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Bedford Speedway - 7/29 Results (Read 2621 times)
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Bedford Speedway - 7/29 Results
07/30/16 at 7:28pm
July 29, 2016


Bedford Speedway
BEDFORD, PA (July 29) - Matt Cosner rallied late to add his name to the long list of fair week winners at the Great Bedford Fair Friday night. The win, before a cram packed crowd was Cosnerís second of the year, both coming in prestigious races, the Milt Miller classic and now the fair event. Robby Black held off Kyle Leeís advances to score the Limited event, while Travis Calhoun held off two challengers for the Semi Late win. Jim Sayler, Beau Aikey and Ryan Peer won in other action.

With the fair week format, starting lineups were determined by 2016 point standings at the track. Eric Zembower and Andy Haus brought the Late Model field to the green and it was Haus ahead on lap one. Dylan Yoder finally got by Zembower for second on lap 4, but Haus was way ahead by then. Matt Cosner took third on lap six and closed on Yoder in about a lap.

But by lap nine, both Yoder and Cosner closed on Haus and a three way race up front developed. Haus held them off until a lapped car spun directly in front of the triocomiong off turn 4 on lap 14. Haus got by low, Cosner went high, but Yoder made a direct hit on the spinning car and the yellow flew.

Yoder retired for the night, and on the restart, Cosner was all over Haus. It took three laps of action for Cosner but he burst into the lead on lap 17. Form that point on, Cosner ran off to a safe margin. Haus fell back into the clutches of Jeff Rine but held on for second at the line. Rine, Matt Sponaugle and Rick Singleton trailed.

By comparison, Robby Black made it look easy in the Limited event. He started on the pole by virtue of his point position and led from the start. Kyle Lee was second after the first lap and ran Black down early but could not get by. Several minor cautions slowed the event but Black held Lee off for the duration.

Lee overshot the runway on lap 18, allowing Donnie Farlling and Travis Stickley to shoot by, But Black was well ahead for the finish. Farlling, Stickley, Lee and Brian Lowery trailed.

For the third week in a row a first time career winner emerged in the EMod event as long time Semi Late star Jim Sayler snagged the win. Saylerís rookie season in the division had been so rough that he even missed the point inversion for the race, starting ninth, and was mired deep in the field as Brandon Lasalle led early.

Lasalle held off the early challenge of Justin Milburn and later Bill Pluta, Until Sayler found the high groove and joined in the battle by about lap 10. Sayler took second on lap 13, then whipped by Lasalle on lap 15 to score the momentous win. Lasalle, Ken Singer, Pluta and Dion Lasalle completed the top 5.

Travis Calhoun led the distance in the Semi Late event, but was hounded every inch of the way. Justin Michael was all over Calhoun for 10 laps until Bob Jay took up the chase. Jay pulled alongside Calhoun several times but could not get by. He had one more chance as the only caution of the event set up a one lap dash to the finish.

Jay was able to make it real close but settled for second at the line. Michjael, Chad Gambol, and Jesse Snyder were the top 5.

Reed Stickel led the first few laps of the Pure Stock event until he spun on lap 3, scattering the field. Travis Group assumed the lead until Beau Aikey hunted him down. Aikey worked the leader over until finally squeezing by on lap 11. Aikey then ran off for the big win. Group held on for second, ahead of Brad Feight, Dave Lambert and Bill Replogle.

Cale Martin led the 4 cylinder nightcap as the usual cast of characters gathered at the front. Ryan Peer and Wayne Brenize alternated taking runs at Martin but it was finally Peer getting by on lap 7. Brenize got by on the next lap but could not get by Peer who won by a length. Martin, Kolby Crawley and TomBrady completed the top 5.

LATE MODEL 25 LAP Matt Cosner, Andy Haus, Jeff Rine, Matt Sponaugle, Rick Singleton, dJ Troutman, Chuck Clise, Troy Swindell, Eric Zembower, DJ Myers, Dylan Yoder, Travis Cottle, Dacron Powell, Kyle Hardy.

LIMITED 20 LAP Robby Black, Donnie Farlling, Travis Stickley, Kyle Lee, Brian Lowery, Nathan Lasalle, Curtis Heath, Taylor Farlling, Dale Claycomb, Kadden Smith, Cody Buterbaugh, Zach Price, Joe Brawley, Dan Zechman, Ron Bottenfield, Justin Weaver, Ralph Morgan

EMOD 18 LAP Jim Sayler, Brandon lasalle, Ken Singer, Bill Pluta, Dion Lasalle, Tom Hagberg, Justin Milburn, John Whitfield, Brian Fyfe, Mike Meck. Joe Means, Alyssa Rowe, Dan Lawry, Ed Vogel,

SEMI LATE 156 LAPS Travis Calhoun, Bob Jay, Justin Michael, Chad Gambol, Jesse Snyder, Greg Cornell, Lou Wannyn, Don Wyles, Dave Whetstone, Kyle Beckett, Jimmy Sacco, Scott Sturtz, Tom Warren, Greg Hainsey, Joe Pluta,

PURE STOCK 15 LAP Beau Aikey, Travis Group, Brad Feight, Dave Lambert, Bill Replogle, John Howsare, Terry Norris, Jim Dearmitt, Trent Clark, Justin Queen, Kyle Weyandt, Joe Dearmitt, Preston Imler, Dan Jackson, Josh McClellan, Dakota Foor, Eric Weyandt, Reed Stickel, Dave Beahr, Brad Hoffman, Denny Pittman, Tyler Ritchey

4 CYLINDER 12 LAP Ryan Peer, Wayne Brenize, Cale Martin, Kolby Crawley Tom Brady, Darren Howsare, Chris Reckner, Rusty Martin, Dave Harclerode, Tyler Beckett, Phil Best, Todd Price, Steve Frederick, Morgan Price, Steve Martin Josh Ringer, Chris Strout, Josh Fetters,

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