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Hagerstown Speedway - 10/24 Results (Read 2937 times)
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Hagerstown Speedway - 10/24 Results
10/24/15 at 12:16am
Hagerstown Speedway
October 23, 2015

Winters leads all 40 laps of Ernie D's Fall Bash to pocket $5,000

Hagerstown Speedway
HAGERSTOWN, MD (October 24) - Winning the first heat from third and then leading all 40 laps of Saturday’s 2nd Annual Ernie D’s Fall Bash from the pole, Marvin Winters picked up $5,000 for his efforts, his third triumph of the season. He held off Kyle Hardy, Trever Feathers, Gregg Satterlee and at the end it was Dylan Yoder who trailed at the checkered by 1.29 seconds.

“This is the best season I’ve ever had, I’m sure,” Winters said. “But I have to give all the credit to the ones that work on the car; Gerry Barges, my son Colby, my wife Dana; she does a great job lettering and makes it look good, Mark Smith with his shocks and Tex Shaffer, he owns the car and gives us what we need to race every week and I appreciate that.”
The two night Fall Bash signified the end of the season for Hagerstown Speedway/Dirt Capitol LLC with exception of the Awards Banquet to be held December 5th.

Defending Bash winner Justin Weaver picked up $1,200 for his fifth season triumph while Sean Dawson led all the way in the non-stop Pure Stock features while Justin Cullum and Danny Holmes split the two All American Outlaws features.

On the initial Late Model start, Andy Anderson got help to spin in turn four of the opening lap. On the restart, a melee ensued with a dozen cars scattered off turn four with Keith Jackson, Anderson and Gene Knaub requiring the use of a tow truck to remove them from the scene. The next try saw Tyler Hershey spin in four and the final try had Kyle Hardy called for jumping the start and sent back five rows.  

Winters took off with Trever Feathers, Dylan Yoder, Gregg Satterlee and Devin Friese following. He pulled away more than four seconds by the14th lap when arriving at the back of the field and steadily maneuvered the rear cars while Satterlee had just moved past Feathers and began to reel him in.

While Winters was occupied with traffic, Satterlee had closed to three lengths by the 26th lap with the yellow coming out two laps later when Hardy slowed to a stop.

“You have to be concerned when Gregg Satterlee is behind you, he’s a tough customer,” Winters said. “Once the rubber came in I thought if I stay in line I might be okay and then I ran up on the lapped cars and I couldn’t pass. I figured he’d have a shot at me but luckily we got the caution that helped me.”

On the restart Satterlee was slow coming up to speed and positions changed in the order as Yoder quickly moved into the runner up spot with Friese to third before Satterlee got into position. Winters and Yoder drove away from Friese by more than five seconds but Yoder settled for the runner up position. Kenny Pettyjohn took the fifth spot from Feathers with two to go.

Winters, Hardy, Satterlee and Anderson were the heat winners with Brian Tavenner taking the consolation win. Satterlee set fast time of 20.067 seconds for the 33 entries. Promoter Ernie Davis added Glenn Elliott as a provisional.

The 20-Lap $1,200 to win Late Model Sportsman line up had Kyle Lee and D.J. Myers on the front row as it took several tries to get a lap completed as besides several incidents, one for Myers jumping the start and then Mother Nature began sprinkling for several minutes and additional laps were turned to regroom the track.

Lee pulled to the front as Weaver took second from David Williams on the fourth lap and took over the lead when the sixth lap was for Lee, who encountered a spun car sitting sideways in the third turn and spun trying to avoid but slid into it sideways but able to tag the rear of the field.

Weaver charged on while 2015 track champion Scott Palmer passed Williams for second on the ninth lap but could not get close enough to challenge. Weaver continued to hold a comfortable lead and went on to win by 1.35 seconds as Palmer settled for the runner up position, the same as in last years event.

“I spent two weeks straight all night trying to get better and better and we’re getting there,” Weaver said. “Everybody helps on this thing; I can’t thank them enough.”

Lee, Myers and Allen Brannon were the heat winners with Matt Nailor taking the consolation win. Promoter Davis added Garrett Walls and Brayden Anderson to the starting field.

Mike Desch and Dawson were the Pure Stock heat winners and occupied the front row of the $600 to win feature as Dawson pulled to the front but he had challengers with Desch and Brandon Churchey hot in pursuit with Mike Potts and defending winner Mike Corbin not far behind. Dawson had no room for error as Churchey took second on the sixth lap and pulled alongside several times but could not lead at the flag stand. Desch came back to retake the runner up spot on the13th lap with Churchey, Potts and Corbin completing the top five.

“The last time I won here was 15 years ago in a Hub City race in a four cylinder so it’s been a little while,” Dawson said. “This is special.”

In the first All American Outlaw feature, Randy Doty was leading with Bryan Green trailing by a half stretch. Following a 14th lap restart, Green got his bumper tangled with Doty with a resulting red flag for a hard crash at the end of the backstretch involving the top six runners and heavy damage to several.  Justin Cullum went on to claim the win over Danny Holmes who was third and missed the incident.

Holmes led the second feature all the way over Jeff McCauley who was passed by Brad Shank on the final lap.

The latest news, results, photos, schedule or rule changes can found be on the speedway’s website: www.hagerstownspeedway.com.  Also check the website for any changes in weather conditions that may delay or cancel the program or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.

Hagerstown Speedway/Dirt Capitol Results
2nd Annual Ernie D’s Fall Bash

Late Models

A-Main (40 Laps)
1. Marvin Winters
2. Dylan Yoder
3. Devin Friese
4. Gregg Satterlee
5. Kenny Pettyjohn
6. Trever Feathers
7. Jason Covert
8. Jamie Lathroum
9. Brad Omps
10. Dan Stone
11. Jason Miller
12. Brian Tavenner
13. Gary Stuhler
14. Allen Brannon
15. Mason Zeigler
16. Ross Robinson
17. Mark Pettyjohn
18. Glenn Elliott
19. D.J. Troutman
20. Tyler Hershey
21. Andy Anderson
22. Keith  Jackson
23. Gene Knaub
24. Dan Angelicchio
DQ- Kyle Hardy- Unsportsman Conduct,
DNQ – Donald Lingo Jr., Jerry Bard, Andy Fries, C.S. Fitzgerald, Jim Yoder, Pancho Lawler, Matt Sponaugle, Steve Axtell Jr.

Late Model Sportsman, 20 Laps: 1. Justin Weaver, 2. Scott Palmer, 3. D.J. Myers, 4. Kyle Lear, 5. Kyle Lee, 6. Jimmy Jesmer Jr. 7. Andrew Yoder, 8.Daryl Hills, 9. Jonathan DeHaven, 10. Bernie Beard, 11.David Williams, 12.Cody Lear, 13.Kevin Palmer, 14.Darrell Dick, 15.Dan Zechman, 16.Kris Eaton, 17.Brent Smith, 18.Allen Brannon, 19.Mitch Miller, 20.Garrett Walls, 21.Chad Julius, 22.Matt Naylor, 23.Sammy Rial, 24.Rance Garlock, 25.Bruce Kane, 26.Brayden Anderson,  DNQ – Kenneth Yoder, Joe Westerman Jr., John Rowland, Gino Comi, Don Woodruff  

Pure Stocks, 15 Laps: 1.Sean Dawson, 2.Mike Desch, 3.Brandon Churchey, 4.Mike Potts, 5.Mike Corbin, 6.Craig Parrill, 7.Jamie Zentmyer,8.Boyd Brode, 9.Jamey Swank, 10.Ronnie Garlock, 11.Jesse Snyder, 12.Barry Williams Sr., 13.Walter Lemmon, 14.Zane Weicht

All American Outlaws #1, 20 Laps: 1.Justin Cullum, 2.Danny Holmes, 3.Scott Jorda, 4.Brad Shank, 5.Jeff McCauley, 6.Tony Jorda, 7.Randy Doty, 8.Bryan Green, 9.Jim Minter, 10.Hunter Nestor,  DNS-Tim Fake
All American Outlaws #2, 8 Laps: 1.Danny Holmes, 2.Brad Shank , 3.Jeff McCauley, 4.Tim Fake, 5.Tony Jorda
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Hagerstown Speedway - 10/23 Results
Reply #1 - 10/25/15 at 1:19am
Hagerstown Speedway
October 23, 2015

Brannon posts Crate Late Model triumph in Ernie's Fall Bash at Hagerstown

Hagerstown Speedway
HAGERSTOWN, MD (October 23) – In Friday’s night one of the 2nd Annual Ernie D’s Fall Bash, Allen Brannon, aboard the Leo Nichols Crate Late Model, took charge of the 20-lap feature on the fifth lap and continued on to post the triumph by 5.62 seconds over Dan Angelicchio. Winchester, Va.’s Brannon started from the fifth position and passed polesitter Tyler Bare and later stretched out his lead following an 11th lap caution.

“I had Evan on the back straightaway and Brian on the front straightway telling me about my lead,” Brannon said. “I wanted to run this car tonight and kind of get the feel of it and see what another car would feel like. The car feels good.”

The Hobby Stock feature was won by Alex Boozel who made it two for two, having won the Small Car Nationals feature on his last trip to the track. Ed Gageby was the winner of the Four Cylinder feature while Ryan Peer took the Rookie Car checkered.  

Winner of the first heat, third generation driver Tyler Bare led the field from the pole position while Brannon sped from fifth into the runner up spot by the second lap. Following a fourth lap restart, Brannon went into action and got by Bare and began pulling away and had more than a two second lead erased on the 11th lap yellow.  

Under the green flag, Brannon again stretched his lead while Bare was being occupied by Brian Booze, Dan Angelicchio and Logan Roberson. Angelicchio got under Bare on the 18th lap but Brannon was a straightaway ahead. Roberson dropped Bare to fourth the next circuit as Booze rounded out the top five.

Walter Nichols of Walrus Signs of Winchester added an additional $100 to both the first and second place finishers. Jim Stevens of Penske Shocks also added an additional $100 to four finishing positions.

Boozel also was the first heat winner and began the Hobby Stock feature from the pole with Jonathan Raley taking over the runner up spot until dropping out with mechanical issues. Marshall McMullen then held second until Jason Davis went by on the tenth lap. Boozel lost a three plus second lead on the 11th lap but continued to hold on while Mike Goodman was making his presence known to Davis.  A one lap shootout decided the outcome as Boozel went on to win by two lengths over Davis and Goodwin with Eric Johnson and Jerry Deason completing the top five.

“We’ve had an incredible year,” Boozel said. “I think winning races is done in the shop and we definitely put a lot of time getting it ready. This is the best way we could end the year, I couldn’t be happier.”

Austin Stover led the Four Cylinders from the outside pole with Gary Newell second until being passed by Bill Kessler on the third lap. Stover continued to hold on until Kessler made contact with him on the final lap and Gageby drove by to take the lead and Justin Hottle pulled into the runner up spot. Kessler went on to finish third over Stover and Michael Pfaff.

Ryan Peer left the outside pole position in the Rookie Car 10-lap feature and never looked back. Andrew Pluta Jr. came from fifth to begin the chase on the second lap. Following a seventh lap caution, Peer left Pluta, Garrett Watkins, Wayne Brenize and Haley Kaiser battled for second with Watkins taking the spot for the eighth and ninth laps but Pluta recaptured the position on the final circuit. Brenize, Watkins and Kaiser finished in that order.  

The latest news, results, photos, schedule or rule changes can found be on the speedway’s website: www.hagerstownspeedway.com.  Also check the website for any changes in weather conditions that may delay or cancel the program or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.


Crate Late Models, 20 Laps: 1.Allen Brannon, 2.Dan Angelicchio, 3.Logan Roberson, 4.Tyler Bare, 5.Brian Booze, 6.Brad McGinnis, 7.Billy Beachler, 8.Shaun Wetzel, 9.Cody Dawson, 10.Paul McGinley, 11.Kris Eaton, 12.Richard Hawkins, 13.Scott Sweeney, 14.Tyler Wayne Hoy,
15.Jennae Piper, 16.Brad Rigdon, 17.Bryan Benton, 18.Matt Padula, 19.Matt Glanden, 20.Dave Friedrich, 21.Reese Masiello, 22.Wes Branner, 23.Scott Tessman, 24.Walter Nichols

Hobby Stocks, 15 Laps: 1.Alex Boozel, 2.Jason Davis, 3.Mike Goodwin, 4.Eric Johnson, 5.Jerry Deason, 6.Matt Wampler, 7.Brandon English, 8.Shyann Bard, 9.Jason Hagerty, 10.Jeff Dillon, 11.John Catlett, 12.Justin Rosenberger, 13.James Mongan Jr., 14.Danny Holmes, 15.Kevin Mays, 16.James Jones, 17.Marshall McMullen, 18.Patrick McClane, 19.Jamie Mills, 20.Jason Zook, 21.Dyulan Rutherford, 22.Gary Proctor, 23.Rodney Miner, 24.Johnathan Raley, 25.Billy Ecton, 26.Ralph Hansberger, DNS: Jason Sarver, Davey Gross

Four Cylinders, 12 Laps: 1.Ed Gageby, 2.Justin Hottle, 3.Bill Kessler, 4.Austin Stover, 5.Michael Pfaff, 6.Michael Warrenfeltz, 7.Tyler Kirby, 8.Gary Newell, 9.Ethan Ours, DNS- William Riley

Rookie Cars, 10 Laps:  1.Ryan Peer, 2.Andrew Pluta Jr., 3.Wayne Brenize, 4.Garrett Watkins, 5.Haley Kaiser, 6.Zach Moist, 7.Mark Pollard, 8.Larry Lamb, 9.Andrew Moist, 10.Gregory Carrico, 11.Adam Morgan, 12.Ricky Feltner, 13.Terry Hartlaub, 14.Brent Howell, 15.Josh Ringer, 16.Robrt Wilson
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