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Golden Isles Speedway - 7/9 Results (Read 2205 times)
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Golden Isles Speedway - 7/9 Results
07/10/16 at 2:49pm
July 9, 2016

Bronson, Livingood take Chuck Scott Tribute big money
Eunice, Peacock, Smith, Bruner take second night wins at GIS

by Rob Lee
WAYNESVILLE, Ga. (July 9) – If the rubbered black circle near the famous Golden Isles Speedway inside berm could talk, it would have some great stories to tell after the inaugural Chuck Scott Tribute big money races Saturday evening.

The stories would be different for I-95 Toyota Late Model Challenge Series winner Kyle Bronson, NeSmith Performance Street Stock victor Kyle Livingood and Limited Late Model’s Cecil Eunice.

Bronson started from the pole after winning Friday’s Dash for Cash and dominated the 30-lap feature.

“My car was phenomenal tonight green to checkered,” Bronson said. “I just don’t know what to say about this thing. I can’t thank my guys enough for all their hard work.”

The Killer, from Brandon, Fla., married to the bottom groove the entire distance and even through lapped traffic in his Brandon Ford/All Florida Real Estate Group/Racecar Engineering Longhorn.

“It started getting spotty of rubber there so I was going to stay on the bottom. I was kind of judging myself off the lapped cars to see how fast everyone else was. I just stuck with it and that’s what we were going to live by.”

Bronson swept the weekend as he also was Friday’s fast qualifier and inverted start for the dash.

He became the fifth different winner in five I-95 TLMCS events.

Cecil Eunice, Rhett Carter, Chad Tuten and Travis Carter rounded out the top five.

Eunice’s drive was from fifth starting position to third by lap four and moved to the runner up spot when Mark Whitener pulled out on lap 17.
Rhett Carter’s finish moves him into the series point lead alone, breaking a tie with Travis Carter.

Livingood slipped by polesitter Brian Wooten on lap 26 and held off the B-dub Express in the NPSS 50-lap feature.

“I committed to the bottom,” Livingood said. “I made my mind up I was going to conserve my tires and keep the right rear underneath (the car).”

The Bristol, Ga. pilot took his first checkered flag since 2014. The battle with Wooten was side-by-side for several laps during the middle portion.

“I thought we ran three or four laps side by side, but they were telling me it was at least five,” Livingood said. “I had a ball. I have a lot of respect for those guys.”

After Wooten came Mark Whitener, Shaun Washam and Donnie Ashford, who came from the tail after a restart.

Fans were entertained by the Late Model regular Whitener’s drive. He started dead last in the 26-car stacked field. Car owner Carl Moore drove Friday and turned the wheel over to the Magicman.

He was 14th by lap 4, 10th by lap 8 and hit the top five on lap 20.

Livingood’s ride also is owned by Moore and survived through 11 cautions. He picked up $2,000 plus a new 602 crate engine.

Eunice switched cars and led every lap to take home the Limited Late Model $2,000 GIS Super Challenge 5 feature.

The 25-lapper was shortened to 16 laps due to multiple cautions and time limit.

While many cars had issues with spins, the track worked just fine for the Blackshear, Ga. veteran.

“The car was real good and the track was real good,” Eunice said. “The track was smooth and I don’t know why all the guys were having trouble (with) spinning out because the track was real good.”

Only nine of the 17 starters completed the race.

Hunter Peacock took the lead when Garrett Lloyd went pitside on Lap 10 and won the 15-lap EMod finale.

Lloyd looked as if he would complete his weekend sweep with ease until his car fell to steam pouring from the hood.

Jason Garver, Trey Pearson, Chad Tuten and Bud Chancey completed the top five.

Charles Smith beat Friday winner John Carlino to take the Enduro 15-lap main. Brad Kitchen, Billy Ammons and Meghan Grant came next.

Michael Bruner picked up another 440 10-lap checkered flag. Defending champion Bobby Pike, Olvan Williams, Tommy Smith and Jared Crews followed.

A total of seven classes and nearly 125 total entries hit the 4/10-mile red clay oval for the two-day event.

Next on the GIS agenda is action July 23. Seven classes scrap the track including the first Powder Puff race of 2016. Hot laps are set for 6 p.m. with racing to follow.

For more information log on to goldenislesspeedway.com, the track’s Facebook page or call 912-778-3767.
Following are results from stock car racing Saturday evening July 9 at Golden Isles Speedway, Waynesville, Ga.

I-95 Toyota Late Model Challenge Series/GIS Super 5 Challenge Series
Feature (30 laps) – 1. 40 Kyle Bronson 2. 22 Cecil Eunice 3. 44 Rhett Carter 4. 51T Chad Tuten 5. 99 Travis Carter 6. 26 Jimmy Sharpe, Sr. 7. 51 Larry Anderson 8. 6B Kyle Bridges 9. 12J Scott Johnson 10. 58 Devin Dixon 11. 35 Triston Sealy 12. RODS Charlie Williamson 13. 6 Blake Spencer 14. M14 Jimmy Sharpe, Jr. 15. 5 Mark Whitener 16. 17C Holt Pipkin 17. 03C Brandon Cameron.

NeSmith Performance Street Stocks
Feature (50 laps) – 1. 122 Kyle Livingood 2. 81 Brian Wooten 3. 133 Mark Whitener 4. 424 Shaun Washam 5. 1P2 Joel Landers 6. 66 Donnie Ashford 7. 38 Ronnie Newsome 8. 07R Bryan Reno 9. 96 Luke Johns 10. 52 Dale Mimbs 11. 3D Makayla Tyrrell 12. 02 Tyler Turvin 13. 1B Travis Barnes 14. 11 Chuck Stokes 15. 20 Luke Hayes 16. 16 Morrie West 17. 196 David Tyrrell 18. 18H Robert Hicks 19. 1x Chris Williams 20. HOT ROD Chris Keller 21. 8G Brian Grantham 22. 23G Garrett McDonald 23. 1B Daron Bailey 24. 81C Bud Chancey 25. 5 Daniel Bailey 26. 2 Brian Hansford (Did Not Start – 07 Matt Dixon, 18N Nick Hardee).

Limited Late Models
GIS Super Challenge 5 Feature (16 laps) – 1. 22 Cecil Eunice 2. 5 Scott Waters 3. 24 Woodrow Mullis 4. 81 Lonnie Roberts 5. 38 Chris Lovett 6. 3 Bruce Collins 7. 7E Preston Tomlinson 8. 20 Brandon Spradley 9. 81D Donnie Durrance 10. 26 Bill Adkins 11. C21 Charlie Davis 12. 7 Jordan Lockhart 13. 22W Russell Waters 14. 23 Roger Thomas 15. 29 Don Corbitt 16. 34 Adam Collins 17. 71F Mickey Finn.
Qualifying – 1. Eunice 16.914 2. Adkins 17.142 3. S. Waters 17.330 4. Mullis 17.333 5. Lovett 17.423

Feature (15 laps) – 1. 18 Hunter Peacock 2. 27G Jason Garver 3. 46 Trey Pearson 4. 47 Chad Tuten 5. 32 Bud Chancey 6. 5 Keith Tuten 7. 10 Dillon Turner 8. 67 John Lester 9. 20K Nick Kirkus 10. 18D Dylan Hurston 11. 58 John Lester, Jr. 12. 27 Garrett Lloyd 13. 39. Brandon Wells (Did Not Start – 15 Holt Pipkin).
1st Heat (8 laps) – 1. Lloyd 2. Pearson 3. C. Tuten 4. Chancey
2nd Heat (8 laps) – 1. Garver 2. Wells 3. Kirkus 4. Turner

Feature (15 laps) – 1. 41 Charles Smith 2. 16 John Carlino 3. 11 Brad Kitchen 4. 21 Billy Ammons 5. 73 Meghan Grant 6. 6 Johnny Barker 7. 17C Tami Clark 8. 5 Chase Ammons 9. 57 Leighton Ammons 10. 7Y Ty Youmans 11. 19 Jonathan Rowe 12. 5B Bryan Beasley 13. 44 Shawn Necaise 14. 12 John Noe 15. 87 Jack Hill 16. 3 Dylan Taylor (Did Not Start – 26D Kyle Davis, 35 John Kelly).
1st Heat (8 laps) – 1. Barker 2. Kitchen 3. Grant 4. C. Ammons
2nd Heat (8 laps) – 1. Hill 2. Carlino 3. Smith 4. Taylor

Feature (10 laps) – 1. 32 Michael Bruner 2. 04 Bobby Pike 3. 13 Olvan Williams 4. 86 Tommy Smith 5. 10 Jared Crews 6. 2Q Joe Quarterman 7. 57 Levi Cox 8. 95 Mack Williams 9. A1 Austin Bailey 10. 55X John Puckett 11. 25 Dusty Williams.
1st Heat (8 laps) – 1. Bruner 2. Williams 3. Quarterman 4. Puckett
2nd Heat (8 laps) – 1. Smith 2. M. Williams 3. Crews 4. Bailey
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