (8), Defibaugh, Dusenberry, Murphy, Isner, Nelson, Maxson, Atha, Payne, Bohan. DNS: Rowback.

West Virginia Pools Street Stocks (16)
Heat 1: Anthony Arbogast, Jamie Keene, Chad Judy, Ricky Vest, Ryan Gum, Bobby Isner. DNS: Ryan Watson. DQed: Scott Bittinger.
Heat 2; John Tallman Jr., Josh Rovello, Brad Harris, Rick Knicely, Erin Ramsey, Jimmy Singleton, Josh Mullenax, Brian Blake.

Feature: Knicely, Keene, Harris, Ramsey, Judy, Vest, Singleton, Gum, Blake, Rovello, Mullenaax, Tallman, Arbogast. DNS: Watson, Isner. DQed: Bittinger.

West Virginia Pools Street Stocks (14)
Heat 1: John Tallman Jr., Jimmy Singleton, Jamie Keene, Robert Isner, Spec Yokum, Steve Ramsey. DNS: Ricky Vest.
Heat 2: Ryan Watson, Anthony Arbogast, Chad Judy, Brad Harris, Josh Rovello, Rick Knicely, Ryan Gum.
Feature: Watson (2), Tallman, Keene, Harris, Singleton, Rovello, Judy, Arbogast, Yokum, Vest, Knicely, Isner, Gum. DNS: Ramsey.

Miller’s Used Cars Mod Lites (6)
Feature: John Cogar, Mitch Ward, Logan Hitt, Ryan Harris, Beau Newlon, Dean Ward.

Miller’s Used Cars Mod Lites (7)
Feature: Mitch Ward (3), John Cogar, Logan Hitt, Ryan Harris, Beau Newlon, Dean Ward, Gabe Phillips.

BCT Construction Mini Wedge “B” Group (6)
Feature: Pressley Wilt (3), Abbie Hudler-Pennington, Blake Runyon, Kelsey Tincher, Madison Taylor, Madison Godwin.

BCT Construction “A” Group (16)
Feature: Abby Watson (4)

BCT Construction Mini Wedges “B” Group (7)
Feature: Landon Marple.

BCT Construction Mini Wedges “A” Group (14)
Feature: Stopped, double features next week.
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