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MLRA at Lucas Oil Speedway - 10/8 Results (Read 2064 times)
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MLRA at Lucas Oil Speedway - 10/8 Results
10/13/16 at 3:11pm
Lucas Oil Speedway
October 8, 2016

Late Race Theatrics Land Pierce in Victory Lane at Lucas Oil Speedway

MLRA Racing
WHEATLAND, Missouri (October 8) - It looked like a story book ending to the season for Jesse Stovall Saturday night at Lucas Oil Speedway, in the finale of the 3rd Annual Fall Nationals. That was until Bobby Pierce came to life. He took the lead coming to the white flag and rolled to his first ever Lucas Oil Speedway victory and 23rd overall this season.

"I didn't think I would be able to get around him (Stovall)," commented Pierce. "He was so perfect on the top. He could even maneuver around three and four good. I saw some lapped cars in the way and thought this might be my chance. He jumped the cushion over there (in turn two). It's real easy to do at this place."

Stovall led several laps in the feature before lapped traffic slowed his pace. He slipped over the berm in turn two on lap 49 and opened the door for Pierce to take the top spot. Stovall held on to second, and by merely starting the feature captured his first ever Lucas Oil MLRA title.

"That (championship) was the ultimate goal," said Stovall. "It was a good race. Bobby is one of the best in the business right now. He's got that golden horseshoe right now. He does a good job. His dad is awesome at getting the car underneath him every time he's on the racetrack. That's a hard team to beat."

Chris Simpson finished third in his final start of the season. He rolled from 15th and made his way into contention.

Pierce's win came following a full night of racing. He struggled in his heat, had to run the B Feature, which he won, started towards the back of the feature, and passed the most cars during the main event to also earn the Casey's General Stores Hard Charger award.

Jack Sullivan continued his good fortune from Friday too. Both shows combined were enough for him to capture the Comp Cams Super Dirt Series crown. He came into the weekend down 37 markers. It is his second straight series title.

A-Main (50 laps): 1. Bobby Pierce $5,000 2. Jesse Stovall 3. Chris Simpson 4. Tim Manville 5. Garrett Alberson 6. Jack Sullivan 7. Will Vaught 8. JC Wyman 9. Brian Shirley 10. Randy Timms 11. Tony Jackson Jr 12. Dave Eckrich 13. Hunter Rasdon 14. Brantlee Gotschall 15. Payton Looney 16. Kyle Beard 17. Jason Papich 18. Mason Oberkramer 19. Brent Larson 20. RC Whitwell 21. Terry Phillips 22. Chris Brown 23. Tad Pospisil 24. Mark Burgtorf 25. Matt Furman 26. Billy Moyer

B-Main #1: 1. Chris Brown 2. Brian Shirley 3. Dave Eckrich 4. Austin Siebert 5. Jacob Magee 6. Jeff Floyd 7. Jonathan Rowan 8. Austin Theiss 9. John Driskell 10. Chad Richwine 11. Josh Poe 12. Larry Jones 13. Jake Morris 14. Tommy Cordray 15. Al Humphrey 16. Jon Mitchell

B-Main #2: 1. Bobby Pierce 2. Payton Looney 3. Rodney Sanders 4. Wendell Wallace 5. Tad Pospisil 6. Kyle Beard 7. Scott Crigler 8. Joseph Gorby 9. Johnny Fennewald 10. Jeff Roth 11. Robby Moore 12. Scott Phillips 13. David Turner 14. Chris Cox 15. Phil Edmonson 16. Rob Hall

B-Main #3: 1. Tony Jackson Jr 2. Mason Oberkramer 3. Hunter Rasdon 4. Jake O'Neil 5. Tyler Erb 6. Charlie McKenna 7. Bryon Allison 8. Logan Martin 9. Dustin Walker 10. Reid Millard 11. Carl Murphy 12. Jon Binning 13. Brandon Wilson 14. Brad Looney 15. Gavin Landers

Heat #1: 1. Brent Larson 2. Jason Papich 3. Maosn Oberkramer 4. Dave Eckrich 5. Hunter Rasdon 6. Logan Martin 7. Brandon Wilson 8. Rob Hall 9. Phil Edmonson

Heat #2: 1. Jesse Stovall 2. Garrett Alberson 3. Matk Burgtorf 4. Bobby Pierce 5. Jacob Magee 6. Johnny Fennewald 7. Al Humphrey 8. Jake Morris 9. Gavin Landers

Heat #3: 1. Matt Furman 2. Chris Simpson 3. Tony Jackson Jr 4. Joseph Gorby 5. David Turner 6. Chad Richwine 7. Robby Moore 8. Carl Murphy 9. Jon Mitchell

Heat #4: 1. JC Wyman 2. RC Whitwell 3. Wendell Wallace 4. Austin Siebert 5. Jeff Floyd 6. Rodney Sanders 7. Brad Looney 8. John Driskell 9. Scott Phillips

Heat #5: 1. Tim Manville 2. Randy Timms 3. Dustin Walker 4. Charlie McKenna 5. Kyle Beard 6. Austin Theiss 7. Larry Jones 8. Jeff Roth 9. Reid Millard

Heat #6: 1. Jack Sullivan 2. Chris Brown 3. Billy Moyer 4. Terry Phillips 5. Jon Binning 6. Jonathan Rowan 7. Scott Crigler 8. Jake O'Neil 9. Josh Poe

Heat #7: 1. Branltee Gotschall 2. Payton Looney 3. Will Vaught 4. Brian Shirley 5. Tyler Erb 6. Tad Pospisil 7. Bryon Allison 8. Rob Hall 9. Chris Cox
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