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Davenport Speedway - 6/17 Results (Read 1587 times)
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Davenport Speedway - 6/17 Results
06/18/16 at 3:13am
Davenport Speedway
June 17, 2016

Zemo scores late model win at Davenport
by Mike McGuire
DAVENPORT, Ia. (June 17, 2016) – Mike Zemo Jr. needed to be both lucky and good to win at the Davenport Speedway on Friday night.  

Zemo started the Petersen Plumbing and Heating IMCA Late Model feature in the third position, but would not see the lead until a lap ten restart. Three laps later, the yellow flew again. On the ensuing restart, Brunson Behning took over the lead.

Behning looked to be in control of the race until he pulled off the track on lap 22. Zemo once again took the lead but had one more issue to deal with … Chuck Hanna. On the final corner of the final lap, Hanna tried to dive under Zemo, but could not make the move stick.

Zemo captured his first feature win of the season at Davenport, with Hanna taking second and Andy Nezworski third. Early race leader Stephan Kammerer and Matt Ryan completed the first five.

Jason Pershy topped a quality field of Eriksen’s IMCA Modifieds Friday. After a couple of starts were called back due to yellows, Jordan Hicks used the high line to launch out into the lead. Hicks would lead the first sixteen laps of the twenty lap main.

On lap seventeen, in car #17, Pershy drove under Hicks for the lead and led the rest of the way to the checkered flag. Hicks held on for second, with Mitch Morris coming from mid-pack to take   third. Bob Dominacki and Bryce Garnhart were fourth and fifth respectively.
Rob Henry made his first appearance at Davenport this season pay off with a victory in Koehler Electric Street Stock action. Randy Lamar led the first eight laps of the feature. Henry took the lead on lap nine, but Lamar came back to lead laps ten and eleven. On lap twelve, Henry went back into the lead for good. Lamar held on for second. Jeremy Gustaf was third, ahead of Dwayne Smith Jr. and Jesse Owen.
Tony Olson scored his third feature win of the season in Hawkeye Auto IMCA SportMod action. Olson drove from eighth starting position to the lead in just two laps. Once in the lead, Olson checked out from the field. Andrew Burk would finish a distant second and was followed by Jake Morris, Jarrett Franzen, and Aaron Hitt, in that order.

The American Iron Racing Series returned to the Davenport Speedway Friday. Their feature started with Dan Kessler taking the early lead. Tim Arp drove his Mustang into the lead on lap five and never looked back. Jeff Walker started last, but would finish second. Kessler held on to finish third.
Next Friday, June 24th will be Mid-Season Championship night at the Davenport Speedway. All classes will use a draw-redraw format. Guest class for the evening will be Mod Lites.
Davenport Speedway  
June 17, 2016

IMCA Late Models
Heat #1: 1. Rob Toland; 2. Gary Webb; 3. Matt Ryan; 4. Mike Zemo Jr.; 5. Thad Wilson;
Heat #2: 1. Andy Nezworski; 2. Chuck Hanna; 3. Joe Zrostlik; 4. Joe Ross; 5. Stephan Kammerer;
Feature: 1. Mike Zemo Jr.; 2. Chuck Hanna; 3. Andy Nezworski; 4. Stephan Kammerer; 5. Matt Ryan; 6. Thad Wilson; 7. Gary Webb; 8. Eric Sanders; 9. Jon Coombs; 10. Brunson Behning; 11. Joe Zrostlik; 12. Marty Scheckel; 13. Joe Ross; 14. Rob Toland;
IMCA Modifieds
Heat #1: 1. Jason Pershy; 2. Jake Bowman; 3. Mitch Morris; 4. Bryce Garnhart; 5. Nick Hixson;
Heat #2: 1. Matt Werner; 2. Bob Dominacki; 3. Jordan Hicks; 4. Tony VonDresky; 5. Doug Crampton;
Heat #3: 1. Joe Beal; 2. Todd Dykema; 3. Ray Cox Jr.; 4. Brad Montgomery; 5. Craig Crawford;
Semi #1: 1. Doug Crampton; 2. Bruce Hanford; 3. Rick Ratliff; 4. Todd Hansen; 5. Jarrod Struss;
Feature: 1. Jason Pershy; 2. Jordan Hicks; 3. Mitch Morris; 4. Bob Dominacki; 5. Bryce Garnhart; 6. Bruce Hanford; 7. Todd Dykema; 8. Jake Bowman; 9. Doug Crampton; 10. Tony VonDresky; 11. Rick Ratliff; 12. Todd Hansen; 13. Terry Rentfro; 14. Josh Starr; 15. Brian Webb; 16. Craig Crawford; 17. Brad Montgomery; 18. Joe Beal; 19. Matt Werner; 20. Ray Cox Jr.; 21. Rob Dominacki; 22. Jarrod Struss; 23. George Spence III; 24. Shelby Walsh;
Street Stocks
Heat #1: 1. Justin Yarolem; 2. Randy Lamar; 3. Rob Henry; 4. Kevin Dickey; 5. Cary Brown;
Heat #2: 1. Chance Huston; 2. Jeremy Gustaf; 3. Gene Ehlers; 4. Dwayne Smith Jr.; 5. Jesse Owen;
Feature: 1. Rob Henry; 2. Randy Lamar; 3. Jeremy Gustaf; 4. Dwayne Smith Jr.; 5. Jesse Owen; 6. Kevin Dickey; 7. Cary Brown; 8. Gene Ehlers; 9. Austin Riggs; 10. Brandon Delles; 11. Justin Yarolem; 12. Brian Wiseman; 13. Chance Huston; 14. Bryan Ritter; 15. Justin Ashby; (1 car DNS)
IMCA SportMods
Heat #1: 1. Tony Olson; 2. Paul Howard; 3. Andrew Burk; 4. Aaron Hitt; 5. Jake Morris;
Heat #2: 1. Henry Carson; 2. Jarrett Franzen; 3. Mike Haines; 4. Andre LaPorte; 5. Doug Burkhead;
Feature: 1. Tony Olson; 2. Andrew Burk; 3. Jake Morris; 4. Jarrett Franzen; 5. Aaron Hitt; 6. Henry Carson; 7. Paul Howard; 8. Mike Haines; 9. Andre LaPorte; 10. Cam Goben; 11. Ron Cook; 12. Darrell Ward; 13. Gary Rentfro; 14. Kevin Spriet; (2 cars – DNS)
Heat #1: 1. Dennis Etten; 2. Dan Kessler; 3. Tim Arp; 4. Jeff Walker; 5. Brian Gade;
Feature: 1. Tim Arp; 2. Jeff Walker; 3. Dan Kessler; 4. Dennis Etten; 5. Mark Claeys; 6. Brian Gade; 7. Brian Ashmore

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