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Shane Clanton takes the Dick Litz Memorial at Eriez Speedway (Read 2356 times)
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Shane Clanton takes the Dick Litz Memorial at Eriez Speedway
09/27/15 at 1:37pm
Eriez Speedway
September 26, 2015

Shane Clanton takes the Dick Litz Memorial at Eriez Speedway

by Jay Pees
HAMMETT, PA, (September 26) - A Georgia Bulldog, AKA Shane Clanton, came to Pennsylvania and harvested a bumper crop of cash worth $6500 when he dominated action at the 3rd Annual September Sweep for the Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models Dick Litz Memorial at Eriez Speedway. Max Blair finished his domination of Bonnell Collision RUSH Crate Late Model features at Eriez, winning his seventh event of the season, including three special events, this one worth $3000, taking the lead from rising star Wyatt Scott on lap five of the thirty lapper.

Georgia’s Shane Clanton and Pennsylvania’s Max Blair brought the Dick Litz Memorial to green for forty laps for a $6000 payoff. Niemeyer’s Garage added $500 to up the payoff to $6500. Clanton assumed the lead at green with Bump Hedman coming to second. At the end of two Max Blair was third with Chad Valone fourth and Chub Frank fifth. At nine Jason DuPont slowed to a stop in turn four just as the leaders were coming into lapped traffic. Clanton started stretching his lead after green with Hedman holding second while Blair and Frank fought over third with Frank holding it at twelve complete. At thirteen laps in Boom Briggs was gaining positions using the outside line but tangled with the car of Chad Valone and spun heading into turn three. After green Frank came to second with Clanton opening a lead. Charles Powell and Jason DuPont wrecked coming out of turn four with fourteen complete. The front five was now Clanton, Frank, Hedman, Blair, and Steve Kania. At eighteen Clanton had a half straight lead that evaporated when Jared Miley slowed in turn one with mechanical troubles. After green Hedman again got back to second then Bob Dorman spun in turn three at the halfway point. During the caution Frank suffered a flat left rear and headed pitside for a change. At 21 laps Kania drove by Rob Blair for third and two laps later night one winner Greg Oakes got by Chad Wright for fifth. Oakes came to fourth ahead of Rob Blair at twenty eight complete. With nine left Clanton came into lapped traffic then Oakes advanced to third at thirty three. With the checkers in the air Clanton scored the win over Hedman narrowly over the fast closing Oakes. Robbie Blair just got by Steve Kania at the line for fourth.

Mike Mitchell and Wyatt Scott brought the 24-car Bonnell Collision Center RUSH Crate Late Model field to green with Scott leading lap one of the thirty lapper paying $3000 to the winner. After a caution at lap one Scott again led with Max Blair coming to second at the end of lap two then next to the leader at lap three through the end of lap four. The leaders got together coming out of two on lap five with Blair getting damage and the lead and Scott then falling into second. Doug Ricotta and Matt Latta got together in turn one, spinning and slowing the field again under caution. During the caution Eric Andrus needed pushed from the track. After green Randy Hall came to second with Dave Lyon getting into the front wall at seven but not suffering damage. At nine complete the order was Blair, Hall, Scott, Mitchell, and Chad Wright when caution flew when Jimmy Johnson, spun in turn four. Wright came to fourth at ten complete. Then at thirteen laps Scott Gurdak, Jamie Brown, Matt Harvey, and Bob Pifer piled up in turn four. With fourteen laps scored Wright got by Scott for third while Blair was opening a lead on Hall. Dave Lyon came to fifth at lap 19 with Jason Genco to sixth at lap twenty, all the way from 21st on the grid. Lyon got by Scott for fourth with five remaining then Mike Knight replaced Lyon for fourth. Wright displaced Hall for second with two to go but Blair was headed to the win. Wright got a hard won second all the way from eleventh with Hall third, Knight fourth, and Lyon fifth.

Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models Dick Litz Memorial:
Heat 1: Chad Wright, Bump Hedman, Charles Powell, Bob Dorman, Darrell Bossard, John Lobb, John Lacki, Dutch Davies
Heat 2: Steve Kania, Chad Valone, Greg Oakes, Jason DuPont, Russ King, Andy Boozel, Ryan Scott, Bobby Rohrer
Heat 3: Shane Clanton, Boom Briggs, Rob Blair, Rich Gardner, John Volpe, Mike Knight, Brent Rhebergen, Paul Briggs
Heat 4: Chub Frank, Max Blair, Chris Hackett, Jared Miley, Matt Urban, David Scott, Kyle Bedell, Brandon Porter
B-Main 1: John Volpe, Mike Knight, Darrell Bossard, John Lobb, John Lacki, Brent Rhebergen, Paul Briggs
B-Main 2: Russ King, David Scott, Matt Urban, Andy Boozel, Ryan Scott, Kyle Bedell, Bobby Rohrer (DNS)
Feature: Shane Clanton, Bump Hedman, Greg Oakes, Rob Blair, Steve Kania, Russ King, John Volpe, David Scott, Chad Wright, Chad Valone, Darrell Bossard, Rich Gardner, Matt Urban, Chub Star, Boom Briggs, Ryan Scott, Brent Rhebergen, Chris Hackett, Charles Powell, Bob Dorman, Max Blair, Jason DuPont, Jared Miley, Mike Knight

Bonnell Collision RUSH Crate Late Models:
B-Main 1: Jason Genco, Wayne Robertson, Khole Wanzer, Joe Long, Mike Lozowski, Clay Ruffo, Darrell Bossard, Jon Rivers (DNS)
B-Main 2: Jimmy Johnson, Breyton Santee, Wayne Mohawk, Newt Tackett, T J Downes, Nathan Earle, Kevin Hill (DNS), Mark Tatalovic (DNS)
Feature: Max Blair, Chad Wright, Randy Hall, Mike Knight, Dave Lyon, Jason Genco, Wyatt Scott, Billy Henry, Wayne Robertson, Eric Wilson, Ward Schell, Matt Latta, Mikey Wonderling, Jimmy Johnson, Doug Ricotta, Breyton Santee, Bob Pifer, Kyle Zimmerman, Michael Mitchell, Scott Gurdak, Bruce Hordusky, Matt Harvey, Jamie Brown, Eric Andrus

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