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Red Clay Report - North Alabama-Jeff Greer-The Shocker (Read 2757 times)
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Red Clay Report - North Alabama-Jeff Greer-The Shocker
07/26/11 at 6:28pm

North Alabama-Jeff Greer-The Shocker

Late Model Mark
Pinson, Alabama (July 26, 2011)
Sure is smoking hot and mekong delta humid here in the hills of central Alabama, got the ole air crankin' big-time to keep a lid on this heat. This round of the Red Clay Report will focus on one of the coolest venues in the South, the guy that runs this joint, and a big race coming up this Friday night. Everytime this joint has a race, the ole Dodge makes the 115 mile drive with a big smile.

The track? The bad fast North Alabama Speedway up near the Tuscumbia, Muscle Shoals area of Northwest, Alabama. I've banged on the keyboard many a time before about this really cool track set in one of the most scenic areas to put a race faciltity at. Ringed by lush green hills, a small lake, just a sweet place to watch and hear unmuffled Late Models rock the hillsides, and they do, big time. As they call it down hear, NAS, is one fast joint, a 3/8mi. high-banked track that provides a rare combo of fast action, side-by-side racing with little dust. Grandstands that hover over the track it seems, every seat a good one in a very relaxed atmosphere, but it ain't relaxed on the track, this place is a real mans track that some find too hardcore, their loss. I really love this place, as I type this, I feel like I've had a Starbucks "redeye venti drip." It get's my mid-50s blood all worked up.

The man that runs this place is really some guy, a very soft spoken man of few words, when those words are spoken, years of racing experience come out. Jeff Greer is indeed one cool hombre. Got to meet him nearly 4 years ago, he has had promotion ties to a number of tracks and series over the years, he has seen the good, and the ugly. He has nearly thrown in the towel at North Alabama a number of times, NAS is a Friday night track in a pocket of Bama that does not feature a plethora of teams, it seems in this area, that Saturday night is race night, Fridays, folks are working and such, so some of his Friday nights races have been tough, while some have been good. Some Sunday nights have been homeruns when he has run a holiday special. His mom, called "Granny," works the concession stand and is really some sweet lady, she runs wide open, some feat for a lady of her age. Granny can give you real inspiration!!! It is really hard to describe the vibe, the feeling, that you get when you attend a Late Model show at North Alabama, the fans are hardcore, dedicated, they are all fired up when a show is scheduled, especially a big one, and coming this Friday, July 29th, we are going to flock to the "Souths action track."

This Friday, Jeff is sticking his neck way out with a big show, a risk no doubt, but a smart one on the calendar. Why? Jeff used his noggin', the next night is the annual $5400-to-win Michael Head Jr, Memorial at Talladega that usually draws many heavy-hitters, why not make it a 2 race weekend? Jeff decided to put up a nice $5000-to-win, $400-to-start, show on the Friday night before Talladega. Smart, early indications have a stout field coming to NAS. Lucas Oil is up in New York, the WoO is napping, no MSCCS races, no SRRS shows, the timing is right, no real big shows in the region, yabba-dabba-doo!! So there you have the recipe for a rippin' show, the first ever "Shoals Shocker 50. The small details, it's $5000-to-win, $400-to start, $100 quick time. For adults it's $20.00 to get in, $30.00 for the pits and under 12, it's free. Being a Friday night, drivers meeting is at 7:00pm. Hot laps at 7:30pm. with racing to follow. At North Alabama you can park for free, bring in you own cooler with food and beverage, there is no curfew, no sound restrictions, no grief. You can hear the beauty of some crankin' Late Models uncorked flyin around this well prepared dirt track without the worry of having the races cut short by some local restrictions. I have had the pleasure of watching some shows from the infield, the feeling and sound is worth every minute of the drive and every dollar in gas. If ya need some info on the race, you can call Jeff at (256) 349-4328. Is it Friday yet???
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