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Red Clay Report - Giving Thanks (Read 2744 times)
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Red Clay Report - Giving Thanks
11/28/11 at 11:17pm

Giving Thanks 

Late Model Mark
November 28, 2011
PINSON, Ala. - Sure has been a long time since the last Red Clay Report, well now I'm full of stuff to write about. This round however is a theme of giving thanks due to this being Thanksgiving day. In the future I will do a track report and a season review in my eyes. So many things to be grateful for despite all the negative things we see, hear, and read about.
I'm thankful.....For all the great things we have in this country. We have such opportunity in this country to rise up and better ourselves and the world. We are still a country that is looked up to in most regards and a place where others want to come here and join the party.
I'm thankful.....To all the men and women who serve our nation in the military, from past veterans to today's branches of service.  Very grateful to know that these fine people in far away places are defending our right to freedom. There is no way to really thank them for their service the way they deserve, a simple thank you seems to be not enough.
I'm thankful.....To live in a country that has so many opportunities to see the best sport in the world, motorsports! From Nascar to the nitro burning dragsters. Road racing to boat racing, pavement and dirt, stock cars to open wheels. Big tracks and small, high-banked to flat, what a load of choices.
I'm thankful.....For every person who spends the $$$ to field a racecar for the love of the sport and not the money. To those people who work 40 hours or more, come home and go work on the machine getting ready for the weekend at their local track.
I'm thankful....To be able to see the best racecars on dirt, Dirt Late Models!!! This style of car is like a dang disease with no cure, and I'm not looking for a cure. Addicting these things are, driving hundreds of miles, late night drives home, high gas prices, yet the drive stays high to see these slab-sided haulers sling dirt.
I'm thankful.....To all the promoters who operate a speedway today. High costs, long hours, numerous chances to lose money, getting blasted by racers and fans over this and that. Taking oral beatings on the internet from all the experts who know everything. Thank you for keeping the tracks open.
I'm thankful.....To have the opportunity to announce races, a thrill and a dream of mine that came true in a big way. I have had the chance to call races with Rick Eschelmen, Robert Bradford, and "Big" Ross Tingle. Had the chance to call races at Green Valley, Fort Payne, Talladega, East Alabama, and Magnolia Motor Speedway.
I'm thankful.....To have had the privilege to meet, know, and become good friends with the late and oh so great Perry "The Voiceman" Holman. He called the races at Green Valley and Talladega for years and was so good. He was my first friend when I moved down to Alabama. Was so kind and taught me so much and was responsible for teaching me the ins and outs of calling shows. Great advice such as having your own style, don't copy anybody else. We lost Perry on August 24, 2010, it still hurts and is so missed.
I'm thankful.....To Ross Tingle, he has been a great person to know, has given me a chance of a lifetime to call a race with him. You talk about selfless and gracious, Ross is some kind of man. He has given me priceless advice, a chance to learn so much. Ross is the voice at Columbus and Magnolia in Mississippi, comes to Alabama to do the Icebowl at Talladega and also calls select shows at Green Valley. He was severely injured in the summer be an errant racecar at Columbus and really showed what kind of guy he is with his attitude, a positive one no doubt, despite his ugly injuries. How people felt about Ross was shown after he was hurt with the outpouring of support. Ross, you are an inspiration to me, thank you!!
I'm thankful.....That I have 20 tracks within 180 miles that I can go see a quality Dirt Late Model show. I'm thankful to see the Lucas Oil, World of Outlaws, SRRS, Pro Series, Volunteer, Southern All Stars, Nesmith and the Mississippi State Series. I get to see the best in the nation, the best regional talent and some great weekly shows, all close to home. Very lucky to have Talladega and Moulton so close, the two best Alabama tracks for weekly Late Models so close to home.
I'm thankful.....That I got to meet and get to know Ronnie Johnson. Words really can't describe the honor to know this man and get to see him race. He has won some shows that have thrilled me. This years Governors Cup at Magnolia where he came from mid-pack to win a thriller, the best race of the year for me.
I'm thankful.....What Green Valley Speedway owner Dennis Harker has done in the past five years. Dennis has spent a wad to transform the track in all areas. The racing this year has been super, all good shows. A man of his word, thank you Dennis for your kindness given to me.
I'm thankful.....For all the things the good lord has given me, a fantastic and loving wife, a nice house on the lake in the sticks, good friends, good racing and good health. There is plenty to be thankful for. Enjoy your holidays and support your local track.
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