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Hagerstown Speedway
HAGERSTOWN, Md. (August 30) - Starting from tenth, Gary Stuhler was patient Saturday night during the 23rd Annual McBee/Hays Championship for the Cindy Rowe Auto Glass late models at Hagerstown Speedway and saw the low path to the front finally open up. After being mired in traffic, he took the lead from Ray Kable Jr. on the 37th as both #90ies raced side by side until the 40th when the caution was displayed. Following another yellow on the 43rd, Stuhler charged the final lap to a .78 second advantage over Kable. The win was the third of the season and career 126th for the Greencastle Pa. veteran who was recently inducted into the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame. It was his fourth win of the traditional Labor Day weekend event, but his first since 1994.

"I won this race when it was the Ronnie McBee race but I've been trying for years and years to get the Speedy Hays race. It's quite an honor, he was quite a guy. I had a lot of fun with him. I just wish Betty Jane was here. I know some of the old time people with him are here. I was kind of rooting for little Ray there when I was back in about sixth or seventh. I saw him leading and I don't think he's ever won a feature race here, I really felt for him, but it was every man for himself though, but he did a heck of a job."

The event was also the final Cindy Rowe point event and Roy Deese Jr. earned his sixth championship title despite being unable to avoid a lap 33 incident. Jim Yoder, who came into the night second in the standings, had mechanical problems, dropping out on the 19th lap as eight time champion Nathan Durboraw took over second place in the final standings.

"I wish we'd had a better finish, "Deese said. "That belly flop in the heat race really set us back. We had a good car, just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Shippensburg's Jerry Bard was victorious for the second time of the season in the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman after he took the lead on the third lap and continued strong with previous weeks winner Ashley Barrett taking over second with three to go, but ending .56 second back.

"I saw Ashley Barrett up to third and Andy right behind him," Bard said. "I thought, 'Well, I'm going to run the top as probably that was where he was at.' He's was going to have to go a little bit higher if he wanted to get around me."

Hans Stamberg, Hedgesville, WV, has found definitely something this season in the Ernie's Salvage Yard pure stocks as he scored his fourth triumph in the past five races and sixth of the season. He got under Darrin Younker and drove on to win by 1.56 seconds.

Tyler Hershey led the late models from the pole but Kable, who started alongside, charged from the fourth turn to lead the opening lap while Ronnie DeHaven and then Frankie Plessinger got past Hershey by the seventh circuit. They began relentlessly tormenting Kable while switching positions and Plessinger getting an edge to lead the 13th lap as Kable fought back.

Kable continued to lead and following the 33rd lap yellow when Stuhler was sixth, he quickly found some track to his liking and was third in two more laps and got past DeHaven and Kable to take over on the 37th. Kable wasn't giving up easily and stayed alongside until a 40th lap yellow for eighth running Darryl Hills who came to a stop. DeHaven, in fourth, brought out the yellow with one to go when his left rear tire went flat, setting up a battle of the 90ies to the checkered which Stuhler won by .78 seconds while Kirk Ryan took over third on the final lap.

"I think we set the car up for the bottom as we thought there would be some traction down there and it worked to perfection," Stuhler said.

Jamie Lathroum and D.J. Myers completed the top five. J.T. Spence, from 20th, was the Ernie's Salvage hard charger after ending sixth with Hershey, Steve Axtell Jr, Devin Friese and Marvin Winters completing the top ten. Ryan, Hershey and Kable Jr. were heat winners while Deese Jr. was the consy winner.

After Scott Palmer led the late model sportsman, Bard, from fifth, took over on the third circuit while Wayne Walls Jr. took second on the fifth. The first yellow came out on the 12th, but Walls had Palmer and Barrett to contend with. In the shuffle, Palmer made contact with the front stretch wall on the 15th. Barrett took second from Walls on the 17th and began to close but ran out of time to make it two straight. Walls held to third over point leader Andy Fries and Terry Flaherty. Rick Stouffer, Walls Jr, and Palmer were the heat winners while Barry Miller was the consy winner and sixth finisher; Bobby Beard was the St. Thomas Towing/Checkered Flag Lube Center hard charger.

On the point after a three car incident at the start of the pure stock feature, Randy Kline was strong while Darrin Younker closed, taking over on the seventh lap while Stamberg had raced around the top and was second the next lap. Stamberg made two passes on Younker, the first recalled by a yellow flag on lap eight, but got by for good on the tenth to stretch his lead to 1.56 seconds at the finish.

Point leader Dale Hollidge was third over Kline and Dean Holmes. Heats were won by Mike Warrenfeltz, Drew Fitzsimmons and Stamberg with the consy going to Kevin Boyer. Previous weeks first career winner, Wayne Hawbaker was the J&M Sportsworld hard charger.

Hagerstown Speedway Results

23rd Annual McBee / Hays Championship, Cindy Rowe Auto Glass Late Models, 44 laps, 31 entries, (Lap Leaders - Ray Kable 1-14, 16-36, Gary Stuhler 37-44 ) 1.Gary Stuhler; 2.Ray Kable Jr.; 3.Kirk Ryan Jr.; 4.Jamie Lathroum; 5.D.J.Myers; 6.J.T.Spence (Ernie's Salvage Hard Charger); 7.Tyler Armstrong; 8.SteveAxtell Jr.; 9.Devin Fries; 10.Marvin Winters; 11.Frankie Plessinger; 12.Nathan Durboraw; 13.Brian Booze; 14.Mike Lupfer; 15.Scott LeBarron; 16.Paul Crowl; 17.Lindsay Barton; 18.Ronnie DeHaven; 19.Darryl Hills; 20.Roy Deese Jr.; 21.David Williams; 22.Jim Yoder; 23.Steve Gibney; 24.Rick Hulson DNQ: Larry Baker III, Doug Stine, Matt Murphy, Tim Murphy, Kyle Lear, DNS - D.J. Troutman, Larry Baer

Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, 20 Laps, 32 entries (Lap Leaders - Scott Palmer 1-2, Jerry Bard 3-20) 1.Jerry Bard; 2.Ashley Barrett; 3.Wayne Walls Jr.; 4.Andy Fries; 5.Terry Flaherty; 6.Bobby Beard (St.Thomas Towing/Checkered Flag Lube Hard Charger); 7.Shawn Jones; 8.Dylan Yoder; 9.Kyle Lear; 10.Pete Weaver; 11.Michael Collins; 12.Richard Walls; 13.Barry Miller; 14.Mike Walls; 15.Tyler Armstrong; 16.Brian Lessley; 17.Rick Stouffer; 18.Cody Lear; 19.Nick Pappas; 20.Bobby Beal ; 21.Mark Jones; 22.Ryan Walls; 23.Scott Palmer; 24.Fred Harden; DNQ-Glenn Nininger Jr., A.J. Triplett, Courtney Shreiner, Bruce Kane, Randy Schaeffer, Cory Houck, DNS- James Myers, Anthony Lupini

Ernie's Auto Enterprises Pure Stocks, 15 laps, 32 entries (Lap Leaders - Randy Kline 1-8, Darrin Younker 7-9, Hans Stamberg 10-15) 1.Hans Stamberg; 2.Darrin Younker; 3.Dale Hollidge 4.Randy Kline; 5.Dean Holmes; 6.Mike Warrenfeltz; 7.Dave Stouffer Jr.; 8.Bobby Taylor; 9.Wayne Hawbaker (J&M Sportsworld Hard Charger); 10.Steve Lowery; 11.Kevin Keefer; 12.Kenny Dillon; 13.Drew Fitzsimmons; 14.Kevin Boyer; 15.Jamie Mongan; 16.tony Catlett; 17.Frank Dibella; 18.Danny Main; 19.Mike Sanders; 20.Kevin Koontz; 21.Bill Reitober; 22.Charlie Pensinger; 23.Kevin Dayhoff; 24.Lin Sutphin; DNS - Justin Snodderly, DNQ- Dave Boring, Zack Reid, John Stamberg, Brian Swiger, Billy Ecton Jr., Tim Monn, DNS-Danny Beavers

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