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Scott Wolfe
CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (October 17) - Another huge October crowd and 106 of the nation's finest late models squeezed into K-C Raceway Friday evening for the 28th Annual Dirt Track World Championship presented by . That was in addition to the 111 modified cars that packed the speedway grounds on Thursday. The 2007 DTWC champion Chub Frank was the fastest of the field with a 14:674 clocking, an average speed of over 115 miles per hour. Cars from 14 different states were represented including Eric Jacobson who made the trek all the way from sunny California.

Ten former champs were among those entered. Included in the field were Five-time champion, The Southern Gentleman Freddie Smith of Seymour, Tennessee, who was joined by former champs Shannon Babb,Moweaqua, IL; Donnie Moran, Dresden, Ohio; Rick Eckert, York, PA; Darrell Lannigan, Union, KY; Chub Frank, Bear Lake, PA; Steve Francis, Ashland, KY; Bart Hartman, Zanesville, Ohio; John Mason, Millersburg, OH; and Scott Bloomquist, Mooresburg, TN.

Eight of the top ten World of Outlaw point men were on hand as well as nine of the top ten Lucas Oil Series national drivers.

Davey Johnson was also in the field and ranked as the driver in the field who had come closest to winning the DTWC without pulling off the win. Johnson has finished 2nd (1994), third three times (1988-1995-2000), fourth (1993), and sixth (1987).

Tickets are still available for the Saturday night action which will kick off at 6:30. Gates open at 4 p.m. for the $50,000-to-win event.

In both the Thursday and Friday night action, all of the evening's heat races were reflective of feature events for regular race nights as 16-18 cars made the starting grid for each of the six qualifying events. In the Thursday Modified action, Kentucky driver Dave McWilliams was the early leader of heat number one until banging the wall on lap six, when he exited to the infield about the same time that Blaine Aber tagged the end of the turn four wall. Kevin Morehouse charged on to the win over Mark Dickson and Jerry Bowersock. The top three in each heat transferred directly to the Dirt Track World Championship A-Main.

The second heat was a scorcher as Jason Hall of Hindman, KY blitzed to the win over Jesse Hartman, and Dave Definbaugh. Chris Stotts, Jake Hawkins, and J.D. Stalder finished in that order after a great battle in the third heat. In heat four the transfers were Jason Wheatley, Sam Lovejoy, and Dave Pinkerton. Dave "Fireball" Pinkerton came from 7th to 3rd making one of the best charges of the night.

Kenny Johnson, after flipping in qualifying, was running a solid second in his heat only to lose the handle, where he was relegated to the tail. Johnson came off the tail of the C to transfer, the came up to second in the "B" before spinning with five laps to go. Still he came back to finish seventh, passing more cars than anyone for the night.

Doug Adkins, another favorite broke in the sixth heat and nearly missed the C main. The race had actually started with Adkins not making the call, but Steve Bobo and Adkins found new life when the first lap was not completed. Adkins earned a transfer spot to the "B" by coming off the tail, but was shy of a transfer to the "A".

Kenny Riddle, Rich Michael, and Larry Holbrook; along with Rick Hensley, Dave Groves, and Adam Colley were the transfers in heats five and six. C-main winners were Louis Krushansky and Rob Stambaugh.

Racing continues Saturday with the most coveted honor in dirt track racing; Championship night for the Dirt Track World Championship. Racing warm-ups begin at 6:30 and racing at 8:00 p.m.

The Summary: K-C Raceway Modifieds Dirt Track World Championship
Late Models

Heat One-Steve Francis, Earl Pearson, Jr., Chub Frank, Mike Marler, Mark Banal, Rod Conley, Jackie Boggs, Chris Hackett, Michael Howard, Vic Hill, Brandon Fouts, Paul Wilmoth, Jr., Delmas Conley, Nick Corbitt, Davey Johnson, Brian Ruhlman, Jamie Ferguson, Russ Fronapfel

Heat Two- Brian Birkhofer, Scott Bloomquist, Dan Schleipper, Bart Hartman, Jordan Bland, Rick Aukland, Jeep VanWormer, Terry Casey, Eric Jacobsen, Andy Bond, Jeff Houser, Richard Neiser, Kevin Wagner, Kenny Riddle, Justin NMcNeill, Joe Loudon, Dale McDowell,Scott James

Heat Three-Tim McCreadie, Dennis Erb, Jr., John Blankenship,Tim Dohm, Greg Johnson, Dustin Linville, Eric Wells, Patrick Doar, John Mason, Jason Montgomery, Chris Garnes, Curt Spaulding, Jeremy Canada, Anthony Adams, D.J.Wells, Greg Mitchell, Shon Flannery, Mike Ratcliff

Heat Four-Rick Eckert, Brady Smith, Darrell Lanigan, Keith Berner, Ben Adkins, Matt Miller, Wayne Chinn, Jared Miley, Corey Conley, Freddy Smith, Shannon Thornsberry, Steve Shaver, Scott Edmiston, Ralph Withem, Brian Day, Steve Wilmoth, John Melvin, Chad Todd

Heat Five-Jimmy Mars, Josh McGuire, Darren Miller, R.J. Conley, David Powers, Michael England, Terry Hicks, Matt Lux, Doug Drown, Josh Bocook, Chris Combs, Randall Chupp, Bub Crum, Chad Stapleton, George Scheiffer, Greg Buckland, Dean Boyd, George Scheffer

Heat Six-Shane Clanton, Josh Richards, Jimmy Owens, Steve Casebolt, Clint Smith, Shannon Babb, Eddie Carrier, Justin Ratliff, Nick Bocook, Donnie Moran, Brad Neat, Chris Wilson, Kenny Christy, Jerry Bowersock, Jared Hawkins, Wayne Maffett,Jr., Mike Wilson

C-Main: Davey Johnson, Brian Ruhlman, Mike Wilson,Shon Flannery, Russ Fronaphel,Wayne Maffett, Jr., Jamie Ferguson, Justin McNeill, Dean Boyd, Greg Buckland, Mike Ratliff, Joe Loudin, Ralph Withem, Greg Mitchell, Jared Hawkins, D.J. Wells, John Melvin, George Scheffer, Chad Stapleton DNS, Steve Wilmoth DNS, Chad Todd DNS, Scott James DNS, Dale McDowell DNS

Redraw for start of 100 lap Dirt Track World Championship:

Qualifying Results

1* Chub Frank 14.674
t8 Mark Banal 14.691
19 Steve Francis 14.757
17 Davey Johnson 14.783
20 Jimmy Owens 14.829
1 Josh Richards 14.878
28e Dennis Erb, Jr. 14.995
44 Earl Pearson, Jr. 15.008
25 Shane Clanton 15.025
39 Tim McCreadie 15.038
b7 Ben Adkins 15.055
1h Vic Hill 15.056
15b Brian Birkhofer 15.063
24 Rick Eckert 15.067
6t Tim Dohm 15.075
32d Darren Miller 15.080
0 Scott Bloomquist 15.105
S9 Dan Schlieper 15.112
72 John Mason 15.114
33h Chris Hackett 15.128
2 Brady Smith 15.130
12 Jordan Bland 15.150
18w Eric Wells 15.162
45 Nick Corbitt 15.181
81 Brandon Fouts 15.187
41 Josh McGuire 15.191
28M Jimmy Mars 15.193
71c RJ Conley 15.209
18 Shannon Babb 15.216
4b Jackie Boggs 15.221
42G Chris Garnes 15.228
29 Darrell Lanigan 15.234
C9 Steve Casebolt, Jr. 15.243
14L Corey Conley 15.268
49 Brian Ruhlman 15.274
96f Keith Berner 15.285
44 Clint Smith 15.289
D8 Dustin Linville 15.310
30 Steve Shaver 15.312
42T Terry Casey 15.313
00 Freddy Smith 15.325
5 Joe Loudin 15.329
5 Eric Jacobson 15.335
28 Eddie Carrier, Jr. 15.335
7 Matt Miller 15.358
71D Delmas Conley 15.369
83 Scott James 15.391
99h Jeff Houser 15.400
22 Randall Chupp 15.402
B1 Paul Wilmoth Jr 15.405
we11s D J Wells 15.417
1 Nick Bocook 15.437
H1 Jared Miley 15.438
12 Rick Auckland 15.447
13 Steve Wilmouth 15.447
47 Chris Combs 15.456
55 Jeep VanWormer 15.463
1 Wayne Chinn 15.468
1G Dale McDowell 15.477
27 Michael Howard 15.478
75 Bart Hartman 15.490
5 Justin Ratliff 15.493
23 John Blankenship 15.505
9 Terry Hicks 15.506
71r Rod Conley 15.510
20J Jerry Bowersock 15.535
99 Donnie Moran 15.555
37 Jared Hawkins 15.567
13 Jamie Ferguson 15.578
78 Mike Marlar 15.597
15w Ralph Withem 15.612
b1 Josh Bocook 15.614
98 Shon Flannery 15.615
17t Shannon Thornsberry 15.642
5E Michael England 15.683
23C Jeremy Canada 15.685
C7 Kenny Christy 15.695
40 Wayne Maffett, Jr. 15.696
23J Greg Johnson 15.699
001 Greg Mitchell 15.702
13 Chad Todd 15.717
10s George Scheffer 15.729
17 Chris Wilson 15.730
79 Doug Drown 15.749
113 Jason Montgomery 15.750
07 Mike Wilson 15.768
62 Andy Bond 15.771
16C Curt Spalding 15.784
21 Matt Lux 15.786
B52 Delbert Crum 15.794
41 Brad Neat 15.816
33 Kevin Wagner 15.828
15 Justin McNeill 15.842
1K Kenny Riddle 15.855
28x Patrick Doar 15.858
1M John Melvin 15.873
45F Russ Frohnapfel 15.965
2 Greg Buckley 15.997
99 David Powers 16.012
87 Richard Neiser 16.098
88 Mike Ratliff 16.256
7E Scott Edminston 16.335
32 Chad Stapleton 16.355
00 Brian Day 16.538
11b Dean Boyd 18.580
8a Anthony Adams 99.999

Anderson wins MLRA finale, clinches Championship at Nevada Speedway

Mars is 'The Ultimate' UFo Series $22,000 winner at Challenger Raceway

Clanton collects Tennessee State Championship win at Crossville Raceway

Breazeale scores MSCCS Late Model victory at Whynot Motorsports Park

Moore captures $3,000 Budweiser Nationals win at Bakersfield Speedway

Feger takes victory in 'Fall Harvest Shootout' finale at Quad City Raceway

Clanton tops the Southern Regional Racing Series action at Boyd's Speedway

McCool collects MSCCS Super Late Model victory at Columbus Speedway

Hogge grabs first night of the 23rd Budweiser Nationals at Bakersfield Speedway

Erb wins Fall Harvest Shootout Friday night opener at Quad City Raceway

Richards handles tough Big Kahuna VIII field at Allegany County Speedway

Babb wins third career Dixie Shootout on Saturday night at Dixie Speedway

Mars wins Governors Cup, Simpson WDRL champ at Davenport Speedway

Johnson captures 18th Annual Fall Classic victory at Ponderosa Speedway

Erb tops '08 season with first Super Late Model victory at Eldora Speedway

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