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Go Nuclear at Cornwall Motor Speedway - 7/3 Results (Read 1658 times)
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Go Nuclear at Cornwall Motor Speedway - 7/3 Results
07/03/16 at 10:29pm
July 2, 2016

Charlie Sandercock Wins Second Straight In Triumph at Cornwall Clash
CORNWALL, Ont. (July 3, 2016) – Charlie Sandercock drove from the fourth starting position to take the lead from Adam Turner on lap 10 and led the final 25 laps to win the Valley Automation and Control Cornwall Clash presented by Guillevin International on Sunday night at Cornwall Motor Speedway. The win is Sanercock’s second straight on the Go Nuclear Late Model Series tour.
Andy Mayhew (No.1 A&A Haulage) and Turner (No.92 Village Variety) started on the front row for the 35-lap main event and battled side-by-side for the opening seven laps. The two drivers exchanged the point position four times before Turner claimed the top spot on lap eight.
Sandercock (No.57 Bellevue Fabricating) took advantage of the two cars separating and passed Mayhew for second on lap nine and one lap later took the lead from Turner exiting turn two.
“The track was great. We took the green and it was a pretty good run between the top three,” Sandercock said. “I had the option to go through the middle a couple of times but I backed out of it. I knew it was a long race. The opportunity came along later and we took the hole, then carried on from there.”
“I get nervous running up there,” Turner said of his ability to run the top lane early on. “I think I should have been even higher getting in to the corner and I would have been in better shape, but you had to get to the bottom first and Charlie did that.”
Phil Potts (No.29 Vanderlaan Building Products) drove to third on lap 13 and was part of a three-car breakaway from the rest of the field. On lap 15, Sandercock hit traffic, but was not slowed as he navigated both the high and low lanes without much difficulty.
At lap 25, Sandercock’s lead was two seconds over Turner, which equated to about a straightaway on the racetrack. Potts began to pressure Turner for second at the same time, but never got closer than a car length of the runner-up spot.
With two laps to go, Turner mounted a charge and reduced Sandercock’s lead to 0.8 seconds as the leader caught another group of lapped cars. At the white flag, Turner was attached to the rear bumper of the No.57 and appeared to have an excellent run entering turn one. A bobble in turn two, however, set Turner back three car lengths down the backstretch for the final time, eliminating his chance of victory.
“I thought I was going to have a chance on the last lap, but I don’t know if somebody kicked up some water in turn one because I thought I blew a left-rear. The car turned sideways and I had to regather it,” Turner explained. “I think if I could have got a run, I would have been in good shape and I might have got him off turn four.”
Sandercock’s win was his 10th in series history, breaking a tie with two-time series champion Dale Caswell (No.118 Predator Racecars), making him the winningest driver in series history. The win was also Sandercock’s first at Cornwall.
Potts completed the podium with his third-place finish, his second-straight top-three finish with the tour.
“We might have made the wrong change. We didn’t have enough forward drive off. Good in and good in the middle, just not enough off (the corner). Still, it was a blast. The track is always so fun to run here,” Potts said in victory lane.
In qualifying heat race action, Chris Fleming claimed the opening heat win before Charlie Sandercock edged Chad Homan by just 0.009 seconds at the start-finish line.

Up Next

The Go Nuclear Late Model Series will be back in action on Sunday, July 24 at Humberstone Speedway in Port Colborne, Ont. and Monday, July 25 at Ohsweken Speedway, near Brantford, Ont., for the $2000-to-win Northern Crate Nationals. Event information will be available at www.gonuclearlatemodelseries.com.
Complete Results - Valley Automation and Control Cornwall Clash presented by Guillevin International – July 3, 2016 at Cornwall Motor Speedway
Entry List
Number Name (Hometown)
09 Robbie Wilson (Trenton, ON)
1 Andy Mayhew (Picton, ON)
10 Chris Fleming (Auburn, NY)
12 Kyle Sopaz (Trenton, ON)
25 Greg Belyea (Stirling, ON)
29 Phil Potts (Brighton, ON)
46 Brandon Mowat (Brighton, ON)
57 Charlie Sandercock (Trenton, ON)
60 Norm Mayhew (Lakeport, ON)
84 Tyler Rand (Picton, ON)
89 Austin King (Port Hope, ON)
91 Chad Homan (Macedon, NY)
92 Adam Turner (Picton, ON)
118 Dale Caswell (West Monroe, NY)
160 Johnny Hill (Hastings, NY)
A-Main (35 Laps – 15 Entries – Starting Position in Parentheses): 1. 57 Charlie Sandercock (4), 2. 92 Adam Turner (2), 3. 29 Phil Potts (5), 4. 12 Kyle Sopaz (7), 5. 1 Andy Mayhew (1), 6. 91 Chad Homan (3), 7. 25 Greg Belyea (14), 8. 46 Brandon Mowat (6), 9. 84 Tyler Rand (15), 10. 10 Chris Fleming (8), 11. 118 Dale Caswell (10), 12. 160 Johnny Hill (9), 13. 89 Austin King (12), 14. 60 Norm Mayhew (13), 15. 09 Robbie Wilson (11). Time: 9:00.593. Margin of Victory: 0.305 seconds.

Scott Jeffrey’s Performance Hard Charger ($50 Gift Card): Greg Belyea (+7)
Dynamic Diversified Halfway Leader (Armour-All Products Tool Box): Charlie Sandercock
Fast Qualifier: 118 Dale Caswell – 13.703 seconds

Heat 1 (8 Laps – Top 4 Redrew For Feature Starting Position): 1. 10 Chris Fleming, 2. 29 Phil Potts, 3. 12 Kyle Sopaz, 4. 46 Brandon Mowat, 5. 160 Johnny Hill, 6. 09 Robbie Wilson, 7. 60 Norm Mayhew, 8. 84 Tyler Rand. Time: 1:56.322. Margin of victory: 1.421 seconds.

Heat 2 (8 Laps – Top 4 Redrew For Feature Starting Position): 1. 57 Charlie Sandercock, 2. 91 Chad Homan, 3. 92 Adam Turner, 4. 1 Andy Mayhew, 5. 118 Dale Caswell, 6. 89 Austin King, 7. 25 Greg Belyea. Time: 2:19.950. Margin of victory; 0.009 seconds.

Time Trial Group 1: 1. 46 Brandon Mowat 13.955 seconds, 2. 29 Phil Potts 14.048, 3. 84 Tyler Rand 14.076, 4. 10 Chris Fleming 14.131, 5. 60 Norm Mayhew 14.163, 6. 12 Kyle Sopaz 14.260, 7. 160 Johnny Hill 14.655, 8. 09 Robbie Wilson 14.664.

Time Trial Group 2: 1. 118 Dale Caswell 13.703 seconds, 2. 92 Adam Turner 13.816, 3. 57 Charlie Sandercock 13.839, 4. 91 Chad Homan 13.923, 5. 1 Andy Mayhew 14.049, 6. 25 Greg Belyea 14.210, 7. 89 Austin King 14.278.

Lap Sponsors
Lap 1 - Surefoot Inc. (6th)
Lap 2 - Techniseal (18th)
Lap 3 - Unilock (17th)
Lap 4 - Ganesh Mohan (19th)
Lap 5 - Hi Line Gifts (10th)
Lap 6 - C Smith Machine Shop (15th)
Lap 7 - Target Fabrication Inc. (3rd)
Lap 8 - Unilock (1st)
Lap 10 - Guillevin International (7th)
Lap 11 - Tson Dang (10th)
Lap 12 – Mayhew Graphics (16th)
Lap 13 - King Landscaping (6th)
Lap 14 – Mayhew Graphics (11th)
Lap 15 - Techniseal (15th)
Lap 16 - Bellevue Fabricating (2nd)
Lap 17 – Mrs. Bs Stay & Play Daycare (4th)
Lap 18 - Mix-Can Inc. (13th)
Lap 19 - CT Canada (12th)
Lap 21 - Dynamic Diverse (14th)
Lap 22 - Surefoot Inc. (19th)
Lap 24 - Aqua Scape Inc. (2nd)
Lap 25 - C Smith Machine Shop (4th)
Lap 26 - Performance Auto (9th)
Lap 27 - King Landscaping (6th)
Lap 28 - Hi Line Gifts (14th)
Lap 29 - TriStar Pottery
Lap 30 - Action Imports (1st)

Hard Charger Award: Scott Jefferies Performance $50 Gift Card
Halfway Leader: Armour-All Products Tool Box courtesy of Dynamic Diversified

SEASON WINNERS: Charlie Sandercock – 2 (Brighton Speedway on June 25, Cornwall Motor Speedway on July 3); John Waters – 1 (Utica-Rome Speedway on April 24)
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