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Sooner at Oklahoma Motorsports Park - 4/30 Results (Read 1093 times)
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Sooner at Oklahoma Motorsports Park - 4/30 Results
05/01/16 at 3:27am
Sooner Late Model Series
Oklahoma Sports Park
April 30, 2016

Change of plans nets Timms first Sooner Late Model Series victory

by John Rittenoure
ADA, Okla. (April 30, 2016) - Randy Timms was not planning on running the Sooner Late Model Series show at Oklahoma Sports Park on Saturday. However at the last minute Timms made the tow from Oklahoma City and it turned out to be well worth his while. 

Timms raced from deep in the field to win the 25-lap main event. 

“We were not going to be here, but the races we were going to go to in Missouri got rained out,” explained Timms of his original plans. “We knew this was going on so we figured we would come do it.”

Timms started 12th in the 19-car field and was in fourth after four laps and two yellow flag restarts. On lap 12 Timms was able to move inside of Nate Vantz who had been running second since lap four. Three laps later Timms drove inside of leader Eddie Martin and came away with the lead. 

“I feel like we have a good car, a good team and had a good effort. It takes all that to have speed,” Timms said when asked to explain his run through the field. 

It did not take Timms long to decide the inside of the track was the place to run.

“Early I thought the top was going to be good,” Timms said. “Everyone had just gone to the bottom and it really cleaned the bottom lane up. That through all the marbles and stuff to the top. Halfway through the race it seemed like you had to be on the bottom or you could not go.”

For most of the race Martin seemed to be on track to win after passing Mark Brill for the lead on lap two. But once Timms reeled him in Martin could not hold him back. 

“He looked to be a little tight and could not turn around the bottom,” Timms said of Martin. “I think that is how I got by him.”

Martin was not surprised that Timms showed up on his rear bumper.

“I took it a little bit easy there at the start but I knew Kip (Hughes), Shannon (Scott) and Randy (Timms) were the three I was worried about,” said Martin. “I thought I should kick my way up there. After the first yellow I was about third and thought, don’t wear yourself out getting up there. 

“We had a long green span and I kind of kept looking over my shoulder and picking it up. But Randy (Timms) got in second and ran me down. It was just a matter of time.”

Martin tried to challenge Timms after losing the lead but could not keep pace. Vantz, who did not seem to have anything for the leaders early on, came to life late in the race passing Martin for second on lap 19. Vantz closed on Timms and challenged for the lead off the final turn. The two made contact but Timms held on for the victory over Vantz and Martin in third. 

A total of 25 drivers checked in for the second SLMS show of the season and after two events Martin feels the series is off to a strong start. 

“I am very impressed with the car count this series has been able to pull,” he said. “That is a real positive good start. I think it going to be a great deal.” 

Sooner Late Model Series
Oklahoma Sports Park
April 30, 2016

Car Count: 25

Heat 1 (10 laps)
1, 81-Mark Harrison. 2, 60-Kip Hughes. 3, 93-Eric Brill. 4, 164-TJ Sale. 
5, 444-Zach Nickell. 6, 56X-Jay Sale. 7, 28-Garrett Murrell. 8, 56C-Darin 
Busch. 9, 4J-Rowdy Jones. (DNS). 

Heat 2 (10 laps)
1, 99-Nate Vantz. 2, ZZ-Sloppy Hog. 3, 4-Shannon Scott. 4, 229-Damian 
Patocha. 5, 1J-Johnny Reed. 6, 36-Jason Redman. 7, 80-Mick 
Anderson. (DNS). 8, 15-Wayne Bush. (DNS). 

Heat 3 (10 laps)
1, 5T-Randy Timms. 2, 91-Eddie Martin. 3, 7-Dalton Ragsdale. 4, 95-Mark 
Brill. 5, 4-Harlan Sale. 6, 75K-Chris Haynes. 7, D11-David Hennan. 8, 
25-Brian Brandon. 

B Feature (12 laps, top 8 transfer)
1, 56X-Jay Sale. 2, 56C-Darin Busch. 3, 4-Harlan Sale. 4, 75K-Chris 
Haynes. 5, 444-Zach Nickell. 6, 36-Jason Redman. 7, 1J-Johnny Reed. 
8, 80-Mick Anderson. (DNS). 9, 28-Garrett Murrell. (DNS). 10, 25-Brian 
Brandon. (DNS). 11, 15-Wayne Bush. (DNS). 12, D11-David Hennan. 
(DNS). 13, 4J-Rowdy Jones. (DNS). 

A Feature (25 laps)
1, 5T-Randy Timms. 2, 99-Nate Vantz. 3, 91-Eddie Martin. 4, 81-Mark 
Harrison. 5, 229-Damian Patocha. 6, 4-Shannon Scott. 7, 95-Mark Brill. 
8, 164-TJ Sale. 9, 56C-Darin Busch. 10, 4-Harlan Sale. 11, ZZ-Sloppy 
Hog. 12, 93-Eric Brill. 13, 36-Jason Redman. 14, 444-Zach Nickell. 
15, 60-Kip Hughes. 16, 75K-Chris Haynes. 17, 7-Dalton Ragsdale. 18, 
56X-Jay Sale. 19, 1J-Johnny Reed. (DNS). 

Lap Leaders: Mark Brill, 1; Eddie Martin, 2-14; Randy Timms, 15-25.
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