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Golden Isles Speedway - 6/18 Results (Read 1859 times)
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Golden Isles Speedway - 6/18 Results
06/19/16 at 1:13am
Golden Isles Speedway
June 18, 2016

Redemption for Dixon on wild night at GIS
Ammons, Tuten, Keller, Stevens also outlast the full moon

by Rob Lee
WAYNESVILLE, Ga. (June 18) – The dust flew across the lights and the full moon peaked in and out of clouds over Golden Isles Speedway Saturday evening.

The full moon was a partial hint of some wild racing action on the 4/10-mile red clay speed plant.

But don’t try to convince Devin Dixon.

He wheeled the Big Frog Motorsports/Dave’s Towing Koury-powered Rocket to a flag-to-flag win in the 30-lap I-95 Toyota Late Model Challenge Series. The win was somewhat of redemption from his last showing at GIS May 21, wrecking with a lapped car while leading.

“We had a really good car last time we were here,” Dixon said. “But that’s why they call it racing and not winning.”

Dixon beat Cecil Eunice, Travis Carter, Rhett Carter and Jason Fitzgerald to the checkered flag in the co-sanctioned event with the GIS Super Challenge 5 Series.

“It started raining a little bit, so it was a little tough and the track got slick,” Dixon said. “We kind of had to move around a little bit – to the top, to the bottom, back to the top, back to the bottom. But the car was pretty good. Every time we’ve been here we’ve been really good.”

The race got off to a rocky start after fast qualifier Mark Whitener and Dixon led the 17-car field to the green flag. A caution on Lap 3 stirred discussion between Whitener, Rhett Carter and track officials over the start and possible Raceceiver issues.

The delay did not seem to bother Dixon, but Whitener’s quick path in the top groove eventually did after the race restarted.

Dixon moved to the high side on Lap 12 to stop fellow Floridian Whitener’s momentum and pulled away from Whitener’s United Land Clearing/Racecar Engineering Longhorn.

A Lap 24 caution bunched the field and put Whitener on Dixon’s back bumper. Both utilized near the low berm on the restart with the cars making contact in Turn 3 coming to Lap 25.

Both machines seemed faulted some from that point with Whitener dropping back to fourth. Dixon had the straightaway speed and held off the late charges of Eunice and Travis Carter.

On the cool down lap, everything was but cool. Whitener, the winner May 21, initiated a post-race, on track, car to car confrontation with Dixon heading into Turn 1. After nearly a minute of jostling cars, Dixon sped away. Whitener was disqualified for the action.

Eunice started eighth and quickly moved into the top five as did Travis Carter, who took the green one row ahead of the Blackshear, Ga. veteran.

Whitener started the evening with fast time of 15.728, .055 faster than Dixon.

There have now been four different winners in four I-95 TLMCS events with the next right back at GIS July 8-9.

Billy Ammons was declared the winner in the Enduro class Super Challenge 5 Series 20-lap main.

The GIS point leader actually came by Barry Boatright’s checkered flag second behind St. Augustine, Fla. ace David Showers, Sr. In post-race tech inspection, Showers was disqualified for an illegal engine part.

Ammons third win of 2016 was worth $1,000.

“I’m not taking anything away from (Showers),” Ammons said. “He’s a heck of a racer, but I had a feeling something wasn’t right and he admitted it.”

“It was something I wasn’t aware of,” Showers said. “We’re allowed to run that at home and I thought it was the same. It’s OK. We had fun and we’re bringing four cars back next time.”

Ammons was able to stay near Showers after each of five cautions.

“(Car) handles a lot better. We made a bunch of changes,” Ammons added. “We’re heading in the right direction. I’m tickled pink.”

The Showers Chassis/Rat Pack R/C Track Monte Carlo was challenged early by John Carlino and Ammons. The latter restarted after five caution periods on Showers’ back bumper.

Chris Keller, Jr. won the Super Street 15-lap feature. He swiped the point on Lap 5, waited out several cautions and beat Preston Tomlinson, Paul Jones, Luke Hayes and Will Gardener to the checkered flag.

The EMod 15-lap finale belonged to Blackshear’s Chad Tuten. He became the first driver to defeat Garrett Lloyd. The Jacksonville, Fla. ace took second ahead of Allen Tatum, Nick Kirkus and Allen Scurry.

Justin Stevens topped off a wild night of 440 racing by taking the checkered flag. He won the 10-lapper over Michael Bruner, David Myrick, Bobby Pike and Jared Crews.

Racing for June 25 has been canceled at GIS. Next on the calendar is the July 8-9 Mid-Season Challenge Championship/Chuck Scott Tribute Race.
Featured will be the NeSmith Performance Street Stocks racing for $5,000 and the I-95 Toyota Late Model Challenge Series with $3,000 to win. The Limiteds also serving for big money with $2,000 for the winner.

Super Streets, Enduros and 440s join the agenda.

Hot laps are set for 6 p.m. both nights with racing to follow.

For more information log on to goldenislesspeedway.com.
Following are results from stock car racing Saturday evening June 18 at Golden Isles Speedway, Waynesville, Ga.

I-95 Toyota Late Model Challenge Series/Super Challenge 5 Series
Feature (30 laps) – 1. 58 Devin Dixon 2. 22 Cecil Eunice 3. 99 Travis Carter 4. 44 Rhett Carter 5. 7 Jason Fitzgerald 6. 35TC Tristan Sealy 7. 26 Jimmy Sharpe, Sr. 8. Steven Roberts 9. RODS Charlie Williamson 10. 6S Blake Spencer 11. 6B Kyle Bridges 12. M14 Jimmy Sharpe, Jr. 13. 4 Howard Stalls 14. Ronald Thomas 15. 12J Scott Johnson 16. 51 Chad Tuten (Disqualified – 5 Mark Whitener) (Did Not Start – 17C Holt Pipkin, Hampton White).
Qualifying – 1. Whitener 15.728 2. Dixon 15.783 3. R. Carter 15.826 4. Fitzpatrick 16.309 5. Johnson 16.373

Super Challenge 5 Series Feature (20 laps) – 1. 21 Billy Ammons 2. 6 Johnny Barker 3. 3 Dylan Taylor 4. 19 Johnathon Rowe 5. Chase Ammons 6. 21 Scott Washam 7. 17C Tami Clark 8. 73 Megan Grant 9. 5B Bryan Beasley 10. Charlie Flowers 11. Bubba Clark 12. John Noe 13. John Kelly 14. Leighton Ammons 15. Charles Smith 16. William Fisher 17. John Carlino 18. Kyle Davis 19. Austin Broughton (Disqualified – David Showers, Sr.)
1st Heat (8 laps) – 1.Showers 2. B. Ammons 3. L. Ammons 4. Fisher
2nd Heat (8 laps) – 1. Carlino 2. Davis 3. Smith 4. Barker

Super Streets
Feature (15 laps) – 1. HOT ROD Chris Keller, Jr. 2. 28P Preston Tomlinson 3. 11 Paul Jones 4. 7 Luke Hayes 5. 21 Will Gardener 6. 28D Donnie Durrance 7. 2 Ronald Altman 8. K5 Keith Smith 9. 44F Jordan Fowler 10. 12 Shaun Washam (Did Not Start – 6B Billy Benefield, 74 Carl Singletary, 20F Steve Flippo).
1st Heat (8 laps) -1. Durrance 2. Jones 3. Hayes 4. Altman
2nd Heat (8 laps) – 1. Tomlinson 2. Keller 3. Smith 4. Singletary

Feature (15 laps) – 1. 47 Chad Tuten 2. 27 Garrett Lloyd 3. 12T Allen Tatum 4. 20K Nick Kirkus 5. 17 Allen Scurry 6. 5 Keith Tuten 7.4 Kenny Wells 8. 39 Brandon Wells 9. 46 Trey Pearson 10. 11 Randy Gainey 11. 99 Steven Purnell 12. 1 Bubba Clark 13. 58 John Lester, Jr.
1st Heat (8 laps) – 1. Tatum 2. Gainey 3. B. Wells 4. Kirkus
2nd Heat (8 laps) – 1. C. Tuten 2. K. Tuten 3. Gainey   4. Scurry

Feature (10 laps) – 1. Justin Stevens 2. Michael Bruner 3. David Myrick 4. Bobby Pike 5. Jared Crews 6. Levi Cox 7. Joe Quarterman 8. Mack Williams 9. Austin Bailey 10. Buckly Conwell 11. Dusty Williams 12. Olvan Williams 13. Josh Ryan (Did Not Start – Dusty Higdon, Jesse Horton).
1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Bruener 2. Quarterman 3. 13  4. Williams
2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Higdon 2. Cox 3. Stevens 4. Crews

I-95 Toyota Challenge Late Model Series schedule
4/23 Needmore Speedway – Jimmy Sharpe, Jr.
5/21 Golden Isles Speedway – Mark Whitener
6/11 Needmore Speedway – Rhett Carter
6/18 Golden Isles Speedway – Devin Dixon
7/8-9 Golden Isles Speedway
7/23 Albany Motor Speedway
8/6 Golden Isles Speedway
8/27 Needmore Speedway
10/1 Golden Isles Speedway
10/15 Golden Isles Speedway
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